Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Costumed criminal

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsStu, Jamal, Malik, Mark, other youths

Enemies: Angel (Thomas Halloway), Angel (Simon Halloway), Cloak & Dagger, homeless people

Known Relatives: Stu (grandson)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment somewhere (Bronx?) in New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2 (October, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: He was intelligent enough to invent and build the technology he used over the years. When he was young he wore an insect-like costume with wings that enabled him to fly and a helmet with antennas (function unknown). His weapon was a device that looked like a disc with a spike in the center. It was placed in the palm and fastened by a strap around the hand. It could emit an electric burst which was so powerful that it burned a hole in the victim's body. It is unknown how the device worked or how it was activated, but replicas of the same device could easily be used by other persons.



(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2 (fb) ) - Many years ago the Stinger was the greatest foe of the Angel. Their rivalry ended when Angel finally defeated him and Stinger was imprisoned. For many years he had to stay there until he was released when he was deemed too old to be a danger for society.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2 (fb) - BTS) - Stinger had to live in a rotten apartment somewhere in NYC. He got involved with his grandson Stu and continued his life of crime.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2) - Stinger learned of the death of his grandson from the news. When he heard that the murderer fled at the urging of bystanders, he destroyed the TV with a Stinger device. Seconds later Jamal and Mark knocked on Stinger's door and apologized for Stu's death. They told him everything they knew about the murderer, and when the old man heard that the murderer called himself an "angel" that became an "angel of death", he showed them a picture in a scrapbook of the Golden Age hero Angel. They didn't really recognize him, but they thought that it was possibly him. Stinger told Jamal and Mark to round up all their friends and tell them that he would pay them for a little revenge on the man that killed Stu.

Some time later, Stinger met Jamal, Mark and all their friends at the place to where Jamal had followed Angel. Stinger gave each man a Stinger device and they all went down to the hidden shelters of homeless people. On the way down, he told them about his past as a super-villain. A homeless guy ran away from them and Stinger ordered Jamal to kill him. It wasn't Angel, but Stinger didn't care and ordered his allies to kill everyone they encountered. Stinger watched the homeless people die and screamed for Angel to come out and face him. Cloak and Dagger attacked Stinger's boys and Stinger was able to knock out Cloak. Then he saw Angel attack Jamal, but Dagger used her light-daggers against Stinger and he had to retreat. Stinger fled from the heroes and the homeless people upstairs, to the subway, followed by Angel. They fought on the stairs and Angel fell over the railing when he avoided a shot with the Stinger device. Stinger wanted to decapitate him now, but Angel pulled out a knife and tossed it at Stinger. The wounded villain went through the door to the subway rail, but again the Angel was after him. Their fight continued and Stinger accidentally stepped on the third rail and was electrocuted when Angel threw dirt in his face. Angel was saved from a nearing subway while the corpse of Stinger was run over.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Gary Hartle & Stephen Leialoha

Due to the revelation of Thomas Halloway as the leader of the Scourge of the Underworld program, the Angel in this story was retconned into Thomas' brother Simon, who also wore the Angel costume in the Golden Age to substitute for his brother.

I was wondering if the Stinger could've been one of the Butterfly's 5 unidentified goons? The Stinger could have stolen one of the Butterfly's prototype costumes or the blueprint for another one.
--John Holstein

Profile by Markus Raymond

Stinger has no known connection to:


He was Stinger's grandson. Together with Jamal and Mark, he attempted to rob a man in a subway, but the man had no money with him. Stu attacked him with a knife, but before blood could be spilled, he was stopped by the aged Golden Age hero Angel, who accidentally killed Stu with his own knife.


--Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2


He was one of Stu's partners. When Stu was stabbed by Angel, he ran out of the subway together with Mark, but he stayed behind to follow Angel to a door that led down to the city's sanitation system.

When he later returned with Mark to Stu's grandfather, he told the old man that he was sorry about Stu's death and told the former villain everything he knew about the murderer. After telling Stinger that he heard the old man babbling about being an "angel" that became an "angel of death", he was shown a picture of the Golden Age hero Angel by Stinger. Jamal didn't recognize him at first, but he thought that it was possible that it was the same man. Jamal and Mark rounded up their friends and told them that they would get paid.

Some time later, Jamal led everyone to the door down to the sanitation system. Stinger gave him a Stinger device, and a short time later Jamal was the first to fire it at a homeless man. The man was killed by it, but he wasn't the last person to die that day. After killing a few others, the heroes Cloak and Dagger attacked, and Jamal shot at Dagger, who knocked herself out when she got out of the way. Cloak tried to take revenge for this, but Stinger stopped him. Jamal went again after Dagger, but Angel knocked him out before he could kill her.

When the homeless people fought back, Jamal was seemingly beaten to death by them.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2

Marvel Super-Heroes III#7, p37, pan4 (Stinger main image)
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Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/2 (October, 1991) - Peter David (writer), Gary Hartle (pencils), Randy Emberlin (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)

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