Kag tries to kill Captain AmericaKAG

Real Name: Kag

Identity/Class: Human, Asian; Post-World War II era

Occupation: Soldier, Chief, Spy Hunter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Commissar Kee-Sai, formerly Tim Potter

Enemies: Bucky (Jack Monroe), Captain America (William Burnside), Tim Potter

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed zone in the Eastern Asia.

First Appearance: Men's Adventures#28 (July, 1954)

Powers/Abilities: He was a normal human with the training of a soldier. He carried a gun but liked to use a kriss (a typical Malaysian knife).

(Men's Adventures#28/3) - A message for all the spies in the world arrived in a camp of spies in Asia: Kill Captain America!
    In a valley near the camp in Asia, Kag and his men attacked a convoy of American soldiers. Some of them fled, but two of them stayed and retaliated; they were Captain America and Bucky. Captain America was beating Kag's men, but Kag captured Bucky and threatened to kill him, forcing Captain America to surrender. His men also captured Tim Potter who didn't participate in the previous battle.
    Kag didn't kill the two American heroes; instead he brought the prisoners to his camp, to the High Commissar, to kill them in front of the television cameras. At the camp, Commissar Kee-Sai congratulated him. Tim Potter spoke to Kag and Kee-Sai in private.
    Before executing Captain America and Bucky, Tim Potter suggested to force Captain America to fight against the ten strongest soldiers of the camp, in order to humiliate the heroes. Kag assisted in the fight, but Potter sneakily took a shotgun and shot at the soldiers, freeing Cap and Bucky. Kag attacked Cap from behind trying to knife him, but Captain America hit the Asian spy and threw him in the fire. Kag died burning.

Comments: Created by ? (Script), John Romita (Pencils), John Romita (Inks).

    Nowhere is revealed the nationality of the spies, Chinese? Korean? However ,there were soldiers, a General and a High Commissar. It seemed to be an organized army of an Asian nation.

    This story is reprinted in: Marvel Super-Heroes II#12 (December 1967)

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Kag, has no known connections to

Tim Potter has no known connections to

Kee-San is looking for the missing americanHigh Commissar Kee-Sai

Kee-Sai was a High Commissar in an unspecified Army.

He was very happy when he saw Kag and his prisoners: three Americans, and two of them were Captain America and Bucky.

He soon ordered the execution of the heroes, but believed Potter was a collaborationist, so he was ready to accept the Potter's suggestion to have Cap fight against 10 enemies. He enjoyed the fight, but was the first to be killed by Potter with the gun he had stolen.

--Men's Adventures#28/3



Tim Potter after his second liberationTim Potter

Tim Potter was a soldier in the USA Army. He was captured by the enemies and drugged.

Other soldiers and he had been freed and taken to their camp when the enemies attacked the convoy. He fell from the truck, and Captain America and Bucky remained to defend him and the others' withdrawal. He was still drugged so he didn't do anything during the fight. He was captured.

At the camp of the spies, Kag and Kee-Sai believed he was a collaborationist so they accepted his suggestion when he proposed to have Captain America fight against the ten strongest soldiers of the camp. During the fight, everybody was distracted and didn't watch him. The drug had a weaker effect on him, so he grabbed a weapon and fired on the enemies. Captain America and Bucky did the rest of the work and overthrew the enemies.

--Men's Adventures#28/3

Men's Adventures#28/3, page 6, panel 6 (Kag)
Men's Adventures#28/3, page 5, panel 6 (Kee-Sai)
Men's Adventures#28/3, page 7, panel 8 (Tim Potter)

Men's Adventures#28 (July, 1954) - John Romita (artist)

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