Real Name:†None

Identity/Class:†Science-bred hybrid animal mutate

Occupation:†would-be defense system; satellite destroyer

Group Membership: none

Affiliations: None

Enemies:†Iron Man (Stark), Koontz employees, everyone in general theory

Known Relatives:†None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:†Koontz satellite/space lab; later Stark Enterprises Space Station

First Appearance: Iron Man I#237 (December 1988)



Powers/Abilities: The Koontz creature was bred to be laser and bullet-proof. Itís claws, mandibles and muscles were strong enough to rend "the strongest metal" (though possibly not Adamantium). It could survive and easily travel in a vacuum or an atmosphere, as well as with or without gravity.

(Iron Man I#237 (fb)) – At some point during the "Star Wars" program, the United States government commissioned a project on the Koontz satellite to use specific animal DNA to create a creature that would be able to attack and destroy enemy satellites. It escaped captivity and, having not been programmed with exactly who or what to target, slaughtered the entire Koontz crew. It then used a Stealth Sphere to travel to the Stark Enterprises Space Station, which had been abandoned sometime before when AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) contaminated it with a bacteria that Iron Man had rendered inert by terminating life support in the Station..

(Iron Man I#237) – With the promise of having the government drop all charges against Iron Man for the then-recent "Armor Wars," Iron Man (Stark) agreed to find out what happened on the Koontz. Arriving there, he found the entire crew dead, and evidence that the creature had stumbled across an escape bubble designed to go to the nearest man-made installation, which would be Stark Enterprises Space Station.

Arriving on his own station, Iron Man encountered the creature, which immediately attacked him. Thinking quickly, Iron Man repaired some circuitry onboard that restored atmosphere pressure to the shuttle, thereby activating the AIM created bacteria (termed "bacillus"). As a living creature, the Koontz Killer was immediately infected with the bacteria and began to weaken. Before it died, the atmosphere allowed it to speak, and it asked Iron Man why he attacked it. Iron Man told him because it had slaughtered the others, and it responded that it was just doing its job.

Comments: Created by David Micheline, Jackson Guice and Bob Layton.

The creature was never actually given a name.

The story vaguely reminds of a later Iron Man adventure, in which he encounters Scylla.


The Koontz Satellite Killer has no connection to:

Iron Man I#237, p15, panel 4

Iron Man I#237 (December 1988)

Profile by Madison Carter

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