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Real Name: The Human Torch 

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-97517) android 

Occupation: Weapon of destruction

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Allied Powers, Professor Horton (of Earth-97517)

Enemies: The Axis Powers (of Earth-97517)

Known Relatives: Professor Horton (creator) 

Aliases: The Torch of Liberty

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth-97517 

First Appearance:  Marvel Vision#17 (May, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: The Human Torch was created as a weapon that could burst into flame. He presumably had superhuman strength and durability in his robotic parts.

History:  (Marvel Vision#17 - Timeslip) - The jewish Professor Horton created the android Human Torch as a response to the Jewish persecution by the Axis Powers of World War II. Covering his creation in slow-burning rags, Horton created a modern-day golom that struck at the Nazis with a zombie-like determination.

Comments: Created by Jim Krueger and Phil Hester.

The Human Torch's reality diverged from Earth-616 when Professor Horton chose to create the Torch specifically to burst into flame, as opposed to the android accidentally bursting into flame as in Marvel Comics#1.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Human Torch (Timeslip) should not be confused with:

Professor Horton

Professor Horton was a Jewish scientist who, tired of seeing his fellow men persecuted by the Nazis, created the android Human Torch to fight fire with fire.

--Marvel Vision#17 - Timeslip

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Timeslip: The Collection#1, cover (Human Torch, headshot)
 p27, splash page (Human Torch, fullbody & Professor Horton)

Other Appearances:
Marvel Vision#17 (May, 1997) - "Timeslip: The Human Torch" - Jim Krueger (story), Phil Hester (art)

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