MEMBERSHIP: Caretakers: Drs.Roh-Ma and Pazz-Ko

Residents: Big Budd+followers, Blackie and gang, "flower people", Jake, Mac, Mr.Slech+gang, Prexy, Sod

PURPOSE: Serves as a planet-wide mental institution

AFFILIATIONS: Operated and overseen by members of the Courg race; Encountered Guardians of the Galaxy (Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Nikki, Yondu)

BASE of OPERATIONS: The planet Asylum, Milky Way Galaxy, alternate timeline of Earth-Guardians of the the Galaxy, @ 3000 A.D.

APPEARANCES: Marvel Presents#5 (June, 1976)

HISTORY: The planet Asylum was established an unknown period of time ago to serve as a mental institution for the most hopelessly neurotic specimens of approximately fifty loosely confederated planets in its sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. All interaction without outside influences is strictly prohibited.

(Marvel Presents#5) Four members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, their ship damaged in battle with the entity Karanada, beamed down to the Asylum planet in search of the equivalent of a transistor. They ended up getting split up and each encountering and struggling against a different sub-culture, none of them having any luck in obtaining the parts they needed.

CLARIFICATIONS: The planet Asylum should be differentiated from:

Asylum, founding member of Psionex, @ New Warriors I#4.

Asylum, Henrique Gallant, formerly known as the Darkling, also a member of Psionex, @ New Warriors Annual#4.

COMMENTS: Created by Steve Gerber and Al Milgrom.

The whimsy of the situation (classic Gerber), was that the most insane people in the galaxy established a society very similar to that of modern (at the time of the story) Earth.

I personally would like to see more of Sod.



Big Budd was a buddha-like figure who was unconditionally worshipped by his followers, who gave up all of their worldly possessions to him. When Nikki refused to worship him, and then mocked him, his cult attacked her. She easily escaped.





Blackie and his gang mimicked a 1950s-60s group of hoodlums. They encountered and tried to muscle in on Charlie-27 and Nikki. They were easily overpowered by Charlie-27 and fled when the "fuzz" arrived. Charlie was gassed and arrested, but Nikki escaped.






The "flower people" were gathered out in a field where they were expanding their consciousness and enjoying being alive. Vance Astro encountered them and turned down their offer to join him.





Jake and Mac were inmates in a prison. Jake was being released after seven years of serving time for murder. No one figures someone is going to get up the nerve to murder again. Mac had robbed a gas station with a cap pistol when he was seventeen, and thus had remained in prison for many decades, since that sort of crime was one that someone could easily slip back into.



Mr.Slech and his gang mimicked a 1930s mob. He believed the Guardians to be members of a rival gang. When he showed some interest in Nikki, Charlie-27 got angry and smacked his tentacle away, leading to a fight. The Guardians broke out of his HQ to continue their search for the parts to their ship. Mr. Slech was a member of the Entemen race.








An unnamed pawn shop owner sold Vance and Yondu the parts they needed. Since they had no money, Vance sold him one of Yondu's yaka arrows. However, Yondu, to whom the yaka was sacred, forced the arrow to return to him after they left, causing the shop owner to call the cops on them.




The Prexy was a figurehead ruler of the Asylum (or at least a portion of it). He served primarily as a speaker and representative. Many of the citizens saw him as a liar and an idiot, but figured he "couldn't screw things up any worse'n the next schlemiel."





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