Florus Homo in smart winter gear


Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Mutated intelligent mobile plant (WWII era)

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Doctor Rhonik (deceased)

Enemies: Vision (Aarkus), Dave Steel, Star City police department

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Experiment 36-B, Plant Man, Vampire Killer

Base of Operations: Star City, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics#20/3 (June, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Florus Homo was granted a brain which provided it with normal human intelligence, as well as the ability to speak and control its multiple limbs to provide locomotion. The humanoid plant creature was also smart enough to wear human clothing to disguise itself and blend in among humans. It possessed enhanced strength that increased with its growth. The Florus Homo was constantly hungry and had a voracious appetite for blood from living creatures. Its legs (roots) were able to pierce through flesh and quickly absorb blood to circulate and nourish its body. The creature was also able to grow quickly having matured to its present size within a couple of weeks. However, the creature was highly susceptible to fire and burnt rapidly when exposed to an open source of flame.


The Vision burns the villainous plant man (Marvel Mystery Comics#20 (fb) - BTS) - Doctor Rhonik, a biochemist was attempting an experiment involving new strains of plant life that would astound the world. Experiment 36-B, Florus Homo, the first of a new species, began to grow at an astonishing rate and showed signs of intelligence. The doctor provided it with raw beef to enrich its soil and, to his surprise, the young but strong plant dug its roots into the meat and hungrily drained it of blood. Twelve days later, the Florus Homo was fully grown and possessed a strong stalk and 2 trunks with long rounded tentacles branches that made it look more man-like. The doctor then was able to give it a brain and a circulatory system that allowed it the ability to think, communicate and move on its own about the lab. The more it grew, the hungrier it became and one night, it turned on its creator and killed Doctor Rhonik, absorbing his blood before fleeing the lab to wander the streets of Star City to feed on the unsuspecting populace. The creature somehow acquired human clothes and did its best to try and conceal its identity and blend in so as not to be noticed.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#20) - The Florus Homo killed nine other people over the ensuing nights and the police were baffled. The local newspaper dubbed the murders to be perpetrated by a vampire killer. The Vision read the headlines and vowed to hunt the creature down and end its murderous rampage. While the Vision searched Doctor Rhonik’s lab for clues, a policeman guarding the murder scene outside was attacked and killed by the Florus Homo. The next night, craving more blood, it tried to ambush Dave Steel, a newspaper reporter who fought back. Florus Homo, being much stronger, gained the upper hand and began to feed on the now unconscious reporter. Just then, the Vision who was on its trail arrived on the scene and with a burning torch in hand, tossed it at the creature and within seconds, Florus Homo was fully engulfed in flames and quickly perished.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby & Joe Simon.

Doctor Rhonik only appeared as a dead body face down in his lab on page 1of the story. The back story of his experiment was based on a journal that the Vision had found while searching the doctor's lab for clues in finding the murderous vampire killer. All I can say is he was a bald man and possessed a keen intellect in the field of biochemistry and possibly genetics. Dave Steel may have been a recurring character throughout the various stories featuring the Vision. Being a man of so few Golden Age comics I am unable to list this as a fact.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

Florus Homo has no known connections to:

Dave Steel about to feel a nasty tendril

Dave Steel

Dave Steel was a reporter for the Star City Eagle who roamed the deserted streets in hope of nabbing the “vampire killer” and scoop a great story. While out, he thought to himself that if he came across the killer, he would slug it. Having the wish come true, he was soon ambushed by the Florus Homo and valiantly fought off its attack but was quickly overpowered. His unconscious body was then about to be drained of all its blood when the Vision arrived with torch in hand and burned the intelligent plant. The next day, Dave Steel told his story to his fellow co-workers explaining that if it wasn’t for the actions of the Vision he would have died and the plant creature would still be at large. It is unknown if this story appeared in the morning edition of newspaper.

--Marvel Mystery Comics#20/3


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Marvel Mystery Comics#20/3 p1, panel 1 (main image)

p6, panel 2 (interrupted by the Vision)
p4, panel 7 (Dave Steel)

Marvel Mystery Comics#20 (June, 1941) - Joe Simon (writer/editor/inks), Jack Kirby (writer/pencils)

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