Eisen presents himself to Captain AmericaTHE FACE

Real Name: Colonel Eisen

Identity/Class: World War II era human, technology user;
    German citizen

Occupation: Colonel, Commander in the Warsaw Ghetto

Group Membership: German Army (WWII), Nazis

Affiliations: Nordo

Enemies: Golem/Jacob Goldstein, the Invaders (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Bucky/James Buchanan Barnes, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Spitfire, Toro),

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Half-Face

Base of Operations: Warsaw, Poland

First Appearance: Invaders I#13 (February, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: None. Eisen had the strength and the training of a soldier of the WWII German Army. He had a luger (a handgun) and often used a riding-whip.

head shotHistory: (Invaders I#13) - The cruel Colonel Eisen was the commander of the German Forces that occupied the Warsaw Ghetto. Under his command, Warsaw became a horrible place for the Jews. Eisen wished to transform the Ghetto into a land of tombstones but superior orders did not allowed him to do this.
He made his  home in an ancient medieval castle just near the wall that divided the Ghetto from the rest of the town.

(Invaders I#13 (fb) - BTS) - The inhuman treatments perpetrated on the Warsaw Jew people by Eisen and his soldiers exasperated a Jewish man, who tried to murder the Colonel using a bomb. The bomb only wounded Eisen, scarring the right half of his face. Eisen wore an iron mask that hid the mutilated part of the face.
    His cruelty and his iron mask led the people to nickname him "the Face" and this nickname became well-known also outside Warsaw, reaching Captain America's ears.

Eisen received the order from Berlin to store a decanter of heavy water in his warehouse. Someone stole the bottle and Eisen fell into bad light to Hitler's eyes.

(Invaders I#12) - The Invaders went to Warsaw to rescue Jacob Goldstein. The German forces attacked them in the Ghetto and, by threatening to kill Jacob Goldsteind and other hostages, obtained the surrender by the Invaders. The soldiers gassed and captured the Invaders and transported them to the Eisen's fortress.

(Invaders I#13) - Eisen's warders managed to restrain the Invaders by reducing or neutralizing their powers. That night, Eisen confessed to the Invaders that he had orders to bring them all to the Fuhrer in Berlin so he could not kill them, but he could still torture them. Eisen was happy to be the man to give Captain America's shield to the Fuhrer, so he could become one of the Reich's favorites. When Spitfire asked to Eisen if he was afraid of the women, the Colonel was ready to hit her with his riding-whip. Captain America distracted him and he was whipped instead, but also managed to double-kick the Colonel, although he was chained to the wall. Nordo, the chief-torturer, clubbed Captain America from behind and Eisen stopped him, wanting the Invaders alive and anxious to have the shield examined.

    After some exams on the shield, a scientist had to admit that he could not understand what metal the shield was made of. Eisen was menacing him when the wall crumbled and the Golem broke into the castle. Eisen grabbed the shield and shot at the monster. The Golem noticed the shield and let the Colonel go away, preferring to find and free the Invaders.
    Eisen saw the Invaders decimate his men, so he decided to flee with the shield. But the Golem reached him. Eisen begged for his life, promising money and power to the speechless giant. The Golem slapped Colonel Eisen once , pushing him off a window to his death.

Comments: Created by by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins and Frank Springer.

Profile by Spidermay


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Nordo attacks to Captain AmericaNordo

Nordo was a normal human, with a muscular mass greater than a normal man and the regular training of a soldier. He used a cudgel.

Nordo was one of Eisen's men, in service at his castle. He was one of the men who built the special cages to hold the Invaders neutralizing their powers.
They built a cage of steel and glass full of water where Toro and the Human Torch were submerged and tied.
They imprisoned Namor in a block of cement, permanently heated and dried by infrared lamps, in order to keep his strength very low.
Spitfire was tied to a wooden table.
Captain America and Bucky were only chained to the wall by the wrists.
Eisen was very happy about their "genius".
    When Captain America was whipped by Eisen he kicked the Colonel because his legs were free. Nordo intervened and Captain America managed to kick Nordo and a soldier, while Bucky held a soldier with his legs. Tangling, Captain America's chains were yielding, but Nordo succeeded in clubbing him from behind, stopping their attempt of escape.
After this tangle, Captain America was chained around the abdomen and his legs were tied.
Some hours after, the
Golem went to free the Invaders. He smashed the roof and landed on Nordo's head.

--Invaders I#13

Invaders I#13, p2, pan4 (Eisen)
Invaders I#13, p2, pan5 (Eisen, head shot)
Invaders I#13
, p6, pan2 (Nordo)

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