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Real Name: Tinky Weissman

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed, if any

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Paladin, Wasp

EnemiesBaron Brimstone (although she didn't realize that the Baron was attempting a robbery)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Tink

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile; briefly Utopia Cay island resort in the Caribbean

First Appearance: Avengers I#251 (January, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Tinky Weissman had no superhuman powers, but was skilled at being an irresponsible partygoer.

History:   (Avengers I#251 (fb) - BTS) - Tinky Weissman and Janet Van Dyne became friends, with Janet attending Tinky's coming out party.

(Avengers I#251) - Years later, when Janet (now the Wasp) arrived on vacation at Utopia Cay, an island resort in the Caribbean, she was approached by her old friend Tinky Weissman. Tinky introduced the Wasp to her friend, Baron Walther Theodoric, whom she had met there in the Caribbean. Three days later, the Wasp and her date Paul Denning (secretly Paladin) ran into Tinky once again on the beaches. She immediately told them that the Baron was having a bon voyage party the next night aboard his yacht. Paul and Janet agreed to show up at the party. The following night, Janet discovered that the Baron was actually the evil Baron Brimstone and immediately confronted Tinky concerning his whereabouts. A startled Tinky explained that the Baron had went below to check on things in the galley. The Wasp, teamed with Paladin, soon managed to defeat Brimstone and halt his plan to rob the island resort's casino.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, Bob Hall, and Joe Sinnott.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Tinky Weissman has no known connections to

Avengers I#251, p12, pan1 (Tinky Weissman, fullbody)

 p13, pan4 (Tinky Weissman, headshot)

Other Appearances:
Avengers I#251 (January, 1985) - Roger Stern (writer), Bob Hall (breakdowns), Joe Sinnott (finisher)

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