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Real Name: Frank Carver

Identity/Class: Human (Post-World War II)

Occupation: Mailman

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), Namora (Aquaria Nautica Neptunia), Mrs. Welton & John Welton, elderly couple

Enemies: Waterfront Gang

Known Relatives: Harry Carver  (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Houseboat Row, unrevealed American city

First Appearance: Captain America Comics#68/3 (1947)

Powers/Abilities: Frank Carver had no superhuman powers, save for his always cheery, helpful personality. He regularly went out of his way to help others with their problems.

(Captain America Comics#68/3 (fb) - BTS) - Frank Carver was a well known mailman on Houseboat Row who was also friends with Namor and Namora. The pure hearted Frank did everything he could to help those in trouble. For instance, he had loaned Mrs. Welton some money to help pay for her husband's operation and afterwards arranged a position for him at the post office. Frank also went above and beyond a mail man's call of duty when he hired a detective agency to track down Eddie, the missing son of an elderly couple.

(Captain America Comics#68/3) - En route to walk his usual Houseboat Row route, Frank stopped to chat with the locals. He spoke with Mrs. Welton and handed the elderly couple a letter from their son. Near the end of his route, he spotted his son, Harry, coming out of the local bar called the Seaman's Roost, along with some thugs of the notorious Waterfront Gang. Concerned, he tried to talk to his son, but was unceremoniously shoved to the ground by his own son, who refused to listen to anything Frank had to say. Distraught by this development, Frank went to the pier to calm down. While there, he caught t the attention of his Atlantean friends Namor and Namora. After he told them the story, the duo promised to help Frank get his son out of trouble.

    Later while hitching a ride on a boat to the mainland, Frank and his partner were attacked by the Waterfront Gang. When he thought one of the guys looked familiar, he grabbed the man's scarf and saw it was his own son Harry, who was part of the heist. This caused Harry to attack the other gang members, until he got knocked out by their leader. Just then, Namor and Namora arrived to deal with the Waterfront Gang. Easily defeating the criminals, Namor and Namora watched as Frank learned Harry was actually a detective, working undercover to collect evidence against the members of the crime group. Overjoyed to learn his son hadn't gone bad, Frank felt like the happiest man in the world.

Comments: Created by an unknown (writer) and Paul Reinman (pencils).

    Since no one has been able to officially determine the identity of the author, there's no use in guessing.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Frank Carver has no known connections to

Harry Carver

    Harry Carver was the son of mailman Frank Carver, Harry had joined the force a year before the events of Captain America Comics#68/3. When he took the job to go work undercover to bring the infamous Waterfront Gang down from the inside he told his father he was in school to avoid suspicion. Harry infiltrated the gang and followed all their activities, until he gained enough evidence to take them down.

--Captain America Comics#68/3

Mrs. Welton & John Welton


    A couple who happily lived on Houseboat Row until John needed an unrevealed but too expensive a medical procedure. When their local mail man, Frank Carver, learned of this, he loaned the Weltons the money needed for John to have the operation. After he was back on his feet, Carver helped out once again by getting John a job at the post office so they could pay him back.

    John Welton is never seen on panel.

--Captain America Comics#68/3

Elderly couple

    An elderly couple who lived on Houseboat Row who had lost contact with their son Eddy. Mailman Frank Carver went out his way to hire a detective agency to track down their Eddy; he hadn't forgotten his parents, but was somewhat neglectful. The couple was over the moon when they received a nice, long letter from their son.

--Captain America Comics#68/3

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Captain America Comics#68, p16, pan4 (main image)
Captain America Comics#68, p17, pan2 (on the ground)
Captain America Comics#68, p20, pan4 (Harry Carver)
Captain America Comics#68, p16, pan1 (Mrs Welton)
Captain America Comics#68, p16, pan3 (Elderly couple)

Other Appearances:
Captain America Comics#68/3 - ? (writer), Paul Reinman (pencils), ? (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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