Earth's solar system is comprised of one central life-giving sun and eight naturally occurring major planets. In addition, the system contains one artificially created planet, Counter-Earth, as well as numerous comets and several asteroid belts (the inner belt, located between the orbits of Mars and Venus, is generally simply referred to as "the asteroid belt" but other belts do exist, including the Kuiper Belt and the scattered disk, both located outside Neptune's orbit). Though most of the planets share names with Earth's gods, it should be noted that these planets have merely been named in honor of those gods, and no actual connection exists between any god and a given planet, save where elaborated upon below.

Throughout Earth's history, a number of alien races were said to have been natives of some of the solar system's bodies, but most of these claims have been cast into doubt. Likely many of the aliens either lied outright or had established temporary bases either on or in orbit around these planets in preparation for their exploration of Earth. Note that various planets of the solar systems have been colonized or invaded in myriad alternate futures and universes, none of which will be addressed here. For more information on those futures, see the Appendix covering Alternate Earths.

For each body, its distance from the sun is given, as is surface circumference, planetary mass, and surface gravity; all these are given proportionally to Earth's; e.g. Sol's mass of 330,000 means its mass is 330,000 times that of Earth's. Also given is the known major moon count for each planet.

MASS: 330,000

In Reality-616, stars are sentient beings, and can occasionally take physical form. Earth's sun, known as Sol on Earth, is named Apalla, and once sought Dr. Strange's aid when others tried to usurp her power. Sol is also home to Atum, aka Demogorge, the spawn of the Earth goddess Gaea and the father of the Ennead (Egyptian Gods); he initially left Earth after purging it of most of its Elder Gods. Some accounts claim that Sol is inhabited by a human-like race, although such reports seem particularly dubious. Peter Corbeau once used the Starcore satellite to draw energy from Sol to purge Bruce Banner of the energy that transformed him into the Hulk. The transport of the extradimensional Jarella and Fialan from K'ai in a "Microverse" to Earth exacerbated the effects on the sun, which then threatened to go nova within 24 hours until Fialan and Jarella were sent home, and the Hulk's energies restored. The Dire Wraiths used Sol as a lens to draw Wraithworld into Earth's dimension. Located near the sun is a Shi'ar jumpgate, and repeated usage of this gate has nearly fatally destabilized the sun in the past. Only the combined efforts of Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) and Binary (Carol Danvers) prevented the sun's destruction as a result of these instabilities during the Kree-Shi'ar War. As a result, the United Nations has banned usage of this stargate and most alien races seem to be respecting this ban. The Sentry (Robert Reynolds) once cast his dark side, the Void, into the sun.

MASS: .06

The closest planet to the sun, the atmosphereless Mercury has a surface temperature that ranges from under 250 degrees Fahrenheit below zero at night to over 800 degrees above zero during the day. Supposedly, several alien couples from Mercury colonized an American town in 1756. An unidentified race established a farming colony on Mercury before being enslaved by the bellicose Procyons in 1953. Kang and the Human Torch once cooperated to slightly alter Mercury's orbit to prevent a plot by Necrodamus from coming to fruition. The UN's Starcore Station orbits the sun just outside Mercury's orbit, monitoring the sun's status; an earlier station, Starcore One, had existed in the same location before being destroyed by solar instabilities during the Kree-Shi'ar War.

MASS: .8

Venus' heavy cloudike atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect giving it a temperature as hot as Mercury's during the day; its carbon dioxide atmosphere and sulphuric acid clouds make it even more inhospitable. In 1924, however, Earth criminal George Mulford traveled to Venus and built a power base. The Venusian woman Jarna led an army of "Lavarites" to invade Earth in 1941, eventually allying with Nazi Germany before being defeated by Namor the Sub-Mariner. Three years later, Mulford led his own invasion attempt which Namor also foiled. Four years later, a presumed alien colony on Venus ruled by Queen Alura was attacked by the Red Star Man, sole survivor of an occupied red star; telepathically drawn to Venus, the Human Torch (Jim Hammond) defeated the intruder. The 1950s' naiad Venus allegedly had a base on "Mount Lustre" on this planet. In 1953, Namor the Sub-Mariner battled a group of Robot-Men who established a base under the South Pacific waters and who claimed to be preparing for a mass invasion from Venus. Over the next few years, individual Venusians with varying agendas surfaced in the US, England, Africa, and elsewhere. In 1960, an alleged Venusian fought off an alleged Martian invading Earth, claiming that the Venusians had been defending Earth from outer space menaces for centuries. The Collector (Taneleer Tivan) used a "Venusian Retriever Anemone" from his collection against the Avengers. Stark West's Whiz Kids (Herbert Bell, Talia Kruma, Dale West) designed a prototype suit to protect a human from Venus' atmosphere; the Thing (Ben Grimm) once tested it in a simulated atmosphere, but it is unrevealed whether it was ever tested on the real Venus.

MASS: 1.0

Earth has been visited by numerous alien races throughout its history, and some of its gods and Eternals left under their own power millennia ago, but it is only in the past century that mankind and its sub-races have began exploring the solar system in earnest. Earth has been threatened by proximity to mobile planets, such as Astros and Ego the Living Planet. Earth itself has one major natural satellite, Luna, but is surrounded by numerous artificial satellites (see Appendix: Satellites). In 1941, the Antons and their traveling planet Torsa briefly took up orbit around Earth, during which time they encountered Electro the Robot. In 1954, the mobile inhabited satellite dubbed "the Inner World" briefly orbited Earth, stealing Earth's water supply until driven off by Namor.

MASS: .01

Roughly 1 million years ago, the Skrulls established an artificial atmosphere pocket on the surface of Earth's moon and used it to test the Kree race who built a city there; this has become known as the Blue Area of the moon. Earth's Watcher, Uatu, maintains his home in this Blue Area. The angel-like S'raphh race dwelled on the moon millennia ago before committing collective suicide. The Moon's cycles have long affected Earth's werewolves and similar beings. In 1940, Electro the Robot accompanied scientist Simon Crane to the moon and clashed with the spider-like Gnorr who was using the satellite as a base for his robots. In 1950, the alleged goddess Venus accompanied Randy Dover to the moon, where they encountered monstrous "luna-things." Over the next few years, several aliens claiming to be from the moon visited Earth. In contrast, multiple moon landings by private citizens and secret government factions were also reported, and Dr. Jason Trump's technology temporarily forced the moon out of Earth's orbit in 1959. Ten years later, the first public governmentrecognized moon landing, the Apollo 11 mission, occurred, landing in the moon's Sea of Tranquility July 20, 1969; the heroic First Line prevented Skrulls and their human agents from interfering with this mission. Years later, the Inhumans moved their city, Attilan, to the Blue Area; it was removed for a period of time but has again returned to the moon's surface. A water-filled tunnel system below Attilan leads to a mysterious chamber (the "Temple of Nightmares") 20 miles beneath the surface; contained within this chamber was a crystal that, when approached by the Inhuman Triton, caused mass hallucinations in everyone within the Blue Area until Triton destroyed the crystal. There also exists a lagoon near Attilan, perhaps connected to these tunnel systems. There are fish-like creatures inhabiting this lagoon, and it is unclear whether they were originally placed there when the Blue Area was created, whether they were brought from Earth and/or genetically engineered by the Inhumans, or whether they have other origins. At least one of these fish was mutated by radioactive waste dumped on the moon by Roxxon Oil Corporation; this mutated fish attacked and was destroyed by the Inhuman Triton. The Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) once had a lunar stronghold, the fate of which is unrevealed. In cooperation with SHIELD, the United Nations maintains a moonbase (Project Starcore) in the Blue Area as well; for a period they kept the Kree Supreme Intelligence confined there. Other Realm's Stargod stored his essence and power in the Godstone and left it on the Earth's moon, where it was later found by astronaut John Jameson whom it transformed into Man- Wolf. The alien Skeletron once attempted to move the moon from its orbit, but was stopped by Earth's heroes. Stark Industries' Moon Tractor was used against the Avengers by the Space Phantom and destroyed in the process, never having actually reached the moon.

MASS: 1.0

Earth's High Evolutionary once created an artificial Earth upon which he re-ran Earth's evolution. He placed this "Counter-Earth" in the same orbit as Earth but on precisely the opposite side of the sun. Eventually this Counter-Earth was stolen by the alien Beyonders; years later the so-called Goddess created her short-lived Paradise Omega in that location. Months after that, Dr. Doom transported another artificially created Earth into this same location from the pocket universe in which it had been kept. Though this Counter- Earth has been significantly politically altered from the "true" Earth, it remains in orbit on the other side of the sun from Earth. An apparently unrelated "Counter-Earth" was visited by amateur astronauts in 1951.

MASS: .1

Though it is the most likely candidate for future exploration, Mars currently remains largely unexplored by Earth's governments with the exception of uninhabited probe/explorer vessels; ironically, the planet has reportedly been used as a base for literally dozens of alien races, more than every other planet in the Sol System combined. By some accounts, a golden-skinned race dwelled on Mars 1 billion years ago, eventually diverging into a variety of different races following the collapse of their society. A green-skinned, four-armed race is believed to have colonized Mars at some point; they are also known to have battled Xandarian soldiers. British intelligence allegedly dissected Martians in 1899. In 1937, Clifton Ritton learned the aliens on Mars needed assistance in rebuilding their civilization. Ignored by Earth authorities, Ritton traveled to Mars and manipulated the aliens into attacking Earth two years later, although the invasion was foiled by the Human Torch (Jim Hammond), who arranged for the Martians to receive the assistance they needed. Later that year, self-trained astronaut Zephyr Jones also traveled to Mars, where he encountered a race of "Birdmen" at war with the "Parrotmen" of Sunev. In 1948, more so-called Martians invaded Earth when an insane scientist attempted to force the two planets together, but the invasion was prevented by Captain America (Jeff Mace). Six years later, the Torch repelled an invasion by Martian robots. In 1961 the Soviet government's plan to build a Mars base was sabotaged when someone lured the monstrous Grogg into their spaceship at launch. In 1962, Russians launched their Super Weapon into Mars orbit, but it turned against their programming and vowed to destroy any nation that terrorized or invaded another nation; the Super Weapon's ultimate fate is unrevealed, but it is no longer active. One invasion from Mars-based aliens was prevented when Millie the Model befriended the female Martian who convinced her partner to call off their plans. Peter Quill (later Star- Lord) was passed up for a Mars probe mission, the fate of which is unrevealed. Captain Mar- Vell buried his lover, Una, on a satellite orbiting Mars. Several superhumans have visited Mars, of course, and Quasar briefly used Mars as an unofficial prison planet, abandoning the Blood Brothers there for a time. The alien Garthan Saal (aka Nova Omega) once placed a number of Xandarian surveillance spheres near Mars to monitor Earth for the Nova Corps. The alien Aakon launched their "Deathstorm" attack from Ram's Head, an artificial satellite orbiting Mars. The Brood intercepted NASA's Mars Lander and used it to infiltrate the space station Simulacra. SHIELD's Howling Commandos' Warwolf (Vic Marcus)'s transformations are governed by the rotation of the planet Mars, rather than the Moon. The space pirate Nebula once assembled a mercenary army on the Martian moon Phobos. An international effort to build a Mars station has recently began.

In addition, there are numerous accounts of "Martians" on Earth, and it remains unconfirmed whether all of these aliens had truly colonized Mars, whether the aliens lied, or whether they were referred to as Martians as a euphemism for alien invaders. Supposed Martian activity on Earth consists of far too many incidents to fully discuss here, but several accounts of interest are included. According to some sources, a human-like race lived on Mars at some point. Other sources report that Martians bred mastodons and elephants on Earth since Mars could not support much in the way of animal life. In 1953, alleged Martian Bor-Ronggl fled a civil war on his world and arrived on Earth where he was amused to learn that such strife existed on other worlds as well. In 1954, an alleged Martian was altered surgically and brainwashed to pose as a human; as Mark Garlon, he went insane upon being unable to find records of his existence and was institutionalized where he disintegrated. In 1959, USA intelligence agent Dan Hardley ordered a missile strike against and drove off an alien ship under the mistaken belief that it was part of a plot of Communists posing as Martians that he had exposed earlier. Also in 1959, miserly and abusive Hollywood director Darius Wolfe was abducted by alleged Martians while filming a science fiction Mars invasion movie. In that same year, an alleged Martian landed on Earth, and posed as private investigator Michel Garner who debunked Professor Gary Webb's story of having seen a UFO land. In 1960, an alleged Martian invader was fought off by an alleged Venusian. Zetora, another alleged Martian fled to Earth in 1960 to escape police after committing a crime on his native world; intending to conquer Earth in hopes of earning a pardon, Zetora instead died from a simple bacterial infection to which he lacked resistance. Also in 1960, another alleged Martian, Ogor, was captured by Zeno, part of Ogor's race's enemies, a race allegedly associated with Jupiter. In that same year, alleged Martian ships landed on Earth and unsuccessfully attempted to communicate with people; the people did not realize the uninhabited ships were the aliens themselves, and the aliens returned to their homeworld. Additionally, an alleged Martian ship hid out in a space exhibit, capturing criminal Sammy Snork when he hid in the ship and bringing him back to its homeworld where he was placed in a zoo. In 1961, a pair of alleged Martians captured human Horace "The Joker" Wallace and placed him in there zoo. Also in 1961, Robot X exposed a group of alleged Martians employed with Cleveland's Daily Clarion newspaper. In that same year, Vandoom's monster drove off alleged Martian invaders. In 1962, an alleged Martian transported buildings to his world to study their inhabitants in preparation for an invasion, but he abandoned the mission after humans discovered his race's weakness to bright light. Also in 1962, an alleged Martian convinced a newspaper editor to fund his advanced mechanics demonstration, and he built a rocket with which he returned to his homeworld. In that same year, Russians who had posed as Martians to terrorize a small US town were abducted by alleged Martians and taken to their world; believing the hoax would alert humanity to their existence, the aliens cancelled their intended Earth invasion. It remains unrevealed whether the Martians Masters colonists, known to have assaulted Earth-691 in 1901 and then to have conquered it in 2001, ever dwelled on Mars and/or invaded Earth in Reality-616.

ORBITAL DISTANCE: 2.7 (average)

The Silver Surfer has been told that hundreds of millions of years ago a sister planet to Mars, Tiamat, was destroyed; if true, the asteroid belt may be Tiamat's remains. Composed of uncountable small rocks, the largest asteroid is Ceres and only three others, Hygiea, Pallas, and Vesta are of appreciable size. 200 years ago a battle between the alien Rajaki and the android Ultimo in the asteroid belt resulted in both combatants crashing to Earth. In the current decade, the Avengers have constructed a manned deep space monitoring station within the asteroid belt, which serves as both a scientific station and an early alert system designed to detect approaching aliens. A very small number of the asteroids are long-since failed stasis modules containing the corpses of members of the Spinsterhood.

MASS: 317.8

Jupiter is the solar system's largest gas giant and thus extremely inhospitable to most Earthlike species; most known human and alien activity near Jupiter has occurred on its many moons. In 1956, aliens based on Ganymede, one of Jupiter's many moons, invaded Earth but were easily driven off. Stark International once built a Jupiter Landing Vehicle designed to investigate Jupiter's hypothetical core, but the vehicle was only used on Earth. The alien Spinsterhood possessed a base within one of Jupiter's smaller moons, and that organization's Ganymede and Persephone both trained there; Ganymede and Jack of Hearts spent time there in recent years. Similarly, the alien Qwrlln possessed a base on Jupiter's moon Ganymede from which they once rescued and restored Alpha Flight's Guardian (James Hudson). An interdimensional wormhole exists not far from Jupiter, but its presence is apparently unknown to mankind as of yet. Spragg the Living Hill once accidentally traveled through this wormhole and harvested rocks from Jupiter's ring to rebuild himself, as well as to form an army of "Stone Clones" to aid him. The alien Goom came from a world termed "Planet X," an enormous planet reportedly within our solar system but located just past Jupiter; as the presence of such a hidden planet is virtually scientifically impossible, it seems likely that Planet X might lie on the other side of Jupiter's wormhole. Spores reputed to be originally from Jupiter once briefly mutated astronaut John Jameson; however, it is unclear if these spores truly originated from Jupiter, came through the wormhole, or have some other origin entirely. Bat-like humanoid aliens (the "Scavengers") possibly from another world came to be trapped on Jupiter or one of its moons, and they created a pool that gave off unusual energy in order to survive the planet's harsh environment; the energy from the pool emitted unidentified radiation that eventually blanketed the Earth and caused temporary madness; the android Human Torch traveled to Jupiter to stop the source of the strange rays, slew the Scavengers and their leader, Kleevar, and destroyed the pool. In 1960, Zeno (allegedly part of a race associated with Jupiter) posed as a human scientist and captured Ogor, an alleged Martian, Zeno's race's enemies. The Collector possessed a pet "Jupiterian Sauro- Beast." The Autocron Ten-For was detonated in Jupiter's orbit, destroying the approaching Autocron fleet intended to invade Earth.

MASS: 95.2

Prior to the rise of man, the surface of the gas giant Saturn was inhabited by powerful aliens; the Great Old One Tsathoggua lived among these for some years before traveling to Earth. As with Jupiter, however, most interactions by humans or aliens near Saturn have taken place on its moons. The Kronans, or "Stone Men from Saturn" briefly established a base on the moon Iapetus, but these Kronans actually originated on the planet Ria, in the Krona System. Genis- Vell once created a base for himself on the moon Hyperion. Some of Earth's Eternals, exiled from their homes millennia ago, crashed on the moon Titan and fought a war amongst themselves there. The few survivors eventually built a homeland deep inside Titan. While one of their children, Thanos, eventually killed most of Titan's residents, the artificial world inside still exists, controlled by the computer system ISAAC and inhabited by the repopulated Titanian Eternals. On the surface of Titan rests the grave of, and a monument to, Captain Mar- Vell, as well as a more recent monument to his son Genis-Vell. Reed & Sue Richards enjoyed a second honeymoon on Titan. The R'Zahnian race had a base on one of Saturn's moons; Zamu of R'Zahn attempted to become a US governor to use his influence to help his race invade Earth before being foiled by Dr. Druid.

MASS: 14.5

Prior to discovering Titan, the exiled Eternals had discovered an abandoned Kree outpost on Uranus and settled there. While a small group were separated during the settlement process and found themselves trapped on Titan, the others remained on Uranus, where they built themselves a home. They made contact with sentient hive-minded Uranians living within the planet's core, and these native Uranians forbade the exiled Eternals from leaving Uranus. Human Horace Grayson eventually made contact with the Eternals and his son, Robert, was given some of their technology and became Marvel Boy; however, this inspired the Eternals to try to leave Uranus and the native Uranians destroyed them. Their ruined homes remain on the Uranian surface. It is unclear whether Groff, a Uranian who transported human convict Joe Morgan from 1962 to Uranus' future, hails from the future of Reality-616 or from an alternate reality. Another race of alleged "Uranusians" is composed of wood and sent spies to Earth in 1962 in the form of a ventriloquist and his dummy. The planet Satania was described as nearby Uranus, but the proximity may have been via space or dimensional warp.

MASS: 17.2

The furthest planet from the sun, Neptune has remained mostly free of human or known alien involvement. In early 1956, author Victor Wyatt, having sold his science fiction novel "An Earthling on Neptune" the previous year, allegedly learned his publishers were Neptunians; admired for his "true-to-life" depiction of Neptune, Wyatt supposedly embarked on an outer space book tour. Per that same source, months later, Neptune's plan to colonize Earth was discarded when surveillance of a science fiction film's production erroneously convinced Neptune Earth's technology would easily defeat Neptune's. Terminus' lance was launched into Neptune's vicinity by Quasar (Wendell Vaughn); Terminus later recovered it.


Comets are naturally occurring balls of rock and ice that circle the sun in eccentric orbits. At least one comet, known on Earth as Halley's comet, is known to be artificial and contains an alien ship, piloted by a deranged Fortisquian, Max, who is observing Earth for his race. The hero Comet also received his powers from something resembling a gaseous comet; what this truly was is unclear. Garsen's Comet orbits the solar system every 3115 years; during its approach in 1955, a tribe of giants in the Amazon returned to life to witness its arrival. The ship of the Marvel Boy duplicate known as the Crusader passed through the tail of the comet Kohoutek as he was attempting to travel to Earth, sending him into suspended animation for years. Iron Man (Tony Stark) prevented the Stuart-Barnes 2 Comet from striking Earth.

Dwarf planets are small spherical bodies of insufficient size to be considered planets. Ceres, in the asteroid belt, is the only one of these in the inner solar system; outside the system's eight planets are the largest dwarf planet, Eris, and the dual dwarfs Pluto and Charon; Pluto has been used as a base by, among others, General Phoonga, whose invasion fleet was driven from Earth in 1953, and by the Fatalists, whose efforts were foiled by Namor a year later. In 1956, an alleged Plutonian scientist came to Earth, and posed as elderly human inventor Professor Charles Perkins, and used his Space Diminisher to transport conman Adam J. Stokes to his homeworld to prove to his native colleagues that his device worked. In 1961, a race claiming to be from Pluto used TV transmissions to mesmerize humans but after the mesmerization faded when the people's TV antennae was disconnected, the plot was abandoned. Dr. Doom designed a Pluto Probe to research the mysteries of space; this was among Doom's technology shown to the US secretary of state to convince him to form a nonaggression treaty between the US and Latveria, but it is not known if it was ever launched into space. It has been speculated that the planet Yag "on the edge of the universe" refers to Pluto, but Yag's description as a green, living planet seems to contradict this.

ACTIVE SATELLITES (artificial satellites orbiting Earth)

Cordco Satellite Hijacked by Dr. Octopus and his Sinister Six and used to threaten the world with an alleged deadly poison unless Dr. Octopus was given world domination. In reality, it was used to disperse a chemical rendering cocaine addicts dependant on the newly discovered rare element Burundite, which was in the sole possession of Dr. Octopus. Thor helped Spider-Man negate the effects of the chemical by dispersing burundite into the atmosphere after the Six's defeat.
Amazing Spider-Man #338 (1990)

Devastator's satellite Broadcasts microwave energy to Devastator's armor.
Incredible Hulk #186 (1975)

Dynamo Sputnik Created by Anton Vanko, powers the Crimson Dynamo Mark II from space.
Crimson Dynamo #5 (2004)

Eve NASA space station contacted by the Master of the Sun who selected astronaut Greg Harrelson to become the Star-Lord, but discharged astronaut Peter Quill returned to the station, forcibly replacing Harrelson in the transport chamber, and became Star-Lord in his stead.
Marvel Preview #4 (1976)

High Evolutionary's Space Station Used in plot to remove mutant powers.
Uncanny X-Men 1999 Annual (1999)

Hydra Satellite Sought by Sinister Six to commandeer its weapon cache.
Spider-Man #22 (1992)

LaGrange Point 1 Used by Reed Richards in investigating the Odotopian messenger device.
Fantastic Four #547 (2007)

Magneto Protocols Series of over two dozen satellites equipped by Forge with electromagnetic generators to bar Magneto from entering Earth's atmosphere; later usurped by the Thunderbolts.
X-Men #25 (1993)

Mandarin's Killer Satellite Orbital weapon used by Mandarin against Iron Man (Tony Stark).
Tales of Suspense #61 (1965)

Mars 2010 Space Station Training (and possibly experimentation/mutation) site for Bush Rangers who took over the station before dying in battle with X-Force (later X-Statix).
X-Force #125 (2002)

Mys-Tech's satellite Used to incite violence on Earth.
Dark Angel #7 (1993)

Omnivac Sentient station commanded by the Leader, programming disabled by Jackdaw.
Incredible Hulk #157 (1972)

Samarobryn Built by the Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler clone), later used by Egghead and Weathermen, now utilized for scientific research.
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #10 (1969); (as Samarobryn) Avengers #210 (1981)

Simulacra NASA station commandeered by the Brood.
X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 (2005)

Solar Mirror Used by GRAMPA to destroy vampires on Earth.
Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006)

Space Station 8 NASA station, post of Gazer.
X-Men #169 (2005)

Starcore Station Current solar orbit Starcore research base headed by Dr. Peter Corbeau.
X-Men Unlimited #13 (1996)

Stark Enterprises Communication Satellite Attacked by Titanium Man but defended by Iron Man, suffered only slight damages.
Iron Man #49 (2002)


AIM satellite Abandoned and forgotten after one of many setbacks at the hands of Earth's heroes,taken over by Baron (Helmut) Zemo, reshaped by robotic Techno, destroyed in battle with Avengers.
Thunderbolts #11 (1998)

AIM Space Platform Commanded by MODOK, destroyed by the Avengers.
She- Hulk #1 (2004)

Alexandra Station Space station commanded by Noah Baxter and destroyed (or shunted into the Negative Zone) when Noah and his assistant Jedediah used it to shunt anti-matter away from Earth to oppose efforts of Gideon Trust.
Fantastic Four #37 (2001)

Asteroid M Early base of Magneto and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, repeatedly rebuilt, finally destroyed by Fabian Cortez.
X-Men #4 (1964)

Avalon Formerly Cable's station Graymalkin, co-opted by the Acolytes, destroyed by Holocaust, remnants became Prosh and Providence island.
X-Force #8 (1992)

Damocles Sword-shaped command base of Kang, brought from Earth-6311, destroyed by Avengers.
Avengers #41 (2001)

Death Ray Orbiting solar projector used by Zemo imposter (Franz Gruber), controls destroyed by Sharon Carter, later sought by Taskmaster, destroyed by SHIELD.
Tales of Suspense #98 (1968)

Death's Head Satellite Designed by Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) and Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler clone) to broadcast hate-ray energy, destroyed by Captain America.
Captain America #226 (1978)

Dr. Demonicus' Satellite Designed by Axon-Karr, removed from orbit by Shogun Warriors.
Shogun Warriors #7 (1979)

Drydock Earth-691 space station commanded by Guardians of the Galaxy, briefly lay in orbit of Earth-616.
Marvel Presents #12 (1977)

Egghead's NASA Space-Lab Stolen from Cape Canaveral by Egghead.
Defenders #43 (1976)

Faraway Experimental satellite with subspace engine used by Black Air who installed Archimedes Fogg's computerized brain into it. Disappeared midway through its journey to the far reaches of the galaxy, crashed in Genosha two years later. Wisdom and X-Force retrieved Fogg's computerized brain and put into a LMD-variant cyborg body.
X-Force #94 (1999)

FAUST (Fully Automated Unit of Structure Technology) Secondary- Adamantium-coated factory turned orbital weapons platform, destroyed by Thor and Iron Man.
Marvel Team-Up #18 (1974)

Foreigner's satellite Transmitted power to Foreigner; Justin Hammer caused the satellite to fall from orbit to land on Foreigner, who escaped the crash.
Spectacular Spider- Man #210 (1994)

Fu Manchu's Space Station Designed to destroy the moon, cast adrift in space.
Master of Kung Fu #49 (1977)

Godseye Sentient SHIELD satellite designed to detonate nuclear weapons, destroyed by the Hulk (Bruce Banner).
Incredible Hulk #89 (2006)

Hammer Station Designed by Justin Hammer as a hideaway; station damaged by Iron Man (Stark).
Iron Man: Bad Blood #1 (2000)

Jerry Owens' Satellite Orbited Earth for 50 years with Owens aboard.
Uncanny Tales #48 (1956)

Karzz the Conqueror's Storm Satellite Used to initiate series of 500 mph winds across the planet, Karzz forced to reverse effects by Avengers, satellite presumed destroyed.
Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker (1967)

Koontz satellite US government research station, designed space-worthy creature to destroy enemy satellites, but it slew the entire crew and entered the Stark Satellite One where Iron Man destroyed it by restoring life support and reactivating the bacilli.
Iron Man #237 (1988)

Mandarin's Space Station Used to construct hate-ray, destroyed by Avengers.
Avengers Annual #1 (1967)

Master Mold's Asteroid Base Mutant holding facilities, destroyed by the Hulk (Bruce Banner).
Incredible Hulk Annual #7 (1978)

Morelle Satellite Boarded by Nightwatch, who fought the Camouflage Cadre and Warbringer there.
Nightwatch #9 (1994)

Mys-Tech Board's Private Space Station Locked into geo-stationary orbit above Britain and constructed by the Psycho- Warriors, used to monitor the Earth.
Overkill #23 (1993)

Nuclear Weather Control Station Experimental; prevented from becoming operative by Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Silver Surfer
Sub-Mariner #34-35 (1970)

Oracle Weather Satellite Felled by an Anomaly Gem fragment.
Marvel Comics Presents #125 (1993)

Orbital Laser Bomb Built by Dr. Doom, able to destroy continents.
Super-Villain Team- Up #6 (1976)

Otomocorp Space Station Orbital base of Takashei Otomo, destroyed by Mys- Tech.
Gene Dogs #4 (1994)

Peak Space station headquarters of SWORD, destroyed by the Skrulls.
Astonishing X-Men #13 (2006)

Red Skull's Hypno-Ray satellite Damaged by Shroud.
Super-Villain Team-Up #11 (1977)

Satellite of Death Used by Dr. Doom to destroy Earth's ozone layer, self-destructed by Dr. Doom.
Solarman #2 (1990)

SHIELD Orbital Platform Earliest known use during Kree-Skrull War, briefly conquered by Steven Lang and invaded by extradimensional Other Realm's Gorjoon, Garth, and Lambert, destroyed by the Deltite's followers.
Avengers #96 (1972)

SHIELD satellite Intended for use in safe handling of the dangerous Element X, contained massive stone walls, ended up serving as prison for Grey Gargoyle, later blasted out of the sky by AIM to recover the Gargoyle.
Captain America #142 (1971)

Silvermoon Designed by Harlan Silverbird to project anti-metal radiation from orbit, destroyed by Moon Knight.
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #51 (1993)

Skull Satellite Small skull-shaped space station armed with destructive weaponry, built by the Red Skull and used to blackmail the USA into turning the country over to him, attacked an unidentified US city when American military attacked it, destroyed by Captain America.
Captain America Bubble Gum Funnies #3 (1981)

Stane satellite Radioactive, crashed by Radioactive Man to monitor its effects on populace.
Iron Man #234 (1988)

Star Well I Radiation-storing project by Roxxon Oil, commanded by Sunturion, destroyed by Roxxon.
Iron Man #142 (1981)

Starcore One First Starcore Project research base, moved to solar orbit and destroyed by a Shi'ar wormhole.
Incredible Hulk #148 (1972)

Starcore Station Incorporated temporal weapons designed by Tony Stark for Immortus, destroyed by War Machine (James Rhodes).
Force Works #20 (1996)

Stark International Research Satellites
Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #1 (2008)

Stark Satellite One Research space station built by Stark Enterprises, abandoned after Omega bacilli released aboard by AIM, later damaged when Iron Man battled government-designed satellite-killing creature from Koontz satellite there, cleaned and leased to Cauwfield Multichemical, destroyed by Technovore.
Iron Man #207 (1986)

Targo Corp satellite AIM duped Iron Man into placing their front company's satellite. Housed the Orbiting Lens, designed by Yorgon Tykkio to fire a precisely controlled and immensely powerful laser. Used by Valdemar Tykkio to slay residents of Boca Caliente, facilitating AIM's acquisition of the island. Iron Man destroyed the satellite and Orbiting Lens after Yorgon usurped control and targeted Washington DC.
Iron Man #207 (1986)

Vibro-Bomb Satellite Space weapon created by Dr. Doom, destroyed by Darkoth.
Fantastic Four #143 (1974)

Weapon Plus Space Station Facility where Weapon XV was designed, destroyed by Wolverine.
New X-Men #144 (2003)

XERO Sentient satellite designed by Dr. Able Stack, destroyed by Machine Man.
X-51 #3 (1999)

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