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Real Name: Ambrose Q. Meek

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Retiree; former thief, blackmailer, shopkeeper

Group Membership: Valhalla Villas (Captain Daring/Lee Bradford, Fighting Yank/Bill Prince, Robert "Flash" Foster, Golden Girl/Betsy Ross Mace, Human Top/David Mitchell, Leopard Girl/Gwen, Miss Patriot/Mary Morganstern, Sun Girl/Mary Mitchell, Thunderer/Jerry Carstairs, others)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Blazing Skull (Mark Todd)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dreadful Dr. Fear, Thing

Base of Operations: USA

First Appearance: Mystic Comics#8/6 (March, 1942)

Powers/Abilities: He wore an ugly and frightening rubber mask that instilled fear in those looking at it and could cause heart attacks and emotional trauma.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: (Fear) red; (Meek) brown
Hair: (Fear) brown; (Meek) white, mostly bald; formerly brown

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History: (Mystic Comics#8/6 (fb) - BTS) - Ambrose Q. Meek was tired to be a shopkeeper and to quarrel with clients who were always wrong; he wanted money and power and turned to crime.
    He acquired a rubber mask with the face of a monster with long teeth and a long wet tongue, and decided to start a series of robberies wearing the mask.

(Mystic Comics#8/6) - At his first robbery Meek killed the victim. The sight of the monstrous face was enough to give him a heart attack. Meek was very happy to get the money. He also went back to the crime scene as Meek and pretended to have casually found the victim.

    Meek also looked for fame. Understanding the gruesome power of his mask Meek planned to spread fear all over the town population.
    Dr. Fear entered the bank where Meek was a depositor. People fainted and died at his sight and he could rob the bank undisturbed.
    Later he went back to the bank as Meek and protested and cried for more protection.
   Meek spread rumors about about Dr. Fear. The citizens were terrified and during that full moon night almost nobody walked through town. Meek did and met Mark Todd, who he talked with. A few minutes later Meek assaulted Todd as Dr. Fear. Todd was scared by his face and fell from a bridge into water, but he survived.
    While Todd wore the clothes of the Blazing Skull, Dr. Fear assaulted the local radio station during a transmission of Anthony J. Jack. Broadcasting his voice he blackmailed the town for a million dollars, but in that instant the Blazing Skull appeared. Dr. Fear double kicked the hero and ran to the roof where the Blazing Skull beat him with a series of lefts and rights. With the terrifying mask taken off Meek's real face was revealed. Again broadcasted via radio Meek admitted his failure: "Crime does not pay!"

(Ant-Man: Last Days#1) - In his old age, Doctor Fear joined Valhalla Villas, a retirement community for super heroes and super villains, run by the former Miss Patriot, Mary Morgenstern. She felt he "kept things interesting" but put up with this because he paid his rent. Sensing the end of the world approaching, Mary promised her residents that she would temporarily restore them to their youthful vitality. All of them, including Doctor Fear, donned their old costumes and attended a dance at the Villas in anticipation of Mary fulfilling her vow to them. Mary brought Ant-Man (Scott Lang) to the dance, and while she was explaining to him that the residents were retired heroes, Doctor Fear shouted out the addition "And super villains." A few moments later Mary used an Asgardian device to reverse the ravages of time, warning it would only last for a short while. For fun, Doctor Fear committed a violence-free robbery, and was chased by Leopard Girl and Thunderer.

Comments: Created by Bob Davis and unknown writer.

A red-costumed super-hero defeated Dr. Fear like another red-costumed super-hero did many years later with the many Mr. Fear.

Dr. Fear received a profile in Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1 (October, 2011).

Profile by Spidermay. Ant-Man update by Loki.

Doctor Fear has no known connections to

Lem McGarthey

    Lem worked at the radio station where Dr. Fear burst in. He witnessed the fight between the Blazing Skull and Dr. Fear describing it blow-by-blow to the audience.

--Mystic Comics#8/6

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Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear#1, Doctor Fear profile (main image)
Mystic Comics#8/6, p1, pan1 (Dr. Fear, head shot)
Mystic Comics#8/6, p3, pan5 (Dr. Fear, full body)
Ant-Man: Last Days#1, p12, pan2 (retired Dr. Fear)
Ant-Man: Last Days#1, p14, pan3 (rejuvenated Dr. Fear)
Mystic Comics#8/6, p4, pan5 (Meek, head shot)
Mystic Comics#8/6, p1, pan1 (Lem McGarthey)

Mystic Comics#8 (March, 1942) - Bob Davis (pencils)
Ant-Man: Last Days#1 (October, 2015) - Nick Spencer (writer), Ramon Rosanas (artist), Jordan Boyd (color artist), Will Moss (editor)

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