Real Name: George Clarendon

Identity/Class: Human (World War II era)

Occupation: Criminal weapons dealer

Group Membership: Financed by Death Master (Randall Croft)

Affiliations: Death Master (Randall Croft), Ratso, Snake, unnamed thug

Enemies: Night Raven

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City; 1930s

First Appearance: Savage Action#6/3 (April, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: The Armourer was extremely knowledgable about firearms. He also apparently had an excellent memory, as he could identify the hundreds of guns in his stock by only the serial numbers on their boxes. The Armourer carried a large revolver for protection.

History: (Savage Action#6/3 - BTS) - Sometime in or before 1931, the Armourer became well-known throughout the underworld as the premiere source of weapons at extremely low prices. He was secretly being financed by district attorney candidate Randall Croft in his guise as Death Master.

(Savage Action#6/3) - Two small-time crooks named Ratso and Snake went to the Armourer's hideout to buy guns for a bank robbery. They were allowed in when they told the guard at the door that they wanted to buy some codfish. Armourer sold them a Walther automatic and a S&W revolver with a hundred rounds of ammunition each for thirteen dollars. The pair left, eager to escape before the old man came to his senses, and the vigilante Night Raven took the opportunity to impersonate Snake, tricking the doorman into letting him in. Night Raven quickly dispatched the thug and confronted the Armourer, demanding to know who financed his business. The Armourer tried to distract the crimefighter and shoot him, but Night Raven was too quick, and incapacitated the Armourer with the brand concealed in his right glove.

(Savage Action#8/4) - A news story reported that the Armourer's house had been broken into by unknown parties, and that he and his henchman were both in a comatose state with peculiar marks on their foreheads.

Comments: Created by "Maxwell Stockbridge" (aka Alan McKenzie) and Jerry Paris.

More bad proofreading in this story. Also, a line is repeated in #8 which completely screws up the report of Armourer's coma - which, incidentally, is where his real name is revealed.

The Armourer's name is spelled with a "u". This may imply that he is from Canada or Europe. Alternatively, it may imply that the Night Raven stories were written in Britain and published in a British comic for a British audience. At any rate, his name never appears written down in-story, so he may very well actually think of himself as "the Armorer".

The extreme close-up above is the only image of Armourer anywhere. Sorry. He is described in the text as a small, elderly man resembling a grocer.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: The Armourer, enemy of the Night Raven, has no known connection to

Savage Action#6/3, p34

Savage Action#6/3 (April, 1981)
Savage Action#8/4 (June, 1981) - coma reported

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