Real Name: General Grüber Brinkhaus

Identity/Class: Human magic user/mutate, World War II era

Occupation: General for the Third Reich

Group Membership: Third Reich

Affiliations: Otto Weiss

Enemies: Captain America (William Nasland), Winston Churchill, Red Guardian (WWII hero), Josef Stalin, Sub-Mariner, Harold Truman

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Berlin, Germany

First Appearance: Namor Annual I#1/3 (1991)



Powers/Abilities: Brinkhaus temporarily wielded the combined energy of several mystics and psychics. He could project that energy out forcefully from his body, and used it to explode a large area, presumably dying in the blast.

History: (Namor Annual I#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - A member of the Nazi party, Brinkhaus was determined to have his final revenge when the party collapsed. At the war's end in 1945, several world leaders were scheduled to attend the Potsdam conference in Potsdam, Germany, and Brinkhaus saw an opportunity to kill Stalin, Churchill, Truman, and the Sub-Mariner all at once. He had a machine developed that would absorb the powers of (and kill) psychics and mystics and feed the energy into him. He then planned to use that energy to kill the world leaders, even though he and many other Germans would die as well. He recruited psychics and mystics under the guise that he was only planning on using their powers to control the minds of the world leaders. On the evening of the Potsdam Conference, Brinkhaus sent one of the psychics, Weiss, to watch the proceedings.

(Namor Annual I#1/3) - Weiss reported in late and brought news that Captain America and the Red Guardian were also in attendance. He sent Weiss and two other agents to watch the heroes. The pursuers were subdued, one killed, and Weiss revealed Brinkhaus' plot to the heroes. Strapped into the machine, Brinkhaus betrayed the psychics and mystics by murdering them and drawing their energy into himself. When the three heroes attacked, Brinkhaus held them off with his new powers and then exploded, presumably dying in the explosion. The heroes were able to save the leaders by working together.





Comments: Created by Dana Morehead, Phil Hester, and Don Hudson.

The first names of Brinkhaus and Weiss were revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Profile by Chadman.


General Brinkhaus has no known connections to

Otto Weiss

(Namor Annual I#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Weiss was recruited with several other psychics and mystics by General Brinkhaus in a plot to mind control several world leaders at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Weiss was sent to spy on the arrival of the leaders.

(Namor Annual I#1/3) - Weiss watched the arrival of their targets from the shadows. Churchill, Stalin, Truman, and the Sub-Mariner were present, as expected, but Weiss was surprised to see Captain America and the Red Guardian in attendance as well. Weiss used his powers to disorient two guards, and removed knowledge of his presence from their minds, before returning back to Brinkhaus and reporting in. Weiss and two other agents were sent back to watch the heroes. While Red Guardian murdered his watcher, Weiss bitterly moved to get revenge on Truman on his own, but was stopped by Captain America. Weiss was tied up and questioned by the heroes, his powers too weak to use. After they loosened his tongue with alcohol, he told them of Brinkhaus' plot.

Weiss possessed minor psychic abilities, the extent of which was unknown. He could temporarily psychically paralyze opponents and remove pieces of their memories.

--Namor Annual I#1/3 (Namor Annual I#1/3 (fb) – BTS, 1/3

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Namor Annual I#1/3, p40, pan1
Namor Annual I#1/3, p45, pan1
(Weiss) Namor Annual I#/3, p39, pan3

Namor Annual I#1/3 (1991) - Dana Moreshead (writer), Phil Hester (pencils), Don Hudson (inks),

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