space_station-osa-externalunidentified space station

space_station-osa-tavern1Official Name: Unrevealed

Location: Extraterrestrial space, unrevealed star system, unrevealed galaxy;
    active circa 1943 A.D., at least

Population: Unrevealed

Government: Unrevealed

Major Resources: The space station served as a port and presumably had fueling and docking capacities.

    It certainly had at least one tavern

    The space station was very large, with apparently dozens of spaceships able to fly into one of 2-3 ports at the same time.

    The space station had a form similar to that of an upside-down human skull.

Defense: Unrevealed, if any

Prominent Residents or visitors: Dreel, and a pair of Entari Commandos, Woodrow McCord, Teraphin Mox, Eben Stafford

First Appearance: Original Sin Annual#1 (December, 2014)


(Original Sin Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - Constructed by unidentified parties in an unidentified location and with unidentified materials, the space station was considered a den of hustlers, thieves, and killers. 

(Original Sin Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - Apparently based out of this unidentified space station, Teraphin Mox had a reputation as an untrustworthy informant, loyal to no one.

(Original Sin Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Man on the Wall, Eben Stafford, who protected Earth from alien threats, apparently seeking to provoke a confrontation with Dreel of the Entari (who had slain Stafford's former teammates, the Men on the Wall), met with Teraphin Mox and gained information about the Entari.

    As Stafford presumably intended, Mox informed Dreel about Stafford's inquiries, leading her to send Entari to Stafford's base on Earth.

(Original Sin Annual#1 (fb)) - After slaying the attacking Entari, Stafford and his protege, Woodrow McCord, flew to the space station.

    Apparently using shadow-cloaking technology taken from the Entari, McCord hung out by the door as Stafford entered some tavern in the space station and confronted Teraphin Mox.

    As the terrified Mox stammered out his name, Stafford grabbed him by the neck, telling him he had broken the rules by running his filthy mouth.

    Mox desperately claimed he had not and would never do so, but -- as Dreel and a pair of Entari commandos entered behind him -- Stafford interrupted Mox, asking who else could warn the Entari and make them desperate enough to attack him on Earth but the snake who had put him on their trail in the first place.

    Dreel then confronted Stafford, mocking his seeming betrayal and his seeming surprise at having been lied to be a liar, and Stafford dropped Mox, who fell to his knees, clutching his throat.

(Original Sin Annual#1 (fb)) - Dreel subsequently blasted a hole through Stafford's gut, after which McCord entered and slew to two Commandos, allowing Stafford to kill Dreel in the distraction.

space_station-osa-challengemccord2space_station-osa-challengemccord1(Original Sin Annual#1 (fb)) - As Mox stared, jaws agape, Stafford told McCord that all of the other aliens present were a threat to Earth and that it was his job to finish them off.

    After Stafford walked out, retiring and turning his mantle over to McCord, Mox begged that he would do anything to live.

    However, one of the other aliens denounced Mox as a coward, noting that there was only one of him, and that they could silence him instead.

space_station-osa-challengemccord-moweddown    A pair of aliens agreed with this sentiment and advanced on McCord, with one of them suggesting that they could sell his bones for spice, but McCord instead blew a hole through that alien's abdomen.

space_station-osa-challengemccord-shot     As the other aliens advanced, McCord tried to warn them back, but he was reminded of the woman, Hana, whom he loved, who questioned what good he was doing for the people of Earth.

    The same alien who had promoted taking out McCord the first time shouted, "Kill him! Kill the Earth scum!

    Replying, "No," McCord mowed down all of those challenging him with his blaster rifle. 

    After McCord put down his rifle, Mox was surprised that he was alive and had been spared, and he thanked McCord, promising him that no one would ever know what had happened there.

    However, McCord instead instructed Mox to tell everyone he met what McCord had done and that he was out there, among them in the shadows, and that if they even thought of coming for Earth, the Man on the Wall would come for them.

Comments: Created by Jason Latour and Enis Cisic

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Original Sin Annual#1. pg. 20, panel 1 (space station as seen from space, with Stafford's ship approaching);
          panel 2 (Stafford confronting Mox in tavern);
       pg. 21, panel 1 (Dreel and Entari Commandos' shadows approaching far side of tavern while Stafford throttles Mox);
       pg. 26, panel 2 (two aliens resolve to challenge McCord);
          panel 4 (two aliens rushing McCord);
          panel 5 (one alien shot through the chest);
        pg. 27, panel 4 (McCord mowing down aliens)

Original Sin Annual#1 (December, 2014) - Jason Latour (writer), Enis Cisic (artist), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort & Wil Moss (editors)

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