Real Name: Friederich Krause

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Scientist employed by the Third Reich

Group Membership: None known

Affiliations: Baron von Strucker, Master Man (Willie Lohmer), Master Man (Axl Nacht), Mueller, Herr Nacht, Warrior Woman

Enemies: Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Namorita, Ann Raymond, Spitfire (Jacqueline Crichton), Sub-Mariner, Union Jack (Joey Chapman)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Berlin, Germany

First Appearance: Namor I#6 (September, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Krause was a brilliant scientist with no extraordinary powers and abilities.  After receiving a fatal shot, he wore an apparatus that kept him alive for decades.

History: (Namor I#10 (fb)) - In 1945, as the Germans realized they were going to lose the war, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker showed Doctor Krause, a Reich scientist, two facilities he had prepared to keep the Reich's greatest warriors, Master Man and Warrior Woman, preserved in suspended animation.  One facility was in West Berlin while one was in East Berlin.  Krause put the two in suspended animation (Master Man in the West, Warrior Woman in the East), and was appointed to monitor the equipment and status until the Reich determined they should be reawakened.

(Namor I#11 (fb)) - After Strucker's funds were depleted, Herr Nacht's business took over the funding of the project.

(Namor I#8 (fb)) - In 1961 in Communist East Berlin, the Berlin Wall was being put up and Krause had to rush to escape the West.  Not knowing if he would ever return to see Warrior Woman revived, he did his best to see that she would survive the coming years in her life-support machine.  While running toward the car to escape, Krause was shot and his two allies (including Herr Nacht) dragged him into the car and got him into West Berlin, murdering a western guard to do so.

(Namor I#12 (fb)) - The shot Krause received was fatal, but he realized that no one else could operated the equipment keeping Master Man and Warrior Woman alive.  A device was created to keep him alive, even in a death-state, that he wore around his torso.  Because of this device, Krause carried the slight smell of decay with him over the next decades.

(Namor I#10 (fb)) - In West Berlin, Krause was able to monitor Master Man's tank through the years.  He feared that Warrior Woman's tank would have difficulties, causing Warrior Woman to have brain damage when she eventually awoke.

(Namor I#11 (fb)) - Thirty years later, Herr Nacht's son, also called Herr Nacht, sought to begin a new Reich. 

(Namor I#12 (fb)) - Herr Nacht had Doctor Krause recreate the formula that changed Willie Lohmer into Master Man, and Krause did so.  Nacht also had Krause alter Lohmer's state in suspended animation so that Lohmer would turn back into the weakling he was before.  Nacht intended to eventually become the new Master Man, and to claim Warrior Woman for himself.  When the time was right, Nacht ordered Krause to reawaken Lohmer.

(Namor I#6 (fb)) - Krause and the reawakened Master Man returned to Berlin to check on the warehouse where Warrior Woman was being kept.  Krause found the lock rusted over, so Master Man punched through the door, causing Krause to worry that the police would come.  Master Man raised the electric plunger that revealed the hidden staircase while Krause lectured Master Man on his inability to follow orders without question.  Down the stairs, they found Warrior Woman's body preserved and wrapped in bandages inside an air-tank.

(Namor I#9 BTS) - Krause sent Master Man and other modern Nazi operatives to abduct the android Human Torch (who'd recently been revived).  Master Man did so, and kidnapped Ann Raymond to help keep the Torch in check.

(Namor I#10) - Krause and Master Man bantered over Master Man's going out into public until Krause's aid Mueller reported that Krause's theory was correct and that Warrior Woman would likely have brain damage.  Krause realized that the kidnapping of the Human Torch was unnecessary (he'd planned to use the Torch's blood to resurrect Warrior Woman), and prepared to scrap the project.  Master Man threatened Krause to go ahead.  Krause initiated the process, transferring the Human Torch's blood to Warrior Woman, knowing the process would likely render the Torch inert.  When Namor attacked Master Man, Krause sped the process and Warrior Woman awakened, helping Master Man defeat Namor.

(Namor I#11) - Krause ordered Namor killed, but Master Man prepared a dehydration chamber that would slowly kill Namor instead.  Three days later, Krause led Master Man and Warrior Woman to be introduced to Herr Nacht, who explained his plans for a new Reich to them.  Herr Nacht told Krause that Krause's life-support machine may be failing as Nacht detected an odor.  Krause assured Nacht that it was working fine.  Later in the meeting, Krause noticed an alarm from back at the lab, where Namor had escaped and was fighting the Nazi soldiers there.  Nacht sent Master Man to investigate.

(Namor I#12) - Herr Nacht tried to woo Warrior Woman, and discussed the brain damage with Krause, who encouraged Nacht to follow Master Man back to the base.  Returning, Nacht announced himself as the new Master Man after Lohmer reverted to his weak form.  While Nacht battled Namor and Warrior Woman battled Namorita, Krause checked on the Torch, where Ann Raymond and the elderly Spitfire stood by.  Krause entered with a gun, telling Spitfire to step back from the Torch.  Spitfire rushed at Krause in a burst of super-speed and hit him, though Krause's gun went off and hit her as well.  Spitfire's punch damaged Krause's life-support apparatus, and he quickly succumbed to death, decaying before their eyes.




Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Profile by Chadman


Doctor Krause has no known connections to


(Namor I#10) - An aide of Doctor Krause's working on the awakening of Warrior Woman from suspended animation, Mueller reported to Krause and Master Man that Warrior Woman would like have brain damage when awakened due to machine malfunctions.  While transferring the original Human Torch's blood to Warrior Woman, Namor attacked, so they sped the process, awakening Warrior Woman.  She helped Master Man defeat Namor.

--Namor I#10

Namor I#12, p28, pan4
(Mueller) Namor I#10, p10, pan2

Namor I#6,8,10-12 (September, November, 1990, January-March, 1991) - John Byrne (writer/penciler/inker) and Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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