main imageMAD FILIPINO

Real Name: Guinaldo ?

Identity/Class: Normal human;
    Filipino citizenship;
    World War II time period

Occupation: Killer

Group Membership: Japanese Secret Service

Affiliations: Suoka

Enemies: Lieutenant Curtis, the Patriot (Jeff Mace)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York;
    formerly Philippines

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7 (December, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Guinaldo was a ruthless killer with the rare ability to go berserk during his killing spree. When he fought with hate, he didn't notice the pain of serious wounds, like the bleeding holes caused by bullets, thus fighting with vigor far beyond the average resistance of a human being.

    His favorite weapon was a great heavy bolo, with a long curved blade, similar to a scimitar.

    His melee battle technique included impressive screams like "Hai-Yai!", "I kill!" and "Ha-Ya!", which charged up his self-assurance, his resistance to pain, and frightened lesser adversaries.

Height: 6' (approximated, Guinaldo seemed just a bit less tall than the Patriot)
Weight: approximately 210 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

head shotHistory: (Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7 (fb) - BTS) - Guinaldo entered the U.S.A. illegally, helped by the Japanese Secret Service, in exchange for his services as a ruthless killer.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7) - Guinaldo received orders from Suoka, of the Japanese Secret Service, to murder Lieutenant Curtis.

    When the ship carrying Curtis was in quarantine at the New York docks, Guinaldo jumped onto it and ran to kill the officer. In his killing charge he slashed two sailors with his bolo and scattered the passengers. Curtis shot at him, emptying the handgun. Although wounded and bloodied, Guinaldo acted as nothing happened. Meanwhile, the previous screams had attracted Jeff Mace's attention, and he intervened as the Patriot. The Mad Filipino, still bleeding, and the Patriot tangled briefly but Guinaldo dropped his scimitar, which fell into the dock. The two adversaries exchanged blows, and Guinaldo managed to send the Patriot down for the count.

(Marvel Mystery Comics#27/6) - Seeing his enemy dazed, the Mad Filipino descended a rope to get his bolo, but this gave time to the Patriot to recover. Another Officer fired at Guinaldo at point blank range. Even so wounded, the maddened killer slashed the man, laughing. The Patriot wrestled with the Filipino, succeeding in disarming him: the scimitar fell into the sea. Grappled, Guinaldo freed himself biting the Patriot and run away, but only to crouch behind a corner so he could ambush the hero. His ruse worked and, the surprised Patriot hit the ground with the head, falling unconscious. So, the Mad Filipino took advantage of his enemy's blackout to go away, having noticed that his wounds were annoying him.

    Guinaldo reached Suoka's office, where the Japanese spy called a doctor, but the Mad Filipino claimed that his many wounds were mere flea bites. To treat the wounds he poured salt on them. Suoka, learning of his failure, ordered him to go to Washington and kidnap Curtis. Guinaldo received a new scimitar for the job, but the Patriot broke into the office, grabbing Suoka and hurling him toward the Filipino. The scimitar impaled the spy. Guinaldo stopped fighting, to check if his new bolo was dulled! So doing, he let the Patriot knock him out with a right swing.

    The Patriot called the Police to take care of the wild man. 

Comments: Created by Ray Gill and Ray Houlihan.

    There are many types of bolos. The ones wielded by Guinaldo seemed a heavier and larger version of a Yakan pirah sword.

    Sure seems like a superhuman ability to tolerate injury to me.

Profile by Spidermay

Guinaldo has no known connections to
any other character with a similar name.

Suoka has no known connections to any other character with a similar name.

Lieutenant Curtis has no known connections to:

curtisLieutenant Curtis

    Curtis was on Navy officer and an intelligence agent.

    The Naval Affairs Committee sent Lieutenant Curtis to the Orient for an investigation. There he learned intel that could damage the Japanese plans for the War: Japan intended to seize the Philippines as a base.

    His return in the U.S.A. to report to the Committee was known to the Japanese Secret Service, who set Guinaldo up to murder Curtis.

    When Curtis was attacked by the Mad Filipino he swiftly reacted, shooting at him, but the madman hit his gun with the scimitar and disarmed the Lieutenant. The Patriot's arrival saved Curtis.

--Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7 (Marvel Mystery Comics#27/6



Suoka lived in the U.S.A. and was a spy. He was the head of the United States branch of the Japanese Secret Service.

He had to prevent the information gathered by Lieutenant Curtis to be disclosed, so, he ordered to Guinaldo, the Filipino killer, to murder Curtis.

    Suoka was surprised to see Guinaldo bleeding from a dozen wounds, and still more surprised when the Filipino used salt to treat them. He learned about the Filipino's failure, and the Patriot's intervention, but still trusted Guinaldo. Suoka ordered him to go to Washington and kidnap the Lieutenant. The Japanese spy called an airport ordering to prepare a charter plane, then gave a second bolo to Guinaldo. They both were surprised by the Patriot, who entered smashing the window: the hero had followed the blood trail left by the Filipino. Suoka was lifted by the Patriot and hurled to be impaled by the swinging bolo.
    Dying, Suoka confessed that he had to kill Curtis because the Lieutenant knew that Japan intended to seize Philippines as a base.

 --Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7 (Marvel Mystery Comics#27/6

Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7, p1, pan1 (Ginaldo with his bolo)
Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7, p1, pan3 (head shot)
Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7, p2, pan3 (Curtis)
Marvel Mystery Comics#27/6, p4, pan3 (Suoka)

Marvel Mystery Comics#26/7 (December, 1941) - Ray Gill (writer), Ray Houlihan (artist), Joe Simon (editor)
Marvel Mystery Comics#27/6 (January, 1941) - Ray Gill (writer), Ray Houlihan (artist), Joe Simon (editor)

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