Membership: Clem Chowder, Dan Druff, "Jolly Joe" Josh, Professor O.U. Chiseler, Oscar Tittle

Purpose: To showcase shameful inventions or oddball behavior

Aliases: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: People who had to deal with them

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics I#10 (August, 1940)

History: (Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10) - The group known as the Hall of Shame consisted of oddball individuals, their origins unrevealed. They possessed traits that would be considered odd or shameful at the time.

Comments: Created by Gene Marrin.

Gene Marrin was the only credit given in this story. Additionally, the entire story was the single page you see as the main image in this profile. There was no group shot image.. --Proto-Man

Profile by David Lawrence.

The Hall of Shame has no known connections to:

Clem Chowder

"The All-American Screw-ball," Chowder was an inventor famous for making a revolving fishbowl, specifically for the American Goldfish, which was in danger of going extinct due to college student diets.

--Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10

Dan Druff

"Stingiest Man in the World," Druff found a way to ride trolly cars for free. While doing that, he spliced into the car's electrical lines and used it to power his electronic razor.

--Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10

"Jolly Joe" Josh

"Jolly Joe" Josh was the inventor of the double feature matinée, which sadly lead to a epidemic known as "double feature paralysis."

--Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10

Professor O.U. Chiseler

Professor O.U. Chiseler, I.O.U., P.D.Q., E.T.C., along with his assistant "Bullet-Proof" McNasty, made his fortune coating doorknobs in molasses and selling them as "all day suckers." For profit, he also stole baby prams, handed out razor blades to babies and enjoyed dipping children's lollipops in sand.

--Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10

Oscar Tittle

A victim of the first "candid camera fiend," Tittle failed to watch where he was going and subsequently had his picture taken as an elevator opened under him.

--Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10

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Marvel Mystery Comics I#10, p64, pans1-6 (all images in this profile)

Marvel Mystery Comics I#10/10 (August, 1940) - Gene Marrin (pencils, inks)

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