Real Name: Motherboard 49.7

Identity/Class: Semi-intelligent extra-terrestrial computer

Occupation: Protector of its planet

Affiliations: Unknown creator(s); Enemy of Silver Surfer and Galactus

Known Relatives: other Motherboard programs (either predecessors or different versions on other planets (1.0 named))

Aliases: Central Conceptual Unit

Base of Operations: unnamed crystalline planet

Appearances: Silver Surfer III#24 (June, 1989)

Powers: Motherboard is a computer program which controls an entire planet. It scans and identifies (or identifies the next closest match) any being or object that approaches the planet. If deemed hostile, it sends progressively more powerful forces against that being or object. It commands interstellar ships, and a number of weapons of destruction. It can fire energy beams powerful enough to slice through the coating of the Silver Surfer. The maximum force it can utilize is unrevealed. In addition, it can coordinate rebuilding of other weapons and ships from other damaged equipment.

Motherboard can be communicated with, but fails to recognize units of measure other than those utilized by its programmers. If its programming is altered by an unauthorized force, it can restore its original parameters.

History: Unrevealed. Motherboard was constructed on an unnamed crystalline planet by unknown beings an unknown period of time ago. Whether it was originally built to span the entire planet, or whether it built itself to that level of time is unrevealed.

Having been programmed to identify and neutralize threats to its creators, Motherboard, unaware of recent developments, identified the Silver Surfer as the herald of Galactus, and a threat. While the Surfer was passing by its planet, Motherboard sent a fleet of ships to attack him. After dispatching the fleet, the Surfer investigated the source of the attacks. After overcoming another attack it was confronted by an image of Motherboard, which explained the reason for its attacks. The Surfer attempted to explain recent events, but when Motherboard did not recognize his units of time and distance, it ignored his explanations and renewed its attack.

Motherboard's third attack sliced the Surfer in half, and from there into smaller pieces. Not truly humanoid, the Surfer survived these injuries, although his energy was rapidly draining from his wounds. Realizing Motherboard was merely a computer program, the Surfer tracked its signals to its central data store. He then altered its programming to delete the record naming him as herald of Galactus. Motherboard then ceased its attack and restored him to his full form. However, after the Surfer left, Motherboard recognized that the data alteration was unauthorized, and began to restore the original file.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart and Ron Lim.

The title of this story was "G.I.G.O."-Garbage In, Garbage Out


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