Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human, conventional weapons user (World War II era)

Occupation: Professional criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Mister E, Betty Snead, JP Snead

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Secret laboratory in New York City

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics#2/6 (February, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: The Vampire was a capable fighter and extremely strong. He was also a knowledgeable inventor in at least chemistry and possibly other sciences. He used drugs and traps of his own creation and carried a handgun.

History: (Daring Mystery Comics#2/6 (fb)) - The Vampire learned the identities of the silent partners in the Snead Oil Company, and began forcing them to sign over their holdings to him. He then killed them with a gas which caused their hearts to explode. Finally, he sent a note to JP Snead himself, planning to complete his control of the company, and kidnapped Snead's daughter Betty to ensure Snead's cooperation.

(Daring Mystery Comics#2/6) - Perhaps keeping his victim under surveillance, the Vampire observed his long-time foe Mister E leaving Snead's residence. The Vampire intercepted him on a dangerous road outside of town and sent him crashing through a guardrail over a cliff. Believing Mister E dead, the Vampire returned to his hideout below an abandoned house. Nevertheless, when Mister E (who survived the crash) stowed away on Snead's car to find the hideout, the Vampire caught him. He then tied the crime-fighter up and left him to be buried when the Vampire was finished with Snead and the house was destroyed in an explosion. The Vampire then proceeded downstairs to his meeting with Snead, who was reluctant to submit to the Vampire's demands until it was revealed that he had Betty, whom Snead believed to be with her aunt. He signed the papers, but the Vampire told them that he was going to kill them both anyway, just as he had with the others. Suddenly, Mister E (having freed himself) broke in and attacked the Vampire. As the two fought, the Sneads escaped with the Vampire's contract. When the police--notified by the neighbors of a disturbance--arrived at the house, the Vampire and Mister E both retreated to their respective hideouts. Back at his secret laboratory, the Vampire began concoting his next scheme to kill his arch-enemy.

Comments: Created by Joe Cal Cagno and Al Carreno.

The main reason I had any interest in reading this story initially was that I saw a picture of the Vampire and thought he seemed like an excellent candidate for a pre-Lost Generation appearance of the Black Fox's arch-nemesis Nocturne. A vampire in a featureless black costume? Perfect. Unfortunately, it transpired that the Vampire did not actually seem to be a vampire. He was quite strong, and only came out at night, but that was about it. C'est la vie. Despite the promise of the last panel that Mister E and the Vampire would meet in another thrilling adventure next issue, neither was ever seen again.

But since virtually nothing is known about Nocturne's past history, he's pretty much a blank slate, so there's no reason why your idea isn't viable -- maybe the Vampire underwent some sort of change that made him more vampire-like, and he eventually became Nocturne.

But I really can't give the Timely creators too many points for originality with the Vampire -- he looks a lot like The Monk, an old foe of The Batman from Detective Comics#31 (September, 1939) who really WAS a vampire.
--John Kaminski

Presumably the Vampire had Snead sign over his holdings to an alias, or else the Vampire is not one of the smarter secret criminal masterminds.

The city in the story is never explicitly named, but the abandoned house is in the "West Forties".

The scans are from a reprint in The Twelve#½

The Vampire wasn't a real vampire he was a villain in the mold of the movie serial villains the Scorpion and the Scarab.
--John Holstein

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Vampire, enemy of Mr "E", has no known connection to

  • Vampire (Deke Wainscroft) - mutated Super-Soldier monster and enemy of the Punisher @ Punisher: POV#1
  • Vampire By Night (Nina Price) - vampiric operative of SHIELD's Howling Commandos @ Amazing Fantasy II#10/2
  • Vampiro - grey-skinned monster and member of the "Larcenous Three" @ Nova III#5
  • Vampiro - Eternal wrestler injured by Toro Rojo @ Thor I#290
  • Nocturne - vampire user of Alchem-Tech and enemy of the First Line @ Marvel: Lost Generation#12
  • Any actual vampires or characters named Vampire

Daring Mystery Comics#2/7, p43, pan4 (Full shot)
Daring Mystery Comics#2/7, p55, pan5 (Head shot)

Daring Mystery Comics#2/7 (February 1940) - Joe Cal Cagno (script), Al Carreno (pencils and inks)

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