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Membership: Cestis, others

Purpose: Remain hidden from the world and maintain their peaceful religious lifestyle

Affiliations: Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

Enemies: Nazis (Mueller, others)

Base of Operations: Undersea mountain kingdom between the coasts of United Kingdom and Ireland (presumably St. Georges Channel);
   formerly Rockhenge, England, UK

Characteristics: The Druids of Rockhenge are deeply religious with mystical rites including sacrifices and they have maintained their customs across several millennia. With distinctive robed clothing, earrings and beards for mature to elderly men, they have a strongly patriarchal structure with no women visible. They are peaceable and agrarian in nature. The Druids' civilization includes their own runic lettering, although they learn the languages of surface dwellers rapidly. Their technology appears to be focused on waterproof dwellings and improving underwater breathing equipment.

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 (Fall, 1941)


(Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 (fb) - BTS) - Before the time of the Roman emperor Caesar (see comments), the deeply religious and peaceable Druids had their temple Rockhenge, including it for human sacrifices, in what is known today as England.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 (fb)) - The Druids ran in between marching armies in order to stop wars and seek peace.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 - (fb) BTS) - The Druids predicted a great flood that would drown the world (see comments) and scribed this on a stone tablet.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 (fb)) - The Druids fashioned crude diving helmets with air supplies that would allow them to go underwater and make preparations to move under the sea at a mountain (whose top peak crested the sea west of Britain) using a long underwater tunnel from Rockhenge. They created a domed township and stockyards, and farmed the seabed, adapting quickly to undersea life.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 - (fb) BTS) - Their underwater roving technology evidently developed with helmets that had longer air supplies and communicators, and they wore almost instantly drying robes.

   The advent of World War II saw the unwelcome advances of Nazi military, who found their civilization and coerced the Druids into helping them supply submarines and an underwater platform on a massive elevator that included a secret fighter-bomber base for Nazi Germany so that Germans could strike England from an unforeseen direction. Headed by Gestapo agent Mueller, the Nazis lied that the British were untrustworthy and to be destroyed while the Nazis plundered much of the Druids' food supplies. However, not all the Druids were agreeable and one escaped for help with a map showing a connection to their base, but he was shot, his body washing up on a Dublin beach.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1) - Investigating surprise German airstrikes, Namor found the Druid's corpse with the aid of Anna O'Shaughnessy until Nazis, led by Gestapo agent Mueller, shot them. Namor survived and followed another clue that took him to Rockhenge. There, museum curator Smythe provided more information on the Druid civilization's dramatic history. Namor found a hidden doorway that took him via the tunnel to the Druids' underwater mountain. Swayed by Mueller's lies, the Druids clubbed and bound Namor; senior Druid Cestis was about to sacrifice Namor when Mueller intervened as he wanted Namor alive for vicious interrogation. Namor managed to escape and marveled at the Druids' remarkable achievements and agrarian nature. Meanwhile, Cestis saw Mueller's torture room and finally saw the Nazis' vile nature. Cestis chose to side with Namor, who encouraged they revolt against the Nazis. However, Mueller was secretly observing them and flooded the room, drowning Cestis and the Druids with him. Cestis' death galvanized the Druids and, with weapons supplied by Namor, they forced the Nazis to flee; this ultimately led to the destruction of the Nazi underwater base. The base's explosion caused the Druids' mountain to sit on a giant air bubble and the Druids then hauled their home to a new peaceful spot four miles further west (thereby also severing their tunnel connection to Rockhenge). The Druids promised Namor future help if needed.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer, Alex Schomburg, Al Gabriele, Harry Sahle.

How far back was their time at Rockhenge if it was prior to Julius Caesar (49-44 BC)? Placing their civilization to (at least) 300 BC seems reasonable. However, their prediction of the Great Flood (suggested to be linked to Noah) is unlikely to be connected as far back as the Great Cataclysm (ca. 18,000 BC). It may be the Biblical Flood, ca. 2940 BC (which may or may not have occurred in the Marvel Universe) or it may just have been a local flooding event.

Rockhenge is clearly a reference to Stonehenge in southern England.

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Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Druids of Rockhenge have no known connections to:


Cestis was a senior member of the Druids of Rockhenge and had been swayed by the lies of the Nazis led by the nefarious Gestapo agent Mueller, believing the British were warmongers. Seeing Namor aligned with the British, Cestis helped carry the bound Namor to the sacrificial altar and was about to smash him with a mace when he was stopped by Mueller, who intended to brutally interrogate him. However, Cestis saw the torture room and the Nazis' true vile nature. Seeing reason, he joined Namor's cause against the Nazis but was caught in a room with several other Druids that was flooded by Mueller and he drowned.









--Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1


Rockhenge was the ancient place of worship for the Druids that had since been abandoned for several millennia by the Druid people. Rockhenge contained an altar that (bizarrely) still had ancient bloodstains on it. The altar also contained a stone tablet  in runic Druid language that revealed the Druids predicted a worldwide deluge and so they constructed crude diving helmets to live on an underwater mountain whose peak crested the sea west of Britain. In modern times, investigators searched for hidden entrances into the hills around Rockhenge but failed, until Namor stumbled across one.









--Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1

Anna O'Shaughnessy

Mrs. Anna O'Shaughnessy lived in Dublin, Ireland. She found a dead body washed up by a big wave on the shore through the fog; the body was dressed in Druid robes and she superstitiously mistook him for a banshee. She caused such a ruckus that she was charged with disturbing the peace and assessed as mentally unsound. Investigating a hidden base, Namor considered her unusual case a potential clue so he bailed her out. She led him to the site, but Nazi agents led by the nefarious Mueller were also there and shot them both, killing O'Shaughnessy.





--Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1


Smythe (first name unrevealed) was the curator of the London Museum and Namor approached him for information on Rockhenge. The two traveled to Rockhenge for a first-hand look and Smythe identified bloodstains that (bizarrely) remained on the ancient altar. On the altar, they found a tablet in runic Druid language that Smythe translated was a prediction of a worldwide deluge and so they constructed crude diving helmets to live on an underwater mountain whose peak crested the sea west of Britain. Namor investigated a stone wall and, potentially because of his heightened strength, soon triggered a hidden doorway that other investigators had not found. Smythe was caught in the sudden swinging door and killed. Trapped inside the tunnel, Namor had to leave Smythe's corpse behind at Rockhenge.








--Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1

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Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1, p11, pan6 (main image)
   p36, pan5 (duo)
   p17, pan1 (with underwater helmets)
   p40, pan1 (underwater mountain)
   p21, pan4 (Cestis)
   p8, pan1 (Rockhenge)
   p8, pan4 (stone tablet)
   p6, pan5 (O'Shaughnessy)
   p7, pan7 (Smythe)

Sub-Mariner Comics#3/1 (Fall, 1941) - uncredited writer, Alex Schomburg & Al Gabriele (pencils), Harry Sahle (inks), Joe Simon (editor)

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