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Real Name: Gordon Sanders

Identity/Class: Human mutate (werewolf) (early 1940s)

Occupation: Wall Street executive

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Medwick, unnamed butler

Enemies: Dr. Martin Keller, Llhupa Sanders, Vision (Aarkus)

Known Relatives: Llhupa Sanders (wife, deceased)

Aliases: George Brown

Base of Operations: New York, USA:

briefly Tibet

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics I#14/5 (December, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: As a werewolf, Gordon Sanders had similar characteristics as other werewolves, including slightly heightened strength and aggression, and changing into a semi-wolf form during a full moon, although the transformation was more closely linked to the midnight hour. He possessed at least some of his human intellect as a werewolf. 


(Marvel Mystery Comics I#14/5 (fb) - BTS) - Gordon Sanders accompanied his friend Medwick on an expedition to Tibet to find the city of howling demons, but instead encountered a werewolf that killed Medwick and bit Sanders' throat. Sanders fired his gun at the werewolf, almost killing her. He later found the woman Llhupa in the Tibetan desert, unaware that she was the beast that had attacked him earlier. Enamored, he managed to save her life despite the local Tibetans not wanting to help her. He married her and the two lived together in New York. Over several weeks, Sanders struggled with the werewolf curse passed on from the bite in Tibet and sought a cure.

(Marvel Mystery Comics I#14/5 ) - Assuming the name George Brown, Sanders found the retired occult researcher, Dr. Martin Keller, pleading with him for an antidote. Keller was skeptical but became terrified when Sanders transformed into a werewolf before him at the stroke of midnight. Now werewolf, Sanders quickly attacked and killed Keller, although the occultist's pipe smoke allowed the Vision to cross the dimensional barrier and he tried to stop the werewolf. Overpowered by the Vision in the ensuing fight, Sanders leapt out into the night and escaped the Vision. The next morning, Sanders (now human again) read the newspapers, realizing that he had killed the only person who could have saved him. Enraged and becoming delirious, he understood Llhupa's true nature, accusing her of causing the transformations and his blood lust. He attacked her and tried to strangle her, but Llhupa transformed into a wolf and savagely killed him. He fell dead at his astonished butler's feet.

Comments: Created by Joe Simon (script) & Jack Kirby (co-script & art).

Thanks to the Grand Comic-Book Database for identifying the credits. 

The recolored images presented here were taken from the Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary Special (October, 2009).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Gordon Sanders has no known connections to:

Dr. Martin Keller

Dr. Martin Keller

Dr. Martin Keller was a retired occult expert whom Sanders had sought out to help him with his werewolf condition. However, Sanders transformed into a werewolf before Keller and violently killed him. Keller's death was reported in the newspapers the next day, with the now-human Sanders remorseful.




--Marvel Mystery Comics I#14/5

Llhupa the wolfLlhupa the woman

Llhupa Sanders

During an expedition to Tibet, Sanders encountered Llhupa, almost killing her in her wolf form after she had bitten him. Not realizing her true nature, Sanders saved her life when she lay injured in her human form and later married her. She derided him when he accused her of being a werewolf and forcing the curse upon him. He then attacked Llhupa, wanting to strangle her, but she transformed into her full wolf form and brutally killed him. When the Vision confronted her, she attacked but was knocked back and killed by the Vision's icy blast. As she died, she transformed back into her human form. She was feared and reviled by the local Tibetans, and seemed to be able to transform into her werewolf form at will.



--Marvel Mystery Comics I#14/5

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Marvel Mystery Comics I#14/5, p1, pan1 (main image)

p4, pan6 (human head shot)
p2, pan2 (Keller)
p7, pan3 (Llhupa, wolf form)
p5, pan4 (Llhupa, human form)

Marvel Mystery Comics I#14 (December, 1940) - Joe Simon (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (writer/artist)

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