yellowshirts spreading terror


Membership: Thousands, names unrevealed

Purpose: To take control of the American people

Aliases: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The American people, Jack Casey, Patriot (Jeff Mace), Sparks

Base of Operations: Several ones through the American territory

First Appearance: Human Torch Comics#4/4 (Spring 1941)

(Human Torch Comics#4/4) - In the year 1941, Yellowshirts members considered themselves to be the "elite." The purpose of the organization was to take control of the American people. The means through which to accomplish their goal included terror, violence and homicide. They wore an uniform which shirt was yellow.
    There were several groups spread through the U.S.A., but the leading group was in New York City. Many members among the inner circles were not Americans, and called themselves "comrades."

    After a long planning process, it was the Summer of 1941 when the chief ordered the start of the battle in the streets of New York. He knew that if that first battle had been won, the shock to the nation would have been so strong that also the other groups in the other towns would have an easy job to take power. The chief ordered to destroy the things that were most sacred to the American people: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of press.

yelloshirts groups    Hordes of Yellowshirts scoured the streets, other squads sabotaged and destroyed the most important sites of the town: the power plant, the telegraph and telephone centers, the central bank.
    They shot and beat law officers and simple citizens, whomever tried to stop them. Riots also started in Washington and Chicago.

    The wave of terrorism in New York wavered when the Patriot went into action. The selected group of Yellowshirts that had to take over the newspaper and wire services was attacked by the Patriot. Helped by Jack Casey and by other workers, the Patriot freed the Consolidated News office building.
    Meanwhile Yellowshirts black-jacked soldiers into joining their army, so the army was not able to help.
    But the Patriot was on the job, and knocked out every Yellowshirt he met in the streets, until he reached the center of the battle. Yellowshirts had surrounded Times Square, where a barricade was set up to resist their attacks. The Patriot drove a truck to smash against a group of Yellowshirts' cars, stopping their attack. In that moment, the news, free from the terrorists' influence, reached the people, telling them about the fight against terror. The tide changed, Yellowshirts were discouraged and even the chief tried to flee. The Patriot defeated him in front of the crowd.
    The Yellowshirts leaders in New York were captured, many misguided followers hid, and ripped off their uniforms.

Comments: Created by Raymond Gill, Sid Greene & Paul Reinman.

The organization counted a large number of members: thousands.
The chief made it clear that their shirt was yellow, but its real color was the color of terror.
It is likely that many members among the leaders were not American and probably affiliated to the Nazi Party.

Fascists and their colors! In Italy we had the Blackshirts (Camicie Nere), who helped Benito Mussolini a lot. In Germany we had the Brownshirts (a nickname for the Schutzabteilung) for Hitler until they were mostly taken out by the Schutzstaffel, who were even worse and also were Blackshirts (Schwarzhemden). S.S. members from the Netherlands were also known as Blackshirts because they wore the black shirts of the Mussert-Garde. And to stay with fascists we also had the British Union of Fascists in Britain under Oswald Mosley, whose supporters were also known as Blackshirts, had their own newspaper named Blackshirt and basically were fanboys of those other fascists, but never went far despite name changes because World War II started and they got banned.
--Markus Raymond

And then there was the German American Bund in the United States (brown shirts), the bargain bin Nazis founded by Fritz Kuhn from the remains of the Friends of New Germany (white shirts). The Bund only existed because the Friends were disbanded by the German government becaues they made them look bad.
--Markus Raymond

Yellow = cowardice! Seems like a subtle jab at the American Bund!

Profile by Spidermay.

The Yellowshirts have no known connections to:

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Human Torch Comics#4/4, p4, pan1 (Yellowshirts spreading terror)
Human Torch Comics#4/4, p2, pan2/4 (the chief commanding the Yellowshirts groups)

Human Torch Comics#4/4 (Spring 1941) - Raymond Gill (writer), Sid Greene (pencils), Paul Reinman (inks), Joe Simon (editor)

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