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Real Name: Unrevealed; possibly Mantor

Identity/Class: Human magic user (1940s)

Occupation: Magician

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Joan Winters

Enemies: Arthur & Neil Saunders

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Human Torch Comics#2/7 (Fall, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Mantor can move objects telekinetically, cast fire from his eyes and create a variety of solid objects from thin air, including but not limited to ropes and life belts. He can also transmute matter, changing swords to silk or guns to water pistols. He can even create lifelike duplicates of living people which are capable of speech. Mantor appears to cast his spells using thought and simple hand gestures alone, with no audible incantations; it is possible his powers are not truly magical, but reality manipulation through mutation or advanced technology. It's not been revealed what happens to the (living) matter he transmutes or uncreates.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Brown


(Human Torch Comics#2/7) - Strolling along a riverbank, Mantor was alarmed when he spotted a drowning girl. With a mere gesture, he caused a life belt to appear around the girl, which dragged her ashore. Relieved to be rescued, she thanked Mantor and explained that she'd actually tried to commit suicide in a moment of despair. Touched by her story, Mantor decided to help the girl and drove off with her to her late father's river castle. Along the way, she revealed to be heiress Joan Winters, who had had been left with a strange map that would direct her to a hidden treasure. Arriving at the castle, she offered the magician to have dinner with her after which she introduced Mantor to her late father's servant Saunders. After dinner Joan showed Mantor the treasure map, but before he could take a look he sensed they were being watched. Gesturing towards the doorway the drapes were drawn aside revealing Saunders eavesdropping. Joan then ordered the man to leave the room at once. Joan revealed she was frightened by both Saunders and his brother who was working as their gardener before disappearing shortly after her father's death. Mantor took a look at the treasure map and read that a secret panel leading to a hidden passage would be revealed by the light of the full moon shining through a specific crack in the wall. Mantor ordered the girl to stay in her room with the door locked while he would wait until nightfall. Expecting trouble Mantor used his abilities to create a lifelike duplicate of himself sleeping on the sofa while he himself hid behind the curtains.

(Human Torch Comics#2/7) - When night fell the door was quietly opened, revealing a horribly deformed creature. Swinging his axe the creature beheaded the Mantor duplicate after which the real Mantor stepped forward shooting fire from his eyes and fingertips, the creature quickly fled. Mantor didn't waste time chasing the creature but saw the light of the full moon shining through the crack which did reveal a secret panel. But before Mantor could enter the passage that it revealed he heard a terrifying shriek. Recognizing it as Joan's voice, he sped to her rescue. Finding the door locked, Mantor magically enlarged the keyhole soo he could step through to find Joan threatened by a sword wielding creature. Quickly turning the blade to harmless silk, he was unprepared for the other monster's return and was clubbed across the head which rendered him unconscious.

(Human Torch Comics#2/7) - Mantor awoke to find the creatures to have disappeared with Joan. Racing down the hidden passage he could hear her scream. Once he'd made his way down the passage, Mantor located Joan, once again drowning in an underground lake. He used his magical abilities to miraculously make all of the water disappear, leaving Joan standing on the bottom of the channel. Mantor ordered the girl to hurry upstairs and phone the police while he would go after the ghosts. After some searching Mantor caught up with the two spirits shortly after they'd located the treasure. Mantor made the gold filled treasure chest float upstairs where he and Joan waited. When both of the ghosts chased after it, Mantor transformed the ghost's gun into a water pistol after which he bound the both of them with a rope. Moments later the local police arrived to take the ghosts prisoner. When they unmasked them, the "spirits" were revealed to be the Saunders brothers.

Comments: Created by Al Gabriele (pencils).

Considering Mantor's displayed powers -- telekinesis, fiery blasts from his eyes, matter transmutation -- maybe he was actually an Eternal passing off his natural abilities as magic (somewhat similarly to Pixie of the First Line).
--Ron Fredricks

Or Mantor could be a member of Aaron the Sorcerer's people or Aaron's prototype Billy (Journey Into Unknown Worlds#48 (August, 1956) 2nd story). Aaron doesn't use spells either.

Mantor received profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC#14 and Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary. It's here the Saunders brothers first names Arthur & Neil have been revealed.

Human Torch Comics#2 was actually the first issue of the series and a continuation of Red Raven Comics#1.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Mantor has no known connections to

Joan Winters

Joan Winters was a heiress living with her father in a riverside castle until her father suddenly passed away. After her father's demise, she was slowly driven mad by ghosts who would roam the castle each night. Unaware to Joan, the spirits were actually her manservant and gardener who had set their sights on the Winters family hidden treasure. Joan couldn't handle it anymore and tried to commit suicide but was rescued by Mantor the magician who she then entrusted to help her. Mantor and Joan ultimately discovered the hidden treasure and unmasked the Saunders brothers.

--Human Torch Comics#2/7

Arthur & Neil Saunders

Arthur and Neil Saunders worked as manservant and gardener for Mister Winters and his daughter Joan at their riverside castle. Once Winters died, the brothers decided the time had come to steal the Winters family secret treasure. One of the brothers decided to "disappear" as part of the plan to drive the heiress insane. Each night the Saunders brothers would dress up as ghosts and roam the castle, spooking the heiress and slowly driving her so insane she was ready to commit suicide. Joan was rescued by Mantor the magician who proved instrumental in stopping the brothers, eventually they were incarcerated by the police.

--Human Torch Comics#2/7

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Human Torch Comics#2, p45, pan1 (title card)
Human Torch Comics#2, p49, pan7 (using his abilities)
Human Torch Comics#2, p47, pan7 (Joan Winters)
Human Torch Comics#2, p52, pan7 (Saunders brothers)

Human Torch Comics#2/7 (Fall, 1940) - Al Gabriele (pencils), rest of creative team unknown.

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