Real Name: Daniel "Drummer" Bellaman

Identity/Class: Human, (World War II era)

Occupation: Soldier, former jazz musician

Group Membership: US Military

Affiliations: Nick Fury, Gabe Jones

Enemies: Nazis (including Dr. Adler Klaus)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active in Europe during World War II
formerly Harlem, New York, including a nightclub on 125th street

First Appearance: Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117 (January, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: "Drummer" was a brave man and a phenomenal jazz musician. He had led a hard life, and had been toughened up by his failures. He and Gabe Jones possessed an almost "telepathic" rapport with each other, and were as close as brothers.

History: (Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117 (fb)) - Danny "Drummer" Bellaman grew up in Harlem, and became a famous jazz musician, playing drums in a nightclub on 125th street. He played alongside Gabe Jones, his best friend, and taught Gabe everything he knew about pacing, timing and rhythm. The two men were so close that it was said they had a "telepathic" rapport.

During World War II, "Drummer" joined the armed forces, and was sent overseas. He was captured by the Nazis and held in a POW camp, until they decided to transfer him to the French coast, where Dr. Klaus held an experimental laboratory. Klaus had designed a powerful virus, and had successfully tested it on animals, killing them all in each case. He now wanted a human guinea pig, and had chosen Bellaman. However, the location was attacked by Allied bombers before Bellaman could be infected, and managed to escape with the virus test tube in the confusion. Bellaman made his way back to England, but was uncertain of who to trust, afraid that the Allies might make use of the virus. He kept himself hidden, but continued to frequent jazz clubs, playing the drums.

(Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117) - Bellaman was found by two Nazis sent by Klaus, who had heard of him playing at the clubs. Bellaman ran away, hiding in the bombed-out ruins of London, where he saw children playing. Seeing this made Bellaman want to escape the war more than ever. Just then, he came face-to-face with Gabe Jones, who had been dispatched with Sgt. Nick Fury to find Bellaman. Jones tried to convince "Drummer" to come with him, but Bellaman refused. Just then, the Nazis caught up and the scene erupted into a firefight. Bellaman ran to save the children he had seen earlier, and brought them to safety, simultaneously running away from Jones and Fury.

Impacted at having saved the children's lives, Bellaman put his life into perspective, and decided that he had to deal with the virus once and for all. The only way he could be certain that neither side could obtain it was to swallow the virus himself. He then took off running so that the virus would start to work and kill him quickly. However, he ran right into Dr. Klaus. Bellaman informed Klaus that the virus was gone, ingested, but Klaus was determined to bring his body back to Germany and dissect it himself. However, Fury and Jones caught up to Bellaman again, and fought Klaus and his men. During the scuffle, Bellaman shot Klaus, and the danger seemed to be over.

Now feeling the effects of the virus, Bellaman told Jones what he had done to himself, and said, "All my life, people've been forcing choices on me-- but this was one choice...I made myself! Gabe-- buddy-- the pain's getting bad. Will you help me-- this one last time?" With a tear in his eye, Gabe took out his gun and killed Bellaman, ending his suffering. Bellaman was given a military funeral in England, attended by Jones' squad, the Howling Commandos, and Jones himself played taps.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman, Tony Isabella, Don McGregor, Dick Ayers and Vince Colletta. (Aiee! So many guest-plotters!)

This was one of the first issues of Sgt. Fury I owned, and it sold me on the series, particularly Gabe. In fact, this was pretty much the only story to spotlight Gabe.

by Prime Eternal

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Dr. Klaus was a German scientist who operated out of an experimental laboratory on the French coast. He had created a viral weapon which had been successfully tested on animals, killing all of them, but had yet to test it on a human, until Danny Bellaman was brought to his camp. Before Klaus could infect Bellaman, the camp was attacked by Allied bombers. In the confusion, Bellaman escaped with the virus. Klaus pursued Bellaman all the way to England, accompanied by at least 3 soldiers. When he finally caught up to Bellaman, he learned that he had already digested the virus. Undaunted, Klaus intended to bring Bellaman back to Germany and dissect his corpse, but Bellaman was saved by Nick Fury and Gabe Jones. During their fight, Bellaman shot Klaus, and Fury threw the Nazi's body off a bridge.

--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117) #117(fb), 117

Images taken from:
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117, page 14, panel 4
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117, page 11, panel 2
Klaus- Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117, page 23, panel 7

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#117 (January, 1974) - Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman, Tony Isabella, Don McGregor (writers), Dick Ayers (penciler), Vince Colletta (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)

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