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Real Name: Trenton Craft

Identity/Class: Human mutate (World War II era - present)

Occupation: Covert agent

Group Membership: Vanguard, United States Army

Affiliations: Uatu the Watcher

EnemiesBlack Widow (Yelena Belova), Blade (Eric Brooks), Stacy Dolan, Dominic Fortune (David Fortunov), Micromax (Scott Wright), Retcon, Jaafar Yoosuf;
    formerly population of Yokohama, Japan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bob, John Doe

Base of Operations: New York City, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents II#1 (November, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Craft was one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. He could slow his aging down to an extraordinary degree as well as fully control other people’s minds and perceptions. He also had total control of his body down to the molecular level and was in complete control of all bodily processes.

Craft at Project: Rebirth


(Marvel Comics Presents II#8/1 (fb)) - Craft was a serviceman who was selected to be the test subject of the revised Project: Rebirth. The new goal of the project was to focus on the mind rather than the body.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/1 (fb)) - Craft was first deployed on the Japanese island of Yokohama during World War II. His powers activated during combat, decimating the island.  Horrified, he swore to never use his power again and shut his abilities down. 

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11/1 (fb)) - That was the official story, at any rate. Craft had actually been honing his powers past their previously recorded limits as well as working in secret with the United States government.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#1/1) - In the present day, Craft had been living quietly in a high rise apartment, blanking his presence from everyone. Despite this, he was ambushed and apparently slain with two gunshot wounds to the chest sometime in the night. Detective Stacy Dolan and her partner Brett Mahoney were assigned to the case.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#2/1) - Still classified as a John Doe, "Bob" as he was known to his doorman, lay in the New York City Morgue.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#4/1 (fb) - BTS) - The ballistic results came back from the autopsy. The bullets found inside Craft’s body matched Detective Dolan’s handgun.

Powered up (Marvel Comics Presents II#5/1 (fb) - BTS) - News of Craft’s death reached Blade, Black Widow, Micromax, and Dominic Fortune.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#6/1 - (fb)) - Craft and who appeared to be Detective Dolan were videotaped having a confrontation when Dolan seemingly pulled out her firearm and shot Craft twice in the chest.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#6/1) - A recorded copy of the shooting was made and mailed anonymously to various sources, including the New York Police Department. 

(Marvel Comics Presents II#7/1) - “John Doe” was confirmed as Trenton Craft.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#8/1) - Trenton Craft’s background was explained in full detail to Detective Dolan.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#10/1) - The full events of Craft’s shooting were revealed and all interested parties were assembled in Vanguard’s headquarters. Craft took this time to reveal himself and make proper introductions.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11/1) - Craft brought everyone up to speed and explained his powers to a disbelieving Dolan. He was aware of Micromax’s betrayal of Vanguard but wanted to wait until all the players were assembled in one place. He explained that he didn’t harbor any feelings of malice toward them but they would be unable to continue living with the knowledge of his or Vanguard’s existence, Craft believed that he had erased Vanguard and Dolan with a single thought.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#12/1) - Unknown to Craft, the members of Vanguard didn’t die. Thanks to the powers of Retcon, Craft left the room convinced he eliminated Vanguard and Dolan. The team managed to go their separate ways but five months later, Blade was arrested. Craft oversaw the torture. Craft didn’t seem to believe Blade when the vampire hunter said he and he alone escaped and that Craft killed the rest. Some time after that, Craft was back in the field with a new Vanguard. Operating in a foreign country, Craft effortlessly wiped out the targets. While erasing the enemy forces from existence, he mused about what kind of trouble would be created if the world ever caught wind of a team comprised of super human operatives.

Comments: Created by Marc Guggenheim (writer) and Dave Wilkins (art).

As for him being a part of Project: Rebirth, in issue 8 they explain that he was part of the revised program that created Captain America and they reference "the head scientist that was assassinated" but they don’t say his name.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Colonel America has no known connections to:

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Marvel Comics Presents II#10, p9, pan4 (main image)
Marvel Comics Presents II#8, p6, pan2 (pre-Rebirth)
Marvel Comics Presents II#12, cover (close-up shot)

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