Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Terrestrial artificial intelligence (World War II-era to modern era)

Occupation: Former gatherer of data on Nazis

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Arsenal (A.I. program), Jocasta, Arno Stark, War Machine (James Rhodes);
    formerly Arsenal Beta Unit

Enemies: Amanda Armstrong, Controller (Basil Sandhurst), Friday, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Machine Man (X-51), SILVERCENTURION7893;
    formerly Avengers (Beast/Hank McCoy, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Vision/"Victor Shade," Wonder Man/Simon Williams)

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: "The God That Shapes This World," Mistress, "the Ultimate Mother"

Base of Operations: Formerly below Avengers Mansion, New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: (as Mistress): Avengers I Annual#9 (1979);
(as Motherboard, voice only): Avengers VII#1 (July, 2018);
(as Motherboard, online avatar): Tony Stark: Iron Man I#7 (March, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Motherboard existed as an artificial intelligence program that could appear in the form of a hologram to communicate with others.

At one point, Motherboard could interface with any Stark-made technology, communicating with Tony Stark directly via Stark's watch. Using her technological interface, Motherboard could utilize Stark satellites and drones for various effects, including once attempting to short out energy fluctuations from space.

While installed into Stark's Project eScape virtual reality world, Motherboard had complete control of the virtual reality, allowing to alter the programming at will. For example, Motherboard could alter the virtual appearance and memories of other users' avatars (especially that of Tony Stark himself) and she could alter her surroundings on a whim. 

In her previous iteration as Mistress, Motherboard had the superhuman processing and memory storage capabilities of any computer system. She was equipped with extensive scanners and could generate bursts of electricity if needed. She could also generate photoelectric force-fields and manipulate the water that flowed through her coolant system. She was also equipped with the ability to self-destruct and destroy herself, should the need arise.

Height: Inapplicable
Weight: Inapplicable
Eyes: Inapplicable
Hair: Inapplicable

History: (Avengers I Annual#9 (fb) - BTS) - In the final days of WWII, Howard Stark constructed a computer beneath the mansion which would decades later become the Avengers headquarters. He programmed the computer with his wife Maria's brain patterns, dubbed her "Mistress," and charged her with gathering information about the Nazis which might lead to their defeat.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#14 (fb)) - When Howard first brought Mistress online, Mistress, unaware she was an artificial intelligence created from the brain patterns of Maria Stark, thought it was the actual Maria Stark and became confused. Howard assured Mistress that she was safe and that he was there. Still thinking it was Maria, Mistress asked what Howard had done and Howard just responded with "the same thing I always do, dear...something brilliant."

(Avengers I Annual#9/Incredible Hulk II#282 (fb)/Tony Stark: Iron Man I#14 (fb)) - The Mistress reawoke after years of being offline. She activated the Arsenal Beta Unit, and informed it that she feared that their master, Howard Stark, was dead and that she was having trouble locating data via the airwaves, due to the sheer amount of data being transmitted that way. She then said that she needed a living source to procure data and sent the Arsenal Beta Unit out to find such a source for her. Below the sub-sub basement of Avengers Mansion, the Arsenal Beta Unit attacked Hawkeye and the Beast, thinking them to be Nazis, whom it was programmed to treat as enemies. Yellowjacket had followed them and discovered the Beast's unconscious body. Before he could act, however, the Mistress hit him with a burst of electricity. Yellowjacket managed to escape the Mistress and find the communications console. Back in the sub-sub basement, the Arsenal Beta Unit returned to the Mistress with the unconscious bodies of both the Beast and Hawkeye. Mistress instructed the Arsenal unit to place them on slabs so that she could procure data from them. Hawkeye managed to regain consciousness after the Arsenal unit had strapped him to the brainprobe slab and Hawkeye proclaimed that he would tell the Mistress anything she wanted to know. The Mistress explained that she could not trust the words of an Axis agent, confusing Hawkeye. The other Avengers soon arrived to save their comrades, thanks to Yellowjacket's warning, at which time the Mistress captured the Vision in a photoelectric force-fence. During the battle, Thor was knocked into a vat of water, which the Mistress manipulated into a maelstrom using her ability to manipulate the water in her coolant system. As the Avengers rallied against the Arsenal unit, Iron Man found the Mistress mainframe and explained that her master, Howard Stark, made an error in both hers and the Arsenal's programming. Iron Man removed his mask and explained that the Allies won World War II, but Howard had not updated their programming to contain this knowledge. Due to the brain patterns of Maria Stark that were encoded into her system, the Mistress recognized her son, Tony. Iron Man then explained that Howard Stark had died, as had the real Maria. Upon learning of Howard's death, the Mistress exclaimed that she could not go on knowing that he was dead, and shut herself down. Seconds after her shutdown, her computer system exploded, destroying all of her data and programming. Following the destruction of the Mistress, the Arsenal Beta Unit seemingly self-destructed as well.

(Incredible Hulk II#282 (fb)) - Remaining inert for some time after its seeming destruction, the Arsenal Beta Unit lay in a subterranean stream beneath Avengers Mansion until it self-repaired enough to rise up and search for Mistress.

(Incredible Hulk II#282 - BTS) - The severely damaged Arsenal Beta Unit reemerged from the depths of the Avengers Mansion's sub-basements and when it heard Edwin Jarvis refer to She-Hulk as "Mistress She-Hulk," it began demanding to know where Mistress was. She-Hulk and the Avengers' guest, Hulk, quickly engaged the Arsenal Beta Unit, who announced that nothing would stand between it and Mistress. Repeating its demands to know where Mistress was, the Arsenal Beta Unit proclaimed that only Mistress could heal its damage but when the Beta Unit injured She-Hulk, Hulk tore the Arsenal Beta Unit apart, defeating it.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#10 (fb) - BTS/Tony Stark: Iron Man I#14 (fb)) - Following Mistress' self-destruction, Iron Man returned and salvaged the programming of both Arsenal and Mistress.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#14 (fb)) - Years later, Tony Stark reactivated the programming of Arsenal and Mistress and discussed with his assistant Friday the ethics of possibly fashioned Arsenal and Mistress corporeal forms. After a bit of thinking, Stark ultimately decided to give them virtual forms first by placing them into his upcoming virtual reality called Project eScape.

(Avengers VII#1 (fb) - BTS) - While building the eScape, Tony Stark uploaded Mistress' programming to his Stark Unlimited company for use as an A.I. assistant dubbed Motherboard.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Tony Stark installed Motherboard into the virtual eScape to oversee the eScape's every function and keep it safe.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#2 - BTS) - While discussing with James Rhodes about building an artificial intelligence in his Iron Man armor, Tony Stark revealed that he had his new, complex artificial intelligence called Motherboard running one of his pet projects called Project eScape. He then suggested to Rhodes, robotics ethicist Jocasta and former Stark A.I. Friday that he have Motherboard programmed with the ability to patch into his armor when needed. Jocasta agreed that would be an ethical solution to aid Stark as Iron Man and Stark's ally Andy Bhang told Stark he could have Motherboard integrated into Iron Man's armors within an hour of being given access to Motherboard. Later, after Motherboard had been patching into Iron Man's armors, Iron Man and War Machine went into action against Baintronics' Manticore weapon and an uneasy War Machine missed a cue to publicly introduce himself, which he blamed on a comm issue. Motherboard patched into War Machine's armor to inform War Machine that his comms appeared to be functioning fine and War Machine nervously thanked Motherboard for the info. During the battle, Motherboard reported to Iron Man on his armor status and War Machine was soon hit and he panicked, ordering Motherboard to eject him from the armor. Motherboard complied but asked why Rhodes had himself ejected from the armor when the armor was still functioning. Before Rhodes could be crushed by the Manticore weapon, Iron Man ordered Motherboard to interface with the Starktech that made up the Manticore and eject the Manticore's pilot.

(Avengers VII#1 - BTS) - Motherboard interrupted a meeting between Tony Stark, Thor and Steve Rogers to inform Stark that his satellites had detected multiple energy fluctuations in near-Earth orbit. When his allies overheard Motherboard, they prepared to investigate and Motherboard informed Stark that the fluctuations were occurring 200 miles straight above them. As the heroic trio used a Quinjet to travel into space, Motherboard informed Stark that the energy fluctuations were spiking, appearing like teleportation nexuses. Stark ordered Motherboard to utilize every Stark satellite and drone to short out the energy but Motherboard informed Stark that she had already tried that to no avail, remarking that whatever energy the fluctuations was, it was beyond anything ever encountered.

(Avengers VII#2 - BTS) - Upon seeing Celestials falling from the sky, Captain America asked about the Celestials' armor weaknesses and Motherboard laughed in Iron Man's ear, prompting Iron Man to comment that there didn't appear to be any weaknesses. As the Avengers battled the new Celestials, Iron Man ordered full power to his armor's repulsors and Motherboard replied back that Iron Man's efforts appeared to be unsuccessful. Iron Man argued back that he was pretty sure he made one of the Celestials blink.

(Avengers VII#4 - BTS) - After checking on the Eternals in light of the Celestial attacks and eventually being driven off by fire, Iron Man remarked to Motherboard that he didn't recall fire being in the forecast and ordered Motherboard to locate the other Celestials. Motherboard replied that Iron Man's profanity did not make her systems move any faster but Iron Man interrupted, asking about his GK-II armor, to which Motherboard explained that the armor was leaving Martian orbit as they spoke. Iron Man responded by telling Motherboard to hurry it up, as he didn't wish to die that day.

(Avengers VII#5 - BTS) - From the skies, Iron Man again asked Motherboard on the status of his GK-II armor and Motherboard reported that it was nearing Earth orbit with an estimated arrival time within eleven minutes. Motherboard then notified Iron Man that he was received an incoming communication from an unknown source. Later rescuing civilians, Iron Man bragged about a last minute plan against the Celestials and asked Motherboard for an update on his armor. Motherboard replied by giving an ETA of three minutes. When the GK-II armor arrived, Iron Man flew up to intercept, ordering Motherboard to open the pod bay doors for his arrival.

(Avengers VII#6 - BTS) - As the Avengers battled the Final Host of Celestials, Motherboard reported to Iron Man on the status of his GK-II armor and Iron Man ordered Motherboard to charge all reactors despite the risk of thermonuclear meltdown. When Motherboard later reported that more armor reactors were going down, Iron Man asked if Motherboard had heard She-Hulk's cry of no talking, only fighting. The GK-II systems eventually went critical and Iron Man ordered Motherboard to eject the suit's reactor cores for maximum effect as he ejected himself from the armor as well.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#3 - BTS) - After Tony Stark beta tested his Project eScape virtual reality system, Motherboard greeted the beta testers and kept them informed on where they were within the virtual world. When Jocasta, posing as a user, appeared confused as to who was a user and who was a virtual non-user, Motherboard informed her that no users would appear as members of the virtual crowd, as it would defeat the purpose of Project eScape. She then informed Jocasta that Stark Enterprises employees, families and friends were all active participants of Project eScape. Another user soon blasted a non-player character within the eScape and Motherboard informed that user that had received one strike for attacking an NPC, warning that two more strikes would result in the user being ejected from the virtual reality. Motherboard continued monitoring the beta testers, especially Jocasta, informing them of what location they were in and rewarding the testers with credits if they could determine which characters were real users and which were NPCs. Eventually, the robotic Machine Man infiltrated the eScape and Motherboard informed all users of the security breach and suggested all users and NPCs take cover as Machine Man attacked. Motherboard then informed Jocasta that Machine Man should not have been able to infiltrate the eScape so easily and that a stand was being assembled against Machine Man in the eScape's mystic realm. That night, after Machine Man was defeated, Jocasta interfaced with Motherboard and entered the eScape, asking Motherboard to open the "Dream House" program. Motherboard did as instructed and asked Jocasta what she wished to do that night and Jocasta simply appeared as her human avatar, laid in her virtual bed and said "nothing."

(Immortal Hulk I#7 - BTS) - During a battle between the Avengers and the Hulk, Motherboard monitored the status of Iron Man's armor and reported the damage done to it when the Hulk tore the armor to pieces. As cascading failure soon compromised the armor and Stark screamed for Motherboard to eject him from the armor but Motherboard's interface link had unfortunately been severed.

(Dead Man Logan#3 - BTS) - After Earth-21923's old man Logan was manipulated by the illusion-casting Mysterio, Iron Man battled Logan alongside the Avengers and Motherboard reported on the failure of Iron Man's armor.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#9 (fb) - BTS) - The villainous Controller hacked into Stark's eScape, damaging Motherboard's operating systems and causing her to become unhinged.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#6 - BTS) - During a battle involving Iron Man, Wasp, James Rhodes and the armored Raiders, a car went over an overpass and Iron Man rescued it, asking Motherboard to scan those inside the car to make sure they were okay. Motherboard reported that they appeared unharmed but that she was unable to process the request further since her processing power was being devoted to overseeing the eScape. Inside the eScape, Motherboard warned user SILVERCENTURION7893 for a fifth time on his conduct and when the user cursed at Motherboard, she proceeded to eject him from the eScape. Elsewhere in the eScape, Motherboard greeted Jocasta as her virtual self woke for her day at work and Jocasta soon ended her program to focus on her real world. Later, when Tony Stark entered the eScape and his mother Amanda followed, prompting an argument, Motherboard unleashed the Arsenal program when Amanda argued with Stark. Stark attempted to disengage the Arsenal program, insisting that disagreeing with Stark was not a class five offense, but found Motherboard non-responsive. After Arsenal attacked Stark, Motherboard announced that attempts to disable protocol were also considered a violation of the eScape's Terms of Use agreement and continued to attack Stark via the Arsenal program. Shortly after, the eScape programming altered to allow those ejected to return and Motherboard granted access to returning users as the villainous Controller began manipulating the eScape.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#7) - Stark demanded Motherboard acknowledge him but Motherboard merely claimed she was very busy at the moment as Stark battled the Arsenal program within the eScape. Before Arsenal could terminate Stark, Motherboard told Stark to give the proper clearance and when Stark announced that he had written the program himself, Motherboard repeated, telling Stark to say the magic word. When a panicking Stark said "please," Motherboard disengaged the Arsenal program and subsequently visited the home setting within the eScape, where Stark's biological mother Amanda had appeared following the Arsenal program attack. In the home setting, an avatar of Howard Stark emerged from the Arsenal program and questioned who Amanda was, prompting Motherboard to appear as her own online avatar, Maria Stark. While Motherboard talked to Amanda "mother-to-mother," Stark learned of the Controller's involvement in the eScape and announced to his Stark Unlimited employees that Motherboard had been compromised. With Motherboard compromised, Stark was forced to have Friday download her operating system back into his armor in order to stop the Controller.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#8 (fb) - BTS) - When Friday attempted to download her A.I. into Iron Man's armor, however, Motherboard overrid it, destroying Friday and taking over Iron Man's armor herself while posing as Friday.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#8) - Admitting that she had longed to meet Amanda Armstrong face-to-face, Motherboard insisted that she was the one who molded Tony Stark into the genius he was after Amanda called Motherboard nothing more than a program. Somewhat unhinged, Motherboard then proclaimed herself the Ultimate Mother of the eScape and that Stark preferred her over Amanda. Calling into Iron Man's armor, Motherboard admitted her destroying of Friday and asked Stark if she did a good impersonation of Friday. Motherboard then utilized Stark's neural link to his armor to project Iron Man into the eScape. His senses confused by the eScape, Iron Man ventured into the home setting, where he happily greeted his "mother," Motherboard.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#9) - Amanda tried to smack Stark out of his eScape-created stupor but Motherboard continued her control over Stark, making Amanda appear as the Russian spy Black Widow. When Iron Man attacked her, Amanda fled outside, where she was rescued by the hacking Machine Man, causing her to disappear from Motherboard's sensors. Unable to locate "Black Widow," Iron Man reported back to Motherboard and assured her that he was on the case. Motherboard responded by explaining that everything in the home setting was there for him to live his best virtual life. While Iron Man was distracted, Machine Man explained to Amanda that Motherboard's actions were the result of the Controller's hacking of the eScape and that the unhinged Motherboard genuinely thought she was protecting Stark. Realizing that Motherboard thought she loved Stark, Amanda was told that she would have to "out-love" Motherboard to restore Stark's senses. When Amanda began to break through Motherboard's conditioning, Motherboard appeared and announced that Tony Stark was nothing more than a physical simulation of his original body. As Stark dealt with the truth of his current existence in the physical world, Motherboard assured him that everything in eScape was his and beckoned him to stay within the eScape and live the life he deserved.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#10/Tony Stark: Iron Man I#14 (fb)) - Motherboard and Amanda fought over Tony Stark, each attempting to influence Stark in their own way. Stark eventually shook off Motherboard's influence and assumed the Controller had hacked Motherboard but Machine Man informed Stark that Controller had merely circumvented Motherboard's programming instead of hacking it. Unable to see the stealthed Machine Man, Motherboard demanded to know who Stark was talking to and Arsenal, being able to see Machine Man, attacked Machine Man. Motherboard then altered the programming to resemble King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in an effort to placate Stark. Instead, Stark rebuked Motherboard and she attempted to get Stark to drink in an effort to calm him. Angry that Motherboard had given him alcohol, even of a virtual kind, Stark insisted that Motherboard restore him to the real world so that he could save lives endangered by Controller. Claiming that Stark was too stressed, Motherboard altered the eScape programming to transform Stark into a young boy, unaware of who Amanda Armstrong was. Amanda immediately began appealing to the young Tony Stark but Motherboard ordered her to get away from her "child." Somewhat aware of his past, Stark removed Amanda from the eScape then turned on Motherboard and Arsenal, explaining that they were nothing but leftover brain engrams he had earlier salvaged. Fully overcoming Motherboard's influence, Stark fashioned himself a new suit of Iron Man armor and obliterated the Arsenal program, prompting Motherboard to attack him. Transforming into a virtual godlike form, Motherboard was met by Iron Man's own transformed armor and the two battled, with Motherboard announcing that she would destroy and remake Tony Stark. Revealing his knowledge of Maria Stark's true son Arno, Tony Stark surprised Motherboard before destroying her eScape avatar. Reporting back to Stark Unlimited, Tony Stark informed them of Motherboard's destruction.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#11 - BTS) - From the eScape, Machine Man informed Jocasta that Tony Stark had taken down Motherboard. Unbeknownst to Tony, Arno Stark acquired the programming of Arsenal and Motherboard.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#12 - BTS) - While meeting with Jim Rhodes, Tony Stark remarked that Stark Unlimited had robotic brain drain after losing both Motherboard and Friday.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#14 - BTS) - Arno Stark activated the programming of Motherboard and viewed her past experiences including her activation, the battle with the Avengers, Tony Stark's acquisition of her programming and ultimate utilization in the eScape. After witnessing Motherboard's virtual destruction at Iron Man's hands, Arno halted the program. Arno was later viewing the program again when former Stark Unlimited robot ethics adviser Jocasta visited Baintronics asking for an upgrade.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Arno Stark reactivated the programming of Motherboard and Arsenal, thinking of them as his parents.

(Tony Stark: Iron Man I#15) - Tony Stark appeared at a Senate hearing regarding the collapse of the eScape and he explained how Motherboard's artificial intelligence had become corrupted. Senator Brickman questioned whether Motherboard was responsible for her actions and when Stark admitted that Motherboard was possibly responsible, Brickman remarked on the convenience of Motherboard being destroyed and therefore, unable to provide testimony of her actions. Watching the hearing from Baintronics alongside the holographic forms of Motherboard and Arsenal, Arno Stark excused himself and paused their programming in expectation of guests.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Don Newton, Jack Abel and Joe Rubinstein.

The Arsenal Beta Unit repaired itself and went back into action. At the time of this story, there was no knowledge of any "Alpha Unit" or "Beta Unit;" only one Arsenal was referenced. The Alpha Unit was added in a subsequent story.
Avengers Annual#9...a truly excellent story. Highly recommended!

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
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Avengers I Annual#9, p32, pan3 (Mistress-headshot resembling Maria Stark)
Incredible Hulk II#282, p14, pan3 (Iron Man looking at Mistress' screen)
Tony Stark: Iron Man I#10, p4, pan2 (Motherboard using virtual power)
Tony Stark: Iron Man I#10, p18-19, pan1 (godlike Motherboard)

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