Real Name: Gyrene

Identity/Class: Canine (World War II Era)

Occupation: Mascot

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Easy Company (Boley)

Enemies: Rabbits

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile with Easy Company in the Pacific Theater

First Appearance: Battle I#63 (April, 1959)

Powers/Abilities: Gyrene was a very energetic young beagle who enjoyed chasing rabbits.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 1'0" at withers)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 18 lbs.)
Eyes: Black
Fur: Brown

(Battle I#63/3 (fb) - BTS) - The beagle nicknamed "Gyrene" became the mascot of Easy Company, a group of U.S. Marines serving in the Pacific Theater. Easy Company's Boley was particularly fond of Gyrene, believing he brought them good luck. As Easy Company went to capture an island held by the Japanese, their captain ordered Boley to leave Gyrene aboard the ship but Boley stuffed Gyrene into his jacket.

(Battle I#63/3) - As Easy Company ventured into combat, Boley's sergeant saw the bulge of Gyrene under his coat and reminded him he was supposed to leave Gyrene aboard the ship. Boley and the rest of Easy Company were ordered to maintain quiet as they scouted Japanese positions but Gyrene started growling then finally escaped from Boley in order to chase a rabbit. Boley's sergeant was furious, thinking Gyrene had just given away their position, but the rabbit fleeing from Gyrene ran into an anti-personnel mine and was immediately killed, revealing the existence of a minefield nearby Easy Company. This intelligence led Easy Company to discover the post where the Japanese were planning to assault them - instead, the Marines launched a sneak attack and caught the Japanese by surprise. Boley's captain was grateful to Gyrene for helping to expose the minefield and the sergeant agreed with Boley that Gyrene was lucky for them.

Comments: Created by an unidentified writer and Steve Ditko.

    This profile was prepared to celebrate our own Snood's birthday!

    The Easy Company in this story is not the same as the famous real world Easy Company - they weren't U.S. Marines and didn't serve in the Pacific Theater.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

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Boley was a member of Easy Company. Boley was very fond of Gyrene and was responsible for bringing him along into combat when they ventured into a Japanese-held island, claiming that Gyrene represented good luck for Easy Company. Despite attempts to keep Gyrene quiet, the dog escaped from Boley to pursue a rabbit and by doing so, the rabbit was chased into an enemy minefield. This helped Easy Company locate the Japanese positions and defeat them in a sneak attack. Boley's captain and sergeant both thanked him for bringing Gyrene along on the mission, as Gyrene had proved he was good luck for them.

--Battle I#63/3

images: (without ads)
Battle I#63/3, page 3, panel 6 (Gyrene, main)
Battle I#63/3, page 3, panel 5 (Gyrene, action)
Battle I#63/3, page 2, panel 6 (Boley)

Battle I#63 (April, 1959) - unidentified writer, Steve Ditko (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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