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Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Milky Way Galaxy

Known Members: Notoi (Chief), Serag, many others unidentified

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Aarkus the Vision, American military, Helen and her unidentified human husband

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery#42/5 (April 1943)

Powers/Abilities: Asteroidians either through technological means or via innate ability were able to alter their size and mass increasing their height to gigantic proportions, with an accompanying increase in strength and durability.

    Asteroidians appeared to have some form of low-level telepathy, and they used this ability to quickly learn Earth languages.
    Subjecting a being to painful stimuli made it easier for the Asteroidians to read that being's mind.

    Asteroidians had pronounced, fanged canine teeth.asteroidian planetoid ship

    Asteroidians were  highly advanced in space travel, operating a large planetoid-sized ship that facilitated interstellar travel  almost certainly via accessing warp speed or other means of faster-than-light travel.

    Numerous smaller, spherical one-way landing crafts could be launched to carry the Asteroidians to a planet's surface. 

    They also had at least one rocket that could transport Asteroidians and any captives back to the spaceship.

Traits: The Asteroidians were nomadic wanderers in search of alien worlds to plunder or conquer.

Type: Humanoid
Eyes: Two (apparently somewhat exophthalmic (bulging out of presumably shallow orbits) and with minimal palpebrae (eyelids); the eyes are solid white with apparently a central pupil but no visible irides)
Fingers: Four (plus opposing thumb)
Toes: Five
Skin color: Green
Average height: 7'

asteroidians-battle with American army (Marvel Mystery#42/5 - BTS) - A small planetoid-sized spaceship commanded by the Asteroidian Chief Notoi slowly approached Earth and was observed by noted scientists who became alarmed that it could crash into the planet, causing an end of the world catastrophe. The vessel halted in space a safe distance from Earth.

(Marvel Mystery#42/5) - Near Earth's orbit, Notoi summoned his army to council and ordered a small invasion force to land on the planet, abduct a male and female and return with them so they could be studied and secrets could be obtained.

(Marvel Mystery#42/5) - The invasion force was sent via round capsule-like one-way landing craft that were launched from the main ship, landing in the middle of New York City.

   At least one rocket was also sent to the surface to transport the Asteroidians and any captives back to the spaceship. Growing to gigantic proportions, the invasion force attempted to capture several humans, but they proved to be too small and fragile. After a brief skirmish with the American military, who sent a platoon of soldiers and tanks to fight them off, the Asteroidians managed to capture two humans, Helen and her husband, who were pulled from their fleeing car, brought aboard a nearby rocket and returned to the main Asteroidian ship.

(Marvel Mystery#42/5) - Unknown to the Asteroidians, Aarkus the Vision sneaked onboard their main ship.asteroidian rocket

(Marvel Mystery#42/5) - Notoi began to torture the two captive humans, using pain to help him better read their thoughts and discover any human weakness that could be used against them during a full on invasion. While Notoi was interrogating the prisoners, the Vision stormed the room, but he was quickly subdued by Notoi's guards and placed in restraints

(Marvel Mystery#42/5 - BTS) - The American Military began using searchlights and other devices on the ground to scan the sky for any other alien ships. This was observed by the Asteroidians who were puzzled by the lights and feared that it was some form of weapon to be used against them.asteroidian planetoid ship explodes

(Marvel Mystery#42/5) - An Asteroidian was dispatched to inform Notoi of the human's possible secret weapon that could be used against them. Disrupting Notoi's attempt to torture his captives, the guard served as a distraction allowing Aarkus to break his bonds and escape with the couple from New York.  The three fought their way to a nearby rocket to escape, but the Vision temporarily left them in search of the ship's engines, which he then sabotaged, creating a timed explosion. Escaping the Asteroidians with the rocket, Aarkus and the two New Yorkers watched as the Asteroidians' planetoid vessel explode. 

(Marvel Mystery#42/5) - It remains to be seen if there were any Asteroidian survivors.

Comments: Created by an uncredited writer, Al Avison, and Vince Alascia.    

   Unless there exists other Asteroidians somewhere in the universe, it appears that Aarkus was responsible for the genocide of an entire race of beings.    
   I don't know that there is any evidence to support or refute the Asteroidians' entire population being on the planetoid-ship, but even if so, if someone attempts to conquer your planet, you fight back by whatever means necessary to prevent your people from being enslaved.--Snood    

   All Asteroidians appeared to be virtually identical, and no females of their species were seen on panel. It may be that this race of aliens were clones based off of one specific prime Asteroidian or possibly Notoi himself.    

   Their ability to increase their size was undefined and is unclear if this was a natural ability or produced by some type of technological device.    

   I wonder if their eyestalks allowed improved vision or an ability to see in multiple directions at once or if they had some form of hinderance or defect such as tunnel vision.
   ??? - they appeared to have eyes that bulged out of their head and would presumably give them an enhanced field of view--Snood    

   The Asteroidian called Serag was never seen on panel, so he could not be properly identified.   

   It seems a bit odd that they had spaceships but were mystified and frightened by a searchlight.--Snood

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CLARIFICATIONS: The Asteroidians have no known connections to:  



Notoi was the Asteroidian leader with the title of Chief.     

   His small planetoid spacecraft approached Earth and he ordered his soldiers to capture live a human male and female to be studied so any weaknesses could be discovered and used against them during a full scale war. When a male and female were retrieved, he began to torture them but was surprised to see Aarkus the Vision attempt to rescue them. He along with his guards subdued the Vision and placed him in shackles, too.     

   One of his soldiers reporting that the Earth humans were using some form of lights (searchlights) aimed skyward that was feared to be some possible secret weapon that could be used against them. The distraction allowed the Vision to break free of his shackles and escape with the two other prisoners aboard a rocket. Aarkus before departing the Asteroidian planetoid ship sabotaged the engines cusing a massive, timed explosion.     

   The Asteroidian Planetoid ship was completely destroyed, apparently killing all aboard as well as Notoi.  --Marvel Mystery#42/5 

images(without ads) Marvel Mystery#42/5, pg 5, panel 1 (main image)
Marvel Mystery#42/5, pg. 5, panel 4 (face)
Marvel Mystery#42/5, pg. 2, panel 4 (planetoid ship launching invasion troops)
Marvel Mystery#42/5, pg. 3, panel 3 (battle against American army)
Marvel Mystery#42/5, pg. 7, panel 3 (rocket)
Marvel Mystery#42/5, pg. 7, panel 4 (Asteroidian Planetoid explodes)
Marvel Mystery#42/5 I#42, p5, pan7 (Notoi)  

Marvel Mystery#42/5 (April, 1943) - unaccredited writer, Al Avison ( pencils), Vince Alascia (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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