Real Name: Winston S. Quaill

Identity/Class: Extradimensional / alternate reality (Earth-333333333 a.k.a. "Earth-331/3") human (U.K. citizen)

Occupation: Gardener, secret agent, radio broadcaster

Group Membership: MI5 (see comments)

Affiliations: Neville Chamberlain, Fritz Daschundkicker, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering, Lord Haw Haw, Mr. T (see comments)

Enemies: Adolf Hitler, Baron Knuckleduster, Blizten, Donner

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother

Aliases: Adolf Hitler (not by his choice)

Base of Operations: London

First Appearance: Forces in Combat#12 (24th July 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Winston has no powers, unless you count the ability to miss the obvious. He thinks he can sing, tap dance and do card tricks; the jury is out on whether he is correct.

Height: 5'10" (see comments)
Weight: 150 lbs. (see comments)
Eyes: Blue (see comments)
Hair: Black

History: (Forces in Combat#12) - British citizen Winston S. Quaill bore an uncanny resemblance to German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, though he had somehow remained unaware of this (or who Hitler even was).

(Forces in Combat#26) - In 1939 Winston lived in London with his mother...

(Forces in Combat#13) - but he was visiting Ramsgate on the English south coast the day World War II was declared.

(Forces in Combat#12) - Winston became the first casualty of the war when he was struck by a large bundle of newspapers thrown out of the back of a delivery truck. Checking out the front page of the bundle he noted the declaration of war and a picture of Adolf declaring the dictator a wanted man. Thinking the face somehow familiar, Winston continued his walk along the pier, staring at the paper trying to figure out where he had seen the man in the photo before. Concentrating on trying to figure this conundrum out, he failed to notice the soldier, sailor and two policemen who had spotted him and assumed he was Adolf, at least until they grabbed him and hoisted him up a flagpole at the end of the pier, ignoring his cries for a lawyer or his mother. His confused request that someone explain to him what was going on were ignored by his captors, too busy celebrating having (to their mind) won the war. Luckily for Winston, help was on the way; over in occupied France Hermann Goering had been watching through a telescope and now, witnessing "the Fuhrer" tied up a pole, was determined to rescue him!

(Forces in Combat#13) - As his four captors held hands and danced round the flagpole the still confused Winston struggled to figure out what the fuss was about. Moments later a German bomber flew overhead, opening its undercarriage so Hermann Goering could be lowered out upside down with other passengers holding him by his boots while he began cutting the ropes binding Winston. Since this took a few passes of the plane, the British soldier and sailor who had helped capture Winston had time to climb the flagpole in an attempt to thwart the rescue, and managed to grab Winston's legs just as Hermann took hold of his arms. They formed an impromptu human daisy chain until Feldwiebel managed to fly them low enough over a house that the two unwanted interlopers struck the chimney and lost their grip on Winston. However, when Feldwiebel then had the plane make a u-turn towards Germany with Hermann and Winston still hanging below the aircraft, Hermann's feet popped out of his boots. Luckily for Winston and Hermann they didn't have too far to fall; unluckily this was because they were flying above London's Trafalgar Square at the time and so landed atop Nelson's Column, 169 feet above the ground. Despite this predicament Winston was relieved, as he knew their was an underground station nearby where he could catch a train home...once they managed to get down.

(Forces in Combat#14) - Despite being stuck atop Nelson's Column, Hermann promised he would get "mein Fuhrer" safely home to "the Fatherland." Trying to clear up the misunderstanding, Winston told Hermann his actual name, but Hermann laughed raucously, assuming this was merely the Fuhrer joking around. Calming down, Hermann queried how they could get themselves down, and was impressed by Winston's "genius" solution - yelling for help as loud as he could. This brought a fireman to their rescue, but when he started to recognize them, Hermann dumped their would-be rescuer atop the Column and leapt atop the ladder, dragging a protesting Winston in his wake. Without even bothering to descend the ladder Hermann commandeered the vehicle by threatening to shoot the driver down below and demanding he and Winston be taken to the Reichstag (German parliament); mishearing this as Righthag, the name of a nearby new nightclub, the driver took a shortcut through Downing Street, driving so fast that the ladder snapped off, flinging Winston and Hermann through the skylight of Number 10 Downing Street to land on the Prime Minister as he lay in bed.  

(Forces in Combat#15) - While Hermann sat whistling and trying to look innocent, Winston tried to explain their presence to a confused Prime Minister before admitting he had no clue what was going on either. Luckily a distraction came in the form of Chamberlain's butler, Dimwiddy, who entered the bedroom to remind the PM that he was due at the Royal Fancy Dress Ball (costume party for the Americans in the audience). A relieved Chamberlain jumped to the conclusion that this explained why two apparent Nazis were in his room, and Winston accepted the PM's apology for mistaking for one while still oblivious to why he had thought this to begin with. As the PM donned his own costume he offered the pair a lift to the ball; Winston protested that he didn't have a costume, then mused that if he could get hold of a bowler hat he could go as Charlie Chaplin. After sharing a trandem (three-seater bicycle) to the Mall, the trio entered the party, and Winston began looking for the King, hoping to get the monarch's autograph for his mum. Unable to spot him, Winston commented that his mother would have his head if he didn't get the autograph...oblivious to someone behind him holding an axe menacingly aloft.

(Forces in Combat#17) - As Winston continued to fret that his mum would slay him if he didn't secure a signed photo of the King, the axe swung down...and gently tapped him on the shoulder. Turning, Winston saw a man in full plate armor who asked if he had the time. When Winston informed him it was six minutes to eleven the man emerged from behind the curtains that had partially obscured him, revealing a swastika on his surcoat, and fired a flare gun out the window. Watching a zeppelin adorned with swastikas and Tatzenkreuz descending, the ever clueless Winston wondered what they were advertising; even when the armored man was joined by two dwarfs in Nazi uniform and declared at gunpoint to the partygoers that they were the Fuhrer's "knuckle-dusting" squad, Winston only managed to reach the outraged conclusion that they were gatecrashers. The armored intruder, Baron Knuckleduster, announced his intention to kidnap the French President, and upon learning that he was in the wrong country to do this, decided to leave. As the zeppelin began to ascend, Hermann grabbed Winston and leapt for the zeppelin's basket, declaring this a chance to hitch a ride back to the Fatherland and ignoring Winston's protests that the party hadn't even served dinner yet.

(Forces in Combat#18) - With Winston and Hermann hanging from a ballast rope below the basket, weighing the zeppelin down, Baron Knuckleduster rejected Hermann's claim to be his Fuhrer and Field Marshal and had Blitzen cut the rope. As the pair began to plummet Winston told Hermann to look on the bright side, noting they didn't have far to fall...until he realized they were above a deep well. However Winston was lucky on two counts: there was no water at the bottom, so he didn't get wet, and Hermann was below him and landed first, providing Winston with someone soft to land on. Moments later the tip of a pick-axe pierced the well floor, and a German sapper, Fritz Daschundkicker, emerged. Upon spotting Winston he became confused, wondering if he had accidentally dug his way into the Fuhrer's bunker, and explaining that he had been tasked with digging a secret Channel tunnel for the German army's surprise attack on England. Missing the point as always, Winston responded that he liked surprises, just before Hermann shoved him into the tunnel, still determined to get "Adolf" back to Berlin. As the trio proceeded down the tunnel Fritz warned his visitors to be quiet, as they were now beneath the Thames River and he didn't want the River Police to hear them. Astonished to think that there were tons of water above them, Winston tapped the pick axe against the tunnel roof, which immediately sprang a leak. Propelled by the force of the torrent, the trio were fired back out the well, launched into the air atop a water spout, and were immediately spotted by Neville Chamberlain, who had apparently been looking for them.

(Forces in Combat#19) - Chamberlain congratulated Winston and Hermann on capturing a Nazi, and as Fritz was led away by the police the PM introduced the pair to Mr. T, the head of MI5, who asked them to join his department, the SS. Clarifying for the confused Winston who thought this meant the Secret Seven, Mr. T explained that the Security Service needed men like them and gave them their first mission, investigating rumors of Nazis infiltrating the BBC. As Mr. T handed him a thick bundle of Top Secret orders, Winston inquired what the pay was like, but Mr. T ignored this query in favor of instructing them which bus to catch to get to Broadcasting House, and to eat the orders on the way, which Winston didn't relish. Arriving at their destination, identifiable by the swastika flag hanging outside, Winston wondered aloud what was making MI5 think that the BBC had been infiltrated by Nazis. Declaring that some folk would believe anything, the oblivious Winston walked past the doorman's Hitlergruß and shout of Seig Heil, and entered the building with Hermann. They headed to the Director General's office, but as Hermann knocked on the door Winston was distracted by a tapping coming from a nearby broom closet. Opening it, Winston was shocked to to see two tuxedoed men tied up within, while Hermann was stunned as Joseph Goebbels emerged from the DG's office to warmly greet both him and "Adolf," declaring their arrival a pleasant surprise.

(Forces in Combat#20) - Hermann warmly greeted Goebbels, and when Winston asked if their new acquaintance realized there were two little old men tied up in the cupboard, Goebbels kicked the door shut on the captives and laughingly informed Winston that they were just the drama department rehearsing a new play. Initially incredulous that they would use the broom closet for such a thing, Winston was distracted from this chain of inquiry by the offer of a nice cup of tea and a crumpet. In his office Goebbels explained how he had infiltrated the BBC after answering an advert for a dishwasher last Sunday, and now had risen to the top through a lot of hard work and the help of a squad of Waffen SS. Noting that it was still only Tuesday (see comments), Winston noted that Goebbel's mother must be proud of him. Stating that now he was in charge it was time to launch the propaganda service, Goebbels informed Winston that it was time for his first broadcast to the British people. Flustered at the idea of being on the wireless, Winston suggested he could do his Christmas party piece, and brandished some cards, asking the two perplexed Nazis to pick one, any one, then switched to his Fred Astaire impression, tap dancing atop his chair while badly singing "Putting on my top hat," prompting Hermann to whisper conspiratorially but sadly to Goebbels about the strains of office. Winston's performance was cut short as a bazooka poked in through the open office window, and as Winston tumbled backwards off his chair in shock a voice shouted instructions that "Nobody move!"

(Forces in Combat#21) - Quivering in fear, Winston wondered if the bazooka was a response to his library books being overdue, but became relieved when the new arrival proved to be Baron Knuckleduster again, still hunting for the French President. Hermann literally booted him back into the zeppelin basket, angrily pointing out that he was still in London, despite Donner and Blitzen having mistaken Broadcasting House's giant TV aerial for the Eiffel Tower. As they departed, Goebbels handed Winston his script to read, which Winston hoped would be a comedy. His inability to spot the obvious reaching new heights, Winston happily read out over the radio the script's statement that there was no way Britain could win the war and they should vote to let Adolf rule the U.K. Finishing the broadcast, Winston queried Goebbels' denial that what he had just read was a comedy, but didn't have time to pursue this question as angry pounding began at the studio door, accompanied by shouts of "Smash the Jerries!" Goebbels swiftly led Hermann and Winston through another door and up to the roof, where he had stored a high tech flying car. As Winston expressed admiration that this was "Just like Flash Gordon at the local Odeon," Goebbels boasted that it was a superb example of Nazi technology and pressed the starter button. Instantly the vehicle blew up, leaving the trio sitting stunned and heavily scorched amidst the wreckage, just as enraged Englishmen with bowlers and umbrellas arrived, yelling their desire to lynch and quarter the Nazis.

(Forces in Combat#22) - The new arrivals were perturbed by the apparent lack of Jerry blighters, mistaking the soot-covered trio for a minstrel show. Playing along, the two actual Nazis began singing; Winston was initially more annoyed that the clothes shop's claim his suit wouldn't show dirt was patently untrue, but eventually joined the chorus just as the mob decided to redirect their search downstairs. Once they had departed the trio escaped down the stairs and onto the street, where despite their "disguises" Goebbels was immediately recognized by the driver of a passing car. Luckily for the Nazis, the motorist was "everybody's favorite traitor," Lord Haw Haw. While Winston focused on the Lord part of the description and, embarrassed, hastily cleaned himself up, Haw Haw told the group to jump in his vehicle as he had their latest orders. Lord Haw Haw informed them that "Old Adolf's really flipped his wig this time" and had instructed them to steal the Houses of Parliament brick by brick. Glancing back Haw Haw noticed the now clean Winston and panicked, believing the Fuhrer had just heard his insult, and as he attempted a Heil Hitler salute while facing backwards in the driver's seat the car crashed into Clocktower of the Palace of Westminster. Taking the crash in good spirits, Haw Haw glanced at the damage he had done to the building and declared it a good start. Seeing they were at the Houses of Parliament, Winston wondered if now would be a good time to complain to his MP about his clogged drain, while an angry police officer approached.

(Forces in Combat#23) - The police officer belligerently informed the group that they couldn't park there, but switched to a grovelling apology upon realizing Haw Haw was a Lord. Meanwhile Winston glanced at the orders Hitler had sent, noting that it said they were to shift the Houses of Parliament to Berlin. He watched as Hermann began wrapping individual bricks, intending to post them one at a time until Goebbels pointed out they wouldn't fit through a letterbox. With Haw Haw having made his farewells because he was due to attend a talk in the House, the two Nazis decided to instead start with the clocktower and take it down to the docks. Seeing Hermann straining in an attempt to lift the entire tower, Winston ran off and got a small cargo trolley, pointing out they could use it to redistribute the tower's weight. To ensure they didn't look suspicious pushing the 320 foot tower through the streets, Hermann disguised it with swastika-adorned wrapping paper. Reaching the docks, the two Nazis tried to feign innocence in order to pass through customs, but Winston was distracted by the discover his watch had stopped. Asking if anyone had the right time, he got his answer as the clock began to loudly chime four.

(Forces in Combat#24) - His attention drawn by the bongs, the customs agent pointed at the poorly wrapped tower and asked what it was. To the two Nazis' horror Winston happily explained it was Big Ben, and that they were taking it over to Berlin. To Goebbels and Hermann's relief the customs agent began laughing at this "joke"; as a confused Winston began to explain that it wasn't a joke Hermann gagged him with a hand while Goebbels told the agent it was just a grandfather clock bought as a souvenir for his Aunt Fanny. When the customs agent noted it was rather large for a grandfather clock, Hermann quickly amended this, insisting it was a great-grandfather clock. Impressed, the customs agent asked the trio to wait a minute while he got his antique loving friend Bert to have a look, but when he let slip that Bert was in the River Police the trio scarpered the moment his back was turned. Hearing the two Nazis discussing the need to stash the tower somewhere until they had arranged transport, Winston dropped it off in Waterloo Station's Lost Luggage section, his quick thinking earning admiration from the Nazi duo. Hermann announced they could finally relax for a while, prompting Winston to suggest they take in a show, but overhead a German bomber had just released its payload, and huge bomb was hurtling directly towards Winston's head.

(Forces in Combat#25) - Still oblivious to the explosive about to land on him, Winston read a report that singer Vera Lynn was going down a bomb at Alexandra Palace.

(Forces in Combat#26) - As the bomb neared, Winston heard its whistling and turned in time to see it strike the ground behind him. Luckily it was a bouncing bomb, and immediately rebounded back up into the sky where it blew up the bomber that had dropped it. Moments later Adolf Hitler himself flew overhead, intent on bombing London, but due to a mix-up his plane was loaded with bathroom fittings. The trio down below ducked into a Nazi Memorabilia shop to avoid the falling baths, and Hermann spotted a German plane for sale. Happy to have found the very thing needed to get back to Germany, the two Nazis bundled Winston into the vehicle and flew it out the shop window. As they ascended they clipped the tail of Hitler's plane, slicing it off and causing him to crash in the garden of Winston's mother's house, who mistook him for her son.

Comments: Created by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett.

   Winston Quaill's story was originally published across several issues of Marvel UK's weekly anthology Forces in Combat, which mostly featured reprints of Marvel U.S. stories under the umbrella theme of (you guessed it) groups in combat. However this theme was interpreted pretty loosely, allowing them to include Rom, Machine Man, Shang-Chi's Master of Kung-Fu, Rawhide Kid, Kull, Sergeant Fury, John Kowalski from War is Hell, the Golem from Strange Tales, and the non-Marvel Wulf the Briton all under this banner. The first four installments of I Was Adolf's Double were in color, but my issues of Forces in Combat are currently misplaced, so I've worked from the black and white reprint of the entire story from the Channel 331/3 Special.

    Winston's story was the first to be set on "Earth 331/3" though the world itself wasn't identified until the Earth 331/3 strip began a few months later in the UK version of Marvel Team-Up. Interestingly that series predates the introduction of the team Earth-616, making Quinn and Howett the first people (afaik) to number Marvel realities - though, of course, DC was numbering realities years before this, was the inspiration for numbering being used in Captain Britain's strip, and was likely where Quinn and Howett first got the idea too. Since the Core Continuum Designations used by the Handbooks don't allow for fractional values (or decimals for that matter), the CCD number can't be 331/3; instead it's 333333333, to echo how thirty three and a third would be written in decimals.

    Since he was "Adolf's double" I've assumed he was the same height, weight and eye color as the dictator.

    It should be mentioned that all his Nazi affiliations would become enemies the moment they realized his true identity. He was not a pal with Nazis by choice.

    Winston was recruited into the "Secret Service" by Mr. T, the head of MI5, and tasked with investigating Nazi infiltration of the BBC. The Secret Service is a blanket term for all of Britain's security agencies, while MI5 is specifically the Security Service; however, since Mr. T was in charge of MI5 and that agency is the one that handles security within Britain (and hence would be the one to investigate the BBC), presumably Winston joined MI5 rather than any of the other agencies, despite Mr. T's inexact job offer.

    Okay, it's incredibly anal of me, I know, but after reading Winston declaring that it was Tuesday when he met Goebbels in Broadcasting House, I checked some 1939 dates and calendars. Britain declared war on Germany on 3rd September 1939 at 1115 BST. While late editions of newspapers on the 3rd did carry this declaration, so did editions on the 4th, meaning that Winston being struck by newspapers mentioning the declaration in the first installment of the story could have happened on either day. After that most of the story happens in rapid succession, until Winston attends the Royal Fancy Dress Party. We're told Baron Knuckleduster invades the party just before 11; since a party is unlikely to start in the morning, this is presumably 11pm. By the time Winston and Hermann go from the party to the zeppelin to the tunnel and then to Broadcasting House, it's presumably gone past midnight and so into the next day, either the 4th or the 5th September 1939. And per 1939 calendars, the 5th was indeed a Tuesday!

    Obviously the whole "Britain has only just declared war" doesn't fit so well with Goering's claim in the first installment that Germany has already smashed France, but given later episodes establish Germany is still trying to kidnap the French President it doesn't sound like France has already fallen; I guess Goering was being premature in his declaration of victory. It's almost like a humor strip featuring a double of Adolf Hitler and real world senior Nazis bumbling around London encountering increasingly silly situations wasn't trying very hard to be historically accurate.

    Why was Hitler's plane loaded with bathroom fittings? That was the result of Hitler mistaking one Fred Bootlicker, bathroom suite manufacturer, for his lookalike, the German Munitions Minister, and so calling out instructions to load his private plane to the wrong man, all of which was shown in Forces in Combat#25, hence why Winston's actions in that issue are so limited. However, Hitler has further Earth-331/3 appearances in another strip, The Concise History of the Galaxy, so he'll be getting his own entry eventually, rather than being a subprofile in this one.

Profile by Loki.

Winston S. Quaill has no known connections to:

Hermann Goering

(Forces in Combat#12) - Visiting the French coast, Hermann Goering declared that the Fatherland had smashed Poland and France (see comments), but when he glanced through a telescope towards England, he spotted what appeared to be Adolf Hitler (really lookalike Winston S. Quaill) being hoisted aloft on a flagpole on Ramsgate Pier. Enraged, Goering shouted at his subordinates that they must rescue him.

(Forces in Combat#13) - Goering flew over the channel in a bomber and when they reached Ramsgate he hung upside down out of the bomb bay doors and cut Winston loose, but as he then grabbed Winston by the arms and carried him off, a pair of British troops grabbed hold of Winston's legs and were carried along too. They were soon dislodged by flying low over a chimney, but when Goering then ordered the pilot to make for Germany, the sudden directional change caused Goering to fall out his boots, and both he and Winston landed atop Nelson's Column.

(Forces in Combat#14) - Goering reassured Winston that he would get him safely back to Germany, and when Winston tried to tell him he was not Goering's Fuhrer but Winston S. Quaill, Goering took this to be a joke on "Adolf's" part. Winston's cry for help brought rescue in the form of a fireman atop a ladder, but when the fireman recognized the pair Goering acted swiftly, dropping the fireman atop the Column and commandeering the fire truck at gunpoint, forcing the driver to race off with both Winston and Goering still atop the raised ladder. The strain caused it to break, flinging the pair through the skylight of No.10, Downing Street, to land on the Prime Minister's bed.

(Forces in Combat#15) - Goering sat whistling, trying to act innocent as the Prime Minister tried to process the sudden appearance of two famous Nazis in his room, and luckily the PM found a plausible explanation provided when his butler entered and reminded him he was due at a Fancy Dress Ball. Concluding the two intruders were in costume, he offered them a lift to the party. Once there Goering advised Winston to play it cool, only to lose his temper and draw attention to himself mere seconds later when another party attendee accidentally stabbed him in the posterior with a halberd. In rage he identified himself as a member of the Luftwaffe, then fearfully realized he had given the game away, but the other party goers thought it was part of his act, and presented him with first prize for his portrayal of "Luftwaffe Loony."

(Forces in Combat#17) - Soon after Baron Knuckleduster and his minions invaded the party intent on kidnapping the French President, only to learn they were in the wrong country. Goering tried to console them, suggesting they kidnap the Prime Minister instead, but Knuckleduster rudely rebuffed the suggestion, calling Goering a "Fatso" and shoving him away. As the invaders' zeppelin began to ascend, Goering grabbed Winston and jumped for the basket, seeing it as a way to return to the Rhineland.

(Forces in Combat#18) - Knuckleduster noticed the pair hanging from the rope below the basket, and, disbelieving Goering was who he said he was, had his minions cut the rope. As Goering and Winston fell, a final insult from Knuckleduster in their ears, Goering swore he would have Knuckleduster's guts for garters for his treachery. The plumeting pair went down an empty well, where Goering's fall was broken by the hard ground, while Winston's was broken by landing hard on the plump Goering. To make matters even worse, Goering was then poked in the rear by a pickaxe coming up through the ground, heralding the arrival of German sapper Fritz Daschundkicker, who had dug a secret channel tunnel for the Nazis to invade England. Deciding this could be their route back to Germany, Goering shoved Winston down the hole, but Winston soon accidentally breached the ceiling, letting in the Thames, and the group were propelled back out through the well by the ensuing torrent of water.

(Forces in Combat#19) - Emerging, the pair were spotted by the Prime Minister again, and, after Fritz was arrested, the PM introduced Winston and Goering to the head of MI5, Mr. T. He recruited them to investigate rumors of Nazi infiltration at the BBC, which proved to be true, as they discovered Joseph Goebbels in the Director General's office at Broadcasting House.

(Forces in Combat#20) - Goering listened to Goebbels explain how he had taken over the BBC and was now planning a propaganda service, but their discussion was interrupted by a bazooka that was poked through the office window...

(Forces in Combat#21) - Baron Knuckleduster, who believed he was now in France, having mistaken Broadcasting House's giant transmitter aerial for the Eiffel Tower. Goering angrily booted the interloper back out the window and across to his zeppelin, declaring that the idiot would give the Nazis a bad name. Goering then listened to Winston make a public broadcast telling the British to surrender to the Nazis, which he sycophantically  applauded. As enraged Englishmen tried to invade the studio, he and Winston then followed Goebbels to the roof to escape in a Nazi flying car, but it exploded, covering them in soot, and leaving them to face the tender mercies of their pursuers.

(Forces in Combat#22) - Luckily the mob mistook them for a minstrel show, and Goering attempted to play along, starting to sing Deutschland Uber Alles before Geobbels shushed him and switched them to another song. Once the mob departed the trio fled the building and accepted a lift from the passing Lord Haw Haw, who informed them they had new orders to steal the Houses of Parliament, then crashed his car into same.

(Forces in Combat#23) - Seeking to fulfill his new mission, Goering suggested sending the building to Germany a brick at a time and began wrapping them up to get them ready for the last post of the day. Goebbels chastised him for his stupidity, pointing out that the bricks would not fit through a letterbox, and suggesting they instead start with the clocktower and transport it to the docks. Goering tried unsuccessfully to lift the entire clocktower, but they finally managed to move it using a trolley procured by Winston. When Goebbels fretted that they would be conspicuous wheeling the building through town, Goering disguised it using his roll of wrapping paper. They soon got to customs, where Goering tried to feign innocence, responding to a query asking if he had anything to declare with "Nein." However the jig seemed to be up when Big Ben began chiming, drawing the customs officer's attention to the stolen clocktower.

(Forces in Combat#24) - To both Nazis' horror, Winston told the agent the truth, that they were taking Big Ben to Germany, but the customs man dismissed this as a joke. While Goering held his hand over Winston's mouth to prevent him blurting anything else out, Goebbels claimed it was merely a grandfather clock, and when the agent pointed out it seemed quite tall for one of those, Goering amended this to great-grandfather clock. This seemed to work, but when the agent mentioned fetching his antique-loving policeman friend, the trio ran for it as soon as he was out the room. Goering wondered what they were now going to do with the tower, and Goebbels suggested they stash it safely away until transport could be arranged, inspiring Winston to drop it off at Waterloo Station's Lost and Found. Goering declared they could now relax for a while, unaware of a bomb dropping towards them from overhead.

(Forces in Combat#25) - As the bomb fell ever closer, Winston mentioned that Vera Lynn was performing at Alexandra Palace, exciting Goering, who admitted to being a fan.

(Forces in Combat#26) - Luckily it was a bouncing bomb and rebounded back into the air to destroy the German bomber that had dropped it. Moments later another plane, flown by the real Adolf Hitler, flew overhead and began dropping bathroom fittings. Ducking into a Nazi Memorabilia shop to avoid the falling debris, Goering spotted an airplane for sale and commandeered it to get them back to Germany, flying himself, Goebbels and Winston out through the shop window. As they ascended they accidentally sliced Hitler's plane in half, causing him to crash while they departed for the Fatherland.

--Forces in Combat#12  (Forces in Combat#13-15, 17-26


Feldwiebel was the pilot of the German bomber that flew Hermann Goering over the English Channel to Ramsgate to rescue Winston S. Quaill after he was hoisted aloft on the pier flagpole. After Quaill had been retrieved, Feldwiebel was ordered to return to Germany, so he pulled a sharp U-turn, and so inadvertently caused Goering to pop out of his boots and fall with Winston on top of Nelson's Column.

Comments: There were a trio of Nazis with Goering in Forces in Combat#12, and so it is possible Feldwiebel actually appeared first there, unidentified.

--Forces in Combat#13

Neville Chamberlain

(Forces in Combat#14) - Neville Chamberlain was in bed with his teeth out at No.10 Downing Street when Winston S. Quaill and Hermann Goering crashed through the skylight and landed on him.

(Forces in Combat#15) - Complaining he couldn't even get five minutes peace in his own bed, Chamberlain then gasped as he recognized the intruders as Goering and "Hitler." Before he could react however his butler Dimwiddy entered to remind him he was due at the Royal Fancy Dress Ball, prompting a relieved Chamberlain to conclude that must be the explanation for the apparent Nazis in his room. As Dimwiddy helped Chamberlain into a caveman costume hired from Moss Bros., the PM offered the two visitors a lift to the party, though the vehicle proved to be a trandem bike, with Chamberlain sadly noting that cuts had impacted on everyone.

(Forces in Combat#17) - When Baron Knuckleduster and his minions invaded the party intending to kidnap the French President, Chamberlain pointed out that their target was in France while they were in England. The Baron double checked if he was sure this was England, and Chamberlain confirmed he was positive about this.

(Forces in Combat#18) - Searching with MI5 boss Mr. T for Hermann and Winston, Chamberlain found them when they were shot out of the Buckingham Palace well by a spout of water.

(Forces in Combat#19) - Chamberlain identified the man with Hermann and Winston as a Nazi and had him arrested, then introduced the pair to Mr. T, and departed, presumably back to the party.

Comments: The strip doesn't actually name him, merely calling him the Prime Minister, but visually he is clearly Chamberlain, who was Prime Minister when war was declared.

--Forces in Combat#14  (Forces in Combat#15, 17-19


Neville Chamberlain's elderly butler, Dimwiddy entered the PM's bedroom shortly after Hermann Goering and Winston S. Quaill came crashing in through the skylight to remind his master that he was due to attend the Royal Fancy Dress Ball at No.1, The Mall. Apparently oblivious to the presence of the intruders, he then helped Chamberlain get dressed into a caveman costume.


--Forces in Combat#15


Baron Knuckleduster

(Forces in Combat#17 (fb) - BTS) - Baron Knuckleduster ran the Fuhrer's personal knuckle-dusting t-shirt squad and was sent to kidnap the French President. His zeppelin was piloted by his two dwarf minions Donner and Blitzen, who ignored his instruction to turn left at Belgium and so ended up taking them all to London, England, instead of France. The Baron then went on ahead to locate their target at the Royal Fancy Dress Ball, informing his minions to await his signal at six minutes to eleven, when they were to invade the party and take everyone hostage.

(Forces in Combat#15) - At the party the Baron lurked behind some curtains, and held his axe menacingly over the head of nearby Winston S. Quaill.

(Forces in Combat#17) - Realizing he didn't know the time the Baron tapped Quaill lightly on the shoulder and asked if he knew it. Upon learning it was six minutes to eleven the Baron fired a flare out of the window, and once his minions arrived he introduced himself to the party goers and informed them he was there to capture the French President. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain pointed out he was in the wrong country, and, after confirming that Chamberlain was sure about this, the Baron chastised his two minions with blows to their heads. Hermann Goering, there with Quaill, suggested that the Baron could instead kidnap the PM, but Knuckleduster told the "Fatso" not to tell him his job, and ordered his minions back to their ship.

(Forces in Combat#18) - As the zeppelin ascended, the Baron noticed that Goering and Quaill were hanging on to one of the ballast ropes, and angrily demanded to know what "Fatstuff" thought he was doing. When Goering told him that they were the Baron's beloved Fuhrer and Field Marshal the Baron dismissed this as a likely story and ordered Blitzen to cut the rope, then warned them mockingly to "mind the step" as they started to fall.

(Forces in Combat#21) - Still trying to reach France the zeppelin next headed towards Broadcasting House, mistaking its giant aerial for the Eiffel Tower.

(Forces in Combat#20) - The Baron pointed a bazooka in the window of one of the upper offices of the building and instructed those within to stay still.

(Forces in Combat#21) - The Baron warned those within that they had them surrounded, then amended this to "almost," then "not quite." Jumping into the office he announced he was there to kidnap the French President, only to find Goering and Quaill in the room, now accompanied by Goebbels. An annoyed Goering kicked the Baron back across to the zeppelin, shouting that he was still in London.

(Forces in Combat#26) - Donner, Blitzen and the Baron continued to fly the zeppelin around London, passing by Winston S. Quaill's house moments after Hitler crashlanded there.  

--(arm only) Forces in Combat#15; (full) Forces in Combat#17  (Forces in Combat#18, 20-21, 26

Donner and Blitzen

(Forces in Combat#17) - Donner and Blitzen were Nazi dwarfs who piloted Baron Knuckleduster's zeppelin on his mission to kidnap the French President.

(Forces in Combat#17 (fb) - BTS) - They ignored his instruction to turn left at Belgium, and so ended up over London rather than France. Once they arrived the Baron went on ahead to a party to locate their target while they waited in the zeppelin, hidden among the clouds.

(Forces in Combat#17) - Upon seeing the Baron's flare the zeppelin descended and the pair disembarked to hold the partygoers at gunpoint while the Baron sought to identify their target. When he discovered they were in the wrong country the Baron angrily hit both his minions on the head, then ordered them to return to the zeppelin.

(Forces in Combat#18) - As the zeppelin ascended Baron Knuckleduster noticed that Hermann Goering and Winston S. Quaill were hanging on to one of the ballast ropes. Disbelieving Goering's insistence that they were the Baron's beloved Fuhrer and Field Marshal, the Baron instructed Blitzen to cut the rope, which he eagerly did while Donner derisively declared the two hangers-on looked more like Laurel and Hardy.

(Forces in Combat#21) - Donner and Blitzen then piloted the zeppelin to Broadcasting House, mistaking its gigantic aerial for the Eiffel Tower. The Baron jumped across while the two minions observed from the zeppelin's basket, then after being corrected on their location flew the zeppelin away again once the Baron had reboarded the vehicle

(Forces in Combat#26) - Donner, Blitzen and the Baron continued to fly the zeppelin around London, passing by Winston S. Quaill's house moments after Hitler crashlanded there.  

--Forces in Combat#17  (Forces in Combat#18, 21, 26

Fritz Daschundkicker

(Forces in Combat#17) - Fritz Daschundkicker was a German sapper ordered to dig a secret Channel Tunnel from occupied Europe to Ramsgate to facilitate the Nazi's surprise attack. However he emerged at the bottom of Ye Olde Buck House Wishing Well to find Herman Goering and Winston S. Quaill. Mistaking Quaill for Hitler, Fritz briefly assumed he'd gone off course and dug into Hitler's Berlin bunker. Goering commandeered the tunnel as a way of getting Quaill to Germany, but Quaill then managed to breach the tunnel roof under the Thames River, causing a rapid flood that fired all three men back out of the well riding atop a water spout, where they were spotted by Neville Chamberlain.

(Forces in Combat#18) - Unlike Goering or Hitler-lookalike Winston, Chamberlain instantly realized Fritz was a Nazi and had him arrested and taken away by the police. 

--Forces in Combat#17  (Forces in Combat#18

Mr. T

The head of MI5, Mr. T was so used to speaking in code that he often did so in normal conversation, such as when Neville Chamberlain introduced him to Winston S. Quaill and Hermann Goering. He asked them both to join the Secret Service, then assigned them a mission investigating reports of Nazis infiltrating the BBC. After handing Winston a bundle of orders, he directed them towards the No.41 bus which would take them to Broadcasting House, reminded Winston to eat his orders, and wished them luck.


--Forces in Combat#18  (Forces in Combat#19

Joseph Goebbels

(Forces in Combat#20 (fb) - BTS) - Goebbels was sent to England to infiltrate the BBC. On Sunday he answered a BBC advert looking for a dishwasher to work at Broadcasting House and with a lot of hard work and the help of a squad of the Waffen SS by Tuesday he had risen to the top of the corporation.

(Forces in Combat#19) - He locked the Director General in a broom closet and took over his office. Soon after this he had visitors and was delighted to learn they were Hermann Goering and "Adolf Hitler" (actually Winston S. Quaill).

(Forces in Combat#20) - When Quaill asked who the two men in the broom closet were Goebbels kicked the closet door shut on the captives and joked that they were the Drama Department rehearsing a new play. He proceeded to explain how he had taken over the BBC, and informed them that it was now time to begin the propaganda service, starting with Adolf (Quaill) making a broadcast to the British public. Their discussion was interrupted however when a bazooka was pointed at them through the office window...

(Forces in Combat#21) - ...heralding the arrival of the inept Baron Knuckleduster. Once Goering had sent him on his way, Goebbels presented Quaill with a script to read, which Quaill mistook for a comedy sketch. Within moments of Quaill finishing reading the script on air, calling for Britain's surrender, angry Englishmen began banging on the studio door. Goebbels led Goering and Quaill through another exit to the roof, where he had a Nazi flying car ready, but it blew up when he tried to start it, leaving the trio stunned, blackened and at the mercy of the Englishmen who had just reached the roof.

(Forces in Combat#22) - Luckily the Englishmen mistook the trio for a minstrel show, and after selling the idea by singing a few songs the trio were able to flee the building. As they reached the street Goebbels confidently predicted that no one would recognize them thus disguised, just before a man in a passing car called out his name. However this proved to be Lord Haw Haw, a British traitor working for the Nazis, and he gave them a lift in his car while explaining he had their new orders, instructions to steal the Houses of Parliament. Shocked to discover he seemingly had Adolf Hitler in the car, Haw Haw crashed it into the Houses of Parliament, and they all clambered out, shaken but unhurt.

(Forces in Combat#23) - Goering suggested wrapping individual bricks to be posted back to Germany, but Goebbels derailed this suggestion, pointing out they wouldn't fit through the letterbox. Goebbels suggested starting by stealing just the Clocktower, and Quaill loaded it onto a trolley, allowing them to transport it to the docks. Asked by customs if they had anything to declare, Goering responded with "Nein," prompting Goebbels to insist "Even less." However the jig looked like it might be up when Big Ben suddenly chimed four o'clock, drawing the customs agent's attention.

(Forces in Combat#24) - After the agent mistook Quaill's honest answer that they were taking Big Ben to Germany for a joke, Goebbels covered by claiming it was merely a grandfather clock bought as a souvenir for his Aunt Fanny. When the agent noted it was a bit big for a grandfather clock, Goering amended the statement, saying it was a great-grandfather clock. This seemed to work, until the agent said he was going to get his policeman friend who was a fan of antiques. Fleeing while he was doing so, Goebbels suggested they stash the building somewhere until they could sort out transport. Quaill solved their dilemma by leaving it at Waterloo Station's lost and found, an idea Goebbels thought was so inspired that he praised Quaill saying if he kept it up he would soon be leader of the First Reich, never mind the Third. The trio set off to find somewhere to relax, oblivious to a bomb dropping towards them.

(Forces in Combat#25) - The trio continued to walk, unaware of the bomb falling above them.

(Forces in Combat#26) - The bomb bounced, taking out the plane that had dropped it, but as another plane began dropping bathroom fittings they were forced to seek shelter in a Nazi Memorabilia shop. Spotting a plane within, they used it to escape back to Germany.

--Forces in Combat#19  (Forces in Combat#20-26

Lord Haw Haw

(Forces in Combat#22) - Having received orders direct from Adolf Hitler to steal the Houses of Parliament and ship them back to Germany, everybody's favorite traitor Law Haw Haw was driving to his target when he spotted a soot-covered Joseph Goebbels emerging from Broadcasting House with two similarly blackened compatriots. Lord Haw Haw told them to jump in his car, and as he drove he explained his mission, deriding Hitler's insane plan. However when he glanced back he realized that one of his other passengers seemingly was the Fuhrer (except that of course it wasn't), and in a panic he turned in his seat to salute, causing them to crash into the Palace of Westminster Clocktower. Climbing from the smashed car unscathed, Haw Haw looked at the pile of bricks the impact had dislodged and pronounced it a good start.

(Forces in Combat#23) - An angry policeman approached to tell them they were not allowed to park there, but Haw Haw produced his card, identifying himself. Immediately the cop became obsequious and backed off, and, after giving his car a quick polish with his sleeve, Lord Haw Haw told the others he would see them later and departed, informing them he was due in the House.

Comments: Lord Haw Haw was a real world individual, William Joyce, who broadcast pro-Nazi propaganda to the UK from Germany during the war. Not an actual member of the British peership, his posh accent was an affectation for the radio.

--Forces in Combat#22  (Forces in Combat#23

Winston's mother

When Adolf Hitler crashlanded his plane in her yard, Winston's mother mistook him for her son and shouted out the window, asking how his trip to Ramsgate had been and telling him he was just in time for a cuppa. Adolf however was terrified to be confronted by "an Englander battleaxe" and declared himself finished.

--Forces in Combat#26

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Forces in Combat#12-15, 17-26 (24th July-21st August 1980, 4th September-5th November 1980) - Tim Quinn (writer), Dicky Howett (art), editor unrevealed

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