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Real Name: Bruno Varoz

Identity/Class: Human (WWII era)

Occupation: Would-be master of Earth;
    former scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Corpse-Beings, Miguel and other ghouls, two-headed monster

Enemies: Electro the Marvel of the Age, Doctor Zog, USA

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A rocky island off the coast of Cuba

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4 (August, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: A genius in brain surgery, Varoz had an exceptional knowledge in biology, anatomy and other scientific fields. His research enabled him to bring the dead back to life and create a two-headed monster.

History: (Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Bruno Varoz was a genius in brain surgery but went insane and retired on an island to follow his plans of world domination. He studied how to reanimate the dead and created an ugly, powerful two-headed monster.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4) - Varoz eventually succeeded in creating artificial blood. Injecting it in a corpse and applying an electrical charge through one of his devices, Varoz raised the corpse.

    Varoz started to create his own army of corpse-beings. He sent Miguel and other ghouls to steal hundreds of dead bodies.
   Few weeks later, completely under his spell, the army of living corpses was sent to New York, to Los Angeles and the rest of the USA to rob and plunder.
    A reign of terror begun. Hordes of corpse-beings invaded city after city, plundering, burning and killing. The President of the USA asked Doctor Zog for help, and he sent Electro against the army of terror.

    Electro managed to find Dr. Varoz's base following one of the corpse-beings. Varoz put his two-headed monster into action. The monster entrapped Electro in a well of disintegrating acid. For a while it worked but Zog doubled Electro's power and freed it. Then Varoz entrapped Electro in his Chamber of Death. A transparent shell held the robot captive, while a raging inferno surrounded it. Electro freed itself and Varoz was terrified by its awesome power. Running away Varoz was grabbed by Electro and pushed into the well of acid and died. His army of corpses was vanquished by Electro and his base was destroyed by bombardment.

Both the Lord of Death and Doctor Bruno Varoz use similar methods to create their Zombies( Di-Namo Fluid for one and Artificial Blood for the other).

Comments: Created by unidentified writer and Steve Dahlman (artist).

Profile by Spidermay.

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    Miguel and other ghouls were hunchbacked humans without any super power.

    They were servants of Dr. Varoz and helped him to create his army of dead, robbing corpses from many cemeteries in the USA.

 --Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4


    Varoz's army was composed of the living dead. Humans mutated by science, the corpse-beings retained enough strength and intelligence to execute complex orders. They could be killed again if shot or if hit with proper strength. Some of them were even capable to pilot planes. They were armed with knives and handguns.

    The corpse-beings were actually cadavers injected with artificial blood and undergoing a special electric treatment.

    The army was rather effective. People and police were terrorized by ghastly beings without fear which had no mercy at all. The tide of the invasion changed when Electro went into action. The living dead understood that they could not harm it. After the death of Varoz, the US army also entered into action and together defeated the corpse-beings.

 --Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4

two-headed monster

    The monster was at least 9' tall, had superhuman strength and was not capable to speak.

    The two-headed monster charged Electro easily tossing it in a well of acid.

    It was probably killed in the following bombardments.

 --Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4

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Marvel Mystery Comics#10/4, p8, pan1 (main image)

p2, pan1 (head shot)

p2, pan3 (Miguel)

p3, pan7 (corpse-beings)

p5, pan6 (two-headed monster)

Marvel Mystery Comics #10 (August, 1940) - Steve Dahlman (artist)

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