Real Name: Nuy

Identity/Class: Human (Chinese, World War II era)

Occupation: Guerilla

Group Membership: Member of a band of guerillas

Affiliations: Kao, Leatherneck Raiders

Enemies: Lt. Mabuchi

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mekong River, China

First Appearance: Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#15 (July, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Red Fox was an expert in guerilla warfare, and wielded a machine gun. He could speak French and English.

History: (Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#15 (fb) - BTS) - Red Fox was a guerilla who fought the Japanese along the Mekong River. All of his immediate group were killed in skirmishes, with the exception of Kao.

(Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#15) - Red Fox and Kao attacked the Leatherneck Raiders when they sailed down the Mekong, mistakening them for Japanese. Kao was killed by Sgt. Yates, but when Jacques LaRocque heard Red Fox utter "Death to the Japanese dog" he realized that he was on their side. Red Fox did not blame the Leathernecks for killing Kao, as it the price a guerilla warrior had to pay.

Red Fox helped lead the Leathernecks to the warehouses where the Japanese were believed to be keeping their supply of rubber, only to find them empty; Captain Savage found an underground railroad leading to a Buddhist temple, where the rubber was hidden. Red Fox went to gather other guerillas and hold back the Japanese while the Leathernecks sent the rubber back to the warehouses, but Red Fox and his people were all killed by Japanese forces led by Lt. Mabuchi.

Comments: Created by Arnold Drake, Don Heck and Syd Shores.

by Prime Eternal

Red Fox should not be confused with:


Kao was Red Fox's only remaining fellow guerilla in the group he was closest with. Kao and Red Fox mistook the Leatherneck Raiders for Japanese, and fired on them. Sgt. Yates shot back, and killed Kao.

--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#15


Lt. Maburchi was the officer responsible for transporting the Japanese supply of rubber from their warehouses to a Buddhist temple so that the Americans would not destroy it. He also led Japanese forces in killing Red Fox and his fellow guerillas. However, Maburchi's clever hiding place for the rubber was undone when the Leatherneck Raiders moved the rubber back to the warehouses, where American bombers destroyed it.

--Captain Savage and his Battlefield Raiders#15

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