JARNAjarna talking to the Lavarites

Real Name: Jarna

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Venusian Lavarites) advanced technology user (WWII era)

Occupation: Queen, inventor, would-be conqueror

Group Membership: Lavarite Tribe

Affiliations: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Navy and army, spies, collaborators (Joseph)

Enemies: Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), U.S.A. (Air Force, Navy), Betty Dean, Lynne Harris, Luther Robbins

Known Relatives: None

Aliases"Angel-puss", "precious", "morning-glory", "blonde bombshell","little mermaid" (from Namor)

Base of Operations: Planet Venus (Earth's solar system)

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics#25/2 (November, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Jarna could breath underwater as well on surface and apparently was at ease in the undersea environment even at the bottom of the sea. Her physical performance seemed comparable to the average of a female human being with exceptional swimming skills.

    Jarna was also an inventor, with proficiency in mechanic and electronic engineering. She was able to design assault shock guns, getting the idea from the electric eels of Earth. As inventor, engineer and tester, she used those guns with good skills.

    Apart from speaking the language of the Lavarites, a language different from any other on Earth, Jarna spoke a perfect English to the extent that she also knew some expressions of sailors' slang and ancient myths. She also spoke German.

    In her role of leader, she had good diplomatic skills, good enough to meet Adolf Hitler in person and bind an alliance with him. Moreover, she was able to project strategies into the middle term, already planning the Lavarites' warfare against Hitler, after Germany would have invaded the American land.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation: she was a head shorter than Namor)
Weight: 115 lbs. (by approximation:
Eyes: Light blue-grey
Hair: Blonde

head shotHistory: (Marvel Mystery Comics#26/2 (fb) - BTS) - Jarna lived on planet Venus and was the Queen of the Lavarites, a tribe which male members were about 8-12 inches-tall. Their technology level enabled her to travel to Earth, to discover what possibilities of conquer existed for her people.

    She arrived on Earth when Adolf Hitler was already the uncontested leader of Germany. Studying the political situation on Earth, she devised a plan for conquering the United States of America.

   She convinced Adolf Hitler of her loyalty, planning the invasion through an undersea citadel near the U.S. East Coast, but she didn't reveal to him her final goal: After Germany had conquered the U.S.A. Jarna's army would betray Hitler.

    The construction of the undersea base begun, unknown to the rest ofworld and also to the Atlanteans.

    Observing the marine fauna, Jarna took example from the electric eels and designed an electric shock gun. The shock guns were given to the Nazi sentinel soldiers, who defended the underwater base from the attacks of the sharks and other submarine threats.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#25/2) - Jarna went back to Earth again with her Lavarites, traveling on Rocket-ships. They set up their base underwater and begun sabotage missions and setting up the invasion.

    Although nocturnal, the missions of the Lavarite army did not pass completely undetected. A writer wrote a fictional novel where a an invasion from Venus was led by a Queen, and her soldiers reached Earth by a space rocket.

Actually, a Lavarite space rocket was hidden in the ocean, not far from the eastern coast of Florida, a coastal region where Betty Dean, Luther Robbins and Lynne Harris were spending their holidays. These three
, who were Namor's friends in those days, had noticed something strange. They failed to involve the police, so they convinced Namor to investigate.

As surface base, Jarna used a house not far from the space rocket, where also lived a Nazi spy and some fifth columnists who posed as his butlers.

    The first night that Namor investigated, he spotted the one-foot tall Lavarites, their rocket, and Jarna. The Queen was meeting her subjects after they had fulfilled a mission, after which she reached the surface. On the beach, she was surprised to meet the Sub-Mariner, who faked his surprise, too, trying to seem a tourist. In a game of deception, Jarna could not refuse to be escorted by Namor to her house. After this, Jarna had Namor leave, but nonetheless she and the Nazis used the maximum caution. 

    When, hours later, Namor sneaked into the house, Joseph and the Nazi assaulted him. Jarna tried to flee, but the Prince was too strong for the three humans, and he grabbed the alien. The little Lavarites, using some metallic cables, entangled and contained the Sub-Mariner. Jarna had already figured how to deal with the witness, so she convinced the Nazis to follow her plan, and so she had the intruder transported to the beach. Ruthlessly, she carried the entangled Namor to the bottom of the sea, where she waited the time sufficient to drown a human being. She dropped the seeming corpse and went to her people. 

    Unbeknownst to Jarna, the Sub-Mariner was alive and kicking. He easily broke the cables and then followed her to the Lavarite army hideout where he destroyed the underwater cave and captured Jarna.
    Captive, before Namor, Lynne and the others, Queen Jarna confessed a part of her plan of conquer, which enabled her to be freed under the promise to leave Earth.
    Few hours later, an enormous Lavarite space rocket jumped out the ocean and pointed to the stars...

Jarna with an assault shock gun(Marvel Mystery Comics#26/2 (fb) - BTS) - ...but Jarna was not inside.

    Actually Jarna continued to follow her plan. She was determined to help the German Army to invade and conquer the USA, because the second step consisted in turning against Hitler.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#26/2) - Unfortunately for Jarna, when Namor took the way home hours later, he swam near the cave where the Lavarites dwelled, and he spotted her. Jarna feared for her life when Namor's wrathful hands strangled her. She convinced the Prince of Atlantis to spare her life, confessing the other part of the war plan: a blitz attack to the East Coast, springing from the secret base in the ocean depths.

    So, Jarna led Namor kilometers away to a wide pit into the ocean floor, and beneath whether was located the Nazi base: A citadel entirely built underwater, where engineers and technicians worked in special diver suits. Submarines transported the oxygen that the workers needed, and guards armed with special electric shock guns protected the workers from the sharks. 

    In an excess of pride, Jarna let slip out that the plan was hers, again enraging Namor. This time, however, she succeeded in escaping his grip, and Namor was spotted and shot by some guards, although he avoided the electric bolts and overcame the soldiers. However, Jarna then zapped him from behind with an electric gun set up at non-lethal voltage, and Namor fell unconscious.

    Later, the Nazis asked Jarna to help them query the prisoner. When they opened the underwater cell, they found that Namor had broken a wall and had escaped. Moreover, with his tremendous strength, the Sub-Mariner was demolishing their buildings, as well as the ones that contained air and Nazis. Jarna went mad when she saw that Namor enjoyed drowning the Nazi soldiers. She grabbed another electric gun and aimed to Namor, but this time the swimming speed of the Sub-Mariner was faster. Jarna was taken into a cell. 

    She could do nothing while Namor assaulted the submarine fleet and gave the alarm to the U.S. Navy. The underwater fleet was destroyed, as were Jarna's plans.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#26/2 / Marvel Mystery Comics#27/2 (fb) - BTS) - After the victory, the Sub-Mariner freed Jarna, who fled south.

Comments: Created by Bill Everett.

    By the time Jarna stayed on Earth, she even learned some sea-related myths and classical myths. When she was sure that Namor was drowned dead she dropped his body commenting "...See you in Davy Jones' locker!". Later, she mocked him, nicknaming him "...Brute..." and "...Hercules...". Namor didn't spare colorful names for her: "angel-puss", "precious", "morning-glory", "blonde bombshell","little mermaid."

    A single shock from an electric gun, at low power, was able to knock out the Sub-Mariner. It could seem a very impressive weapon, but, in those days, even bullets could seriously harm Namor. He was strong, but not as durable.
    As happened for the Kronans that stumbled into Thor (Journey into Mystery#83), Marvel Comics one day could ret-con that the Lavarite Tribe and Queen Jarna came from another planet and that Venus was only a step of their journey through space (I don't hope so, bad, useless ret-cons be damned!) ... or a good writer could invent a plausible explanation for life on Venus.

As seen in Marvel Mystery Comics#2 (December, 1939), page 11, on land bullets bounce of Namor's skin, yet in other Timely stories (not all, but a lot he his seen dodging or hiding from bullets on land). In the Nazi invasion of Atlantis in Sub-Mariner Comics#1, he was even knocked unconscious underwater from a bullet (with bullets traveling slower in water than in air). I have seen a boulder hit his head and not knock him out, but a blackjack or gun or other object and he is out like a light, so it seems to me that Namor's durability in Timely comics comes and goes.
    As for life on Venus (especially Human or Humanoid (human-looking), the obvious answer is Atlantean, Muan or Inhuman colony living underground. This also works for Human-looking life on every planet in the Sol system.
    John Holstein

Profile by Spidermay.

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Josephfrom left to right: the unnamed butler, Namor, Joseph and Jarna

(Marvel Mystic Comics#25/2) - Joseph was one of the butlers of the house where Jarna hid "on dry land" in Florida. He was in the service of the German spy.

    When Namor skulked into the house where Jarna "lived," Joseph was among the enemies that waited for him. The other butler gave the order, and they assaulted the undersear. They tangled with him for a short time, but Namor swung them easily apart when he saw the Nazi with a handgun.

    Both the butlers obeyed Jarna when she gave instructions about the prisoner.

    They drove to the beach and left Namor to Jarna's cares, after which they went back home.

(Marvel Mystic Comics#26/2 (fb) - BTS) - Namor told Luther to report about the Nazi spy to the authorities

--Marvel Mystic Comics#25/2

Note: Joseph and the other butler spoke English without an obvious accent, so they probably were American Nazi sympathizers, as opposed to the Nazi accomplice who had a strong German accent.

images: (without ads)
Marvel Mystic Comics#25/2, p6, pan4 (main image, Jarna talking to the Lavarites)
Marvel Mystic Comics#25/2, p7, pan5 (Jarna, portrait shot)
Marvel Mystic Comics#26/2, p5, pan8 (Jarna using a shock gun)
Marvel Mystic Comics#25/2, p10, pan6 (from left to right: the unnamed butler, Namor, Joseph and Jarna)

Marvel Mystic Comics#25/2 (November, 1941) - Bill Everett (writer, art and lettering)
Marvel Mystic Comics#26/2 (December, 1941) - Bill Everett (writer, art and lettering)

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