Karr the mummy


Real Name: Jameson Karr

Identity/Class: Mystically enhanced human (World War II era)

Occupation: Archeology professor, courtier of Modebl

Group Membership: Minions of the demon Modebl

Affiliations: Modebl

Enemies: Captain America, Bucky

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, USA;

formerly Egypt

First Appearance: Captain America Comics II#25/3 (April, 1943)

Powers/Abilities: As an archeologist, Prof. Jameson Karr was an expert in Egyptian antiquities. However, Modebl’s curse transformed Karr into a mummy as night fell. As a mummy, he possessed superhuman strength and endurance many times that of a normal human. His strength level was comparable to that of N’kantu the Living Mummy, who could lift about 4.5 tons. Karr had razor-sharp claws on his hands and a series of fanged teeth. He had a vampire-like need to consume blood from his victims upon their death. When transformed into his mummy form, he had full mental capacity and was able to vocalize without any difficulty. It was unrevealed if he possessed any form of immortality, as often associated with being a member of the living dead, or even if he could be permanently destroyed.


Karr transforms


(Captain America Comics II#25/3 (fb) - BTS) – In 1943, Prof. Jameson Karr, a renowned archeologist, discovered an ancient Egyptian temple to Modebl, a powerful demon. While digging at the site, he unearthed a relic of the past, a pendant in the form of a laughing sphinx. Taking the pendant for further study in America, Karr discovered that hidden inside was a small vial of liquid. In the name of science, Karr decided to quaff the potion. The magical liquid quickly took effect and his soul was transported to the domain of Modebl who placed a curse on him, transforming his body into a living mummy under the demon’s control. Modebl then proceeded to send him back to the earthly plane on a mission to kill anyone who was a leader in their field of expertise. Every night, he would transform into his mummy form and set out complete his murderous missions for Modebl.  During his nightly rampage of death, he murdered six such men which baffled local police investigating the case.

(Captain America Comics II#25/3) – Karr the mummy murdered Priority Board official, John Conte, in his country home and was spotted by witnesses traveling down a road toward the city. He quickly killed a hunter and his dog in the area whose deaths alerted Captain America and Bucky who were searching for the mummy. Using his superior strength against Captain America, he forced the hero to fall from a cliff to his doom but lost the Laughing Sphinx pendant from around his neck in the process. Turning on Bucky, instead of killing him, he told the young hero to spread the news that Captain America was dead and that Modebl, the demon ruled. He left the shaken hero to grieve and made his way back toward the city unaware that Captain America survived by clinging to the side of the cliff.

  The next day at the city museum, in the form of Prof. Jameson Karr, he was approached by Bucky in his civilian identity, who sought information about the Laughing Sphinx pendant he had found and to translate a set of hieroglyphs inscribed on it. He told the boy that the writing said that the key was in the Laughing Sphinx. Karr stated that he would require the pendant for further study and that Bucky should bring it to his office later that night. As darkness fell, he once again transformed into a dire mummy and awaited the boy’s return. Much to his surprise, Captain America, whom he thought dead, and Bucky arrived. He drew a sword from a nearby display case and proceeded to attack the duo, hurling the blade toward Captain America, striking the pendant around his neck, which harmlessly fell to the floor. Karr then fled the building as the two heroes allowed him escape into the night.

Karr attacks

  The following evening, while in his office, he again began his horrible transformation into the mummy. Unknown to him, he was being watched by Captain America and Bucky. He began to battle the “star spangled hero” and his sidekick, quickly gaining the upper hand. Using his greater strength, Karr the mummy knocked Captain America to the ground and viciously backhanded Bucky into a nearby wall.  Captain America became infuriated with rage at witnessing Bucky being savagely struck and managed to get up off the floor and threw a powerful uppercut that somehow stunned the cursed Prof. Karr. Now completely subdued, Karr was turned over to the police. His fate remains unknown.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and Syd Shores (?) (art).

Karr needs to make a comeback. If he is truly a mummy, then it is possible that he may be virtually immortal and still incarcerated in some long forgotten research project.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

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Captain America Comics II#25/3, p36, pan1 (Karr the mummy)

p47, pan3 (transformation)
p42, pan6 (Karr attacks)

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