Aaron conjuring a torrent of water to put off the circle of fire


Real Name: Aaron ??

Identity/Class: Human magic user (pre-ff Era)

Occupation: Handyman

Group Membership: The Sorcerers

Affiliations: Lucy Scott and her father

Enemies: Three unidentified Sorcerers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Sorcerer

Base of Operations: A gas station at the border of the desert near Carson City, Nevada, USA;
   formerly an unidentified mystic realm

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#78/3 (March, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Sorcerers like Aaron were probably long-living, or even immortal.
Aaron had powers coming from several branches of magic: abjuration, conjuration, summoning, transformation and probably divination. Aaron was able to cross the fog between the worlds escaping from the sorcerer's land, something that nobody did before. Probably Aaron could foresee the arrival of his adversaries, hours before. Aaron's ability in using magic was so high that he didn't need to use gestures or words to cast spells: even transformed into a cat he could transform his adversaries simply using his eyes. His spells were probably not sufficient to defeat a dragon but his intelligence was, he summoned another creature, the right one, to vanquish the dragon. His countering spell ability enabled him to resist to a lightning bolt with ease, using magic of his own. Finally he was able to conjure elements.
    After Aaron lost his powers, he became a normal mortal.

Aaron in the sandstorm


(Journey into Mystery I#78/3 (fb) - BTS) - Aaron grew up in a land forgotten long ago, where he learned sorcery from other sorcerers.

(Journey into Mystery I#78/3) - Once a young man, Aaron escaped from his land, trespassing the fog that separated the worlds and arrived in the desert near Carson City during a sandstorm. Almost in trance he reached a service station where he met Lucy Scott and her father. Asking for employment he was hired by Lucy's father, the owner of the station.

    Within a few days Lucy liked Aaron very much and Aaron demonstrated to be a good worker.
    Then Aaron became more worried, foreseeing what would happen days later. In the meantime he used his powers fixing things like car engines, an electric box and an old clock.
    That night Aaron stared outside the window toward the desert, as he had been doing for days and saw, and saw three men in strange clothes come from that direction. The three beings walked through the wall and ordered Aaron to go back with them. But Aaron claimed that he was in love with the girl, that he was happy there and that he wanted to stay with the mortals. One of the three sorcerers immobilized Lucy and her father with an enchantment but this started a magic fight. Aaron was transformed into a cat, but is power was so great that he transformed the three enemies into mice by only gazing at them!
    Pursuing them into the desert, he saw that they recovered and had summoned a dragon, but he immediately summoned a paladin with shield and sword that vanquished the dragon. Attacked by lighting bolts, Aaron stopped the attack with a mere hand gesture; attacked with a Circle of Fire, Aaron conjured a torrent of water to quench it. The three sorcerers then warned Aaron, if they departed he would be the first sorcerer of all time to escape from their ranks and he would pay a price: to lose his powers. The reply was immediate, because Aaron had already chosen love. The three departed through the mist and Lucy was freed from the holding spell, awakening having forgotten the last events.
    Trying to fix the lights again, Aaron was shocked by the electric box. Lucy's father put aside his suspicions about him and accepted the young man.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and Jack Kirby (pencils) and Dick Ayers (inks).

The story retells "The handy man" from Journey into Unknown Worlds#48.
Sorcerers from New Salem? Were they so separated from the rest of humanity? I reckon that Agatha Harkness could have abandoned it yet.

Aaron the Sorcerer reminds me of Klarion the Witch Boy.

Mantor could be a member of Aaron the Sorcerer's people or Aaron's prototype Billy (Journey Into Unknown Worlds#48 (August, 1956) 2nd story).

Profile by Spidermay.

Aaron the Sorcerer has no known connections to:

Lucy Scott and her father have no known connections to:

the sorcerers while banishing aaron

The Sorcerers

    The sorcerers were middle-aged magic users, so they probably were experts and powerful. Even though they did not succeed in beating Aaron. They had the power to traverse the mists that divided the human world from theirs. They could paralyze human beings and let them forget part of their memories. They could transform another human being into an animal. Together they could even summon a dragon, whose power was supposed to be superior to the power of a single sorcerer. They controlled elements such as air, lightning bolts and fire, and probably all the four fundamental elements.
    However, the extent of their power was not completely shown.

    The sorcerers went to the human world with the purpose to get Aaron back. There was a rule, or a law, that denied the inhabitants of the land beyond the mist to life in the human world to.

    The three sorcerers demonstrated a strongly superior attitude toward the humans, the "mortals". Nonetheless they didn't want to harm them. When they met Aaron, one of them paralyzed Lucy and her father, before confronting Aaron. Their fight was spectacular, and touched many branches of magic, but it never put life at risk. They only wanted to subdue Aaron and were rather surprised by him.
    They stopped fighting, acknowledging that the sorcerer boy countered and neutralized all their attacks, so they probably decided not to escalate the battle to preserve life. Then they stripped Aaron of his powers. It's unclear if it was their enchantment which Aaron could not oppose, or if it was a more general magic always active for sorcerers of their kind, to be invoked in the right moment.
    After that, they vanished in the fog in the desert, going back home.

--Journey into Mystery I#78/3


Lucy Scott and her father

    Lucy and her father were normal humans. They lived in a gas station near the desert.

    During a frightening desert storm in the night, Lucy spotted a human shape outside the window. The Scotts let the boy enter, who claimed he came from "out there". Mr. Scott was perplexed, because the direction pointed to by the boy was the desert and the storm. Lucy immediately liked the mysterious young man, which convinced her father to employ him as handyman.

    The next few days Mr. Scott was satisfied by Aaron's work and Lucy liked him even more. But Mr. Scott also noticed some wondrous feats that Aaron performed to fix things, feats that almost seemed like magic. He began thinking that he was a sort of sorcerer and, worried for his daughter, wanted to send him away. After some nights that Aaron stared still outside the window toward the desert that spawned him, and right when Lucy confessed she liked the boy in order to convince her father to let him stay, three other human shapes came form the misty fog. Mr. Scott and her daughter saw the three sorcerers pass through the walls but saw not much else. One of the three red-robed sorcerers cast a holding spell on them.
    Paralyzed they didn't witness the amazing fight that happened immediately afterward, with Aaron still more determined to stay in the human world, because he loved Lucy.
    When the conflict was over, and the sorcerers went back beyond the foggy veil, Lucy and her father reacquired conscience, without any memory of the sorcerers' arrival. Aaron tried to fix the electrical box and was struck by an electric spark. Mr. Scott put aside his suspicions about the boy, accepting Aaron, and Lucy was happy to have her love to live with.

--Journey into Mystery I#78/3

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Journey into Mystery I#78/3, p6, pan2 (Aaron conjuring a torrent of water, main image)
Journey into Mystery I#78/3, p1, pan5 (Aaron in the sandstorm, head shot)
Journey into Mystery I#78/3, p6, pan3 (the three sorcerers)
Journey into Mystery I#78/3, p6, pan6 (Lucy Scott and her father)

Journey into Mystery I#78/3 (March, 1962) - Unknown writer, Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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