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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human of Inuit heritage

Occupation: Professional criminal

Group Membership: Superia's Femizons (Anaconda/Blanche Sitznski, Arclight/Philippa Sontag, Battleaxe/Anita Ehren, Black Lotus, Bloodlust/Beatta Dubiel, Bombshell/Wendy Conrad, Chimera, Dansen Macabre, Dragoness/Tamara Kurtz, Dragonfly/Veronica Dultry, Ferocia (formerly Fera), Frenzy/Joanna Cargill, Gladiatrix/Robin Braxton, Golddigger/Angela Golden, Gypsy Moth/Sybil Dvorak, Impala, Ion/Voletta Todd, Karisma/Mary Brown, Knockout/Elizabeth Rawson, Mindblast/Daniella Forte, MODAM/Olinka Barankova, Mysteria, Pink Pearl/Pearl Gross, Poundcakes/Marian Pouncy, Princess Python/Zelda DuBois, Quicksand, Screaming Mimi/Melissa Gold, Steel Wind/Ruriko Tsumura, Titania/Mary MacPherran, Vapor/Ann Darnell, Vertigo (Savage Land Mutates), Water Witch, Whiplash/Leeann Foreman, Whiteout, Wrangler, Yellowjacket/Rita DeMara)

Affiliations: Superia, Superia's lieutenants (Blackbird/Heather O'Gara, Iron Maiden/Melina Vostokovna, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Nightshade/Tilda Johnson, Snapdragon/Sheoke Sanada), Wrangler

Enemies: Asp (Cleo Nefertiti), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Diamondback (Rachel Leighton), Hazmat (Jennifer Takeda), Mettle (Ken Mack), Paladin, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:  Unrevealed,
                                    formerly Infinity Avengers Mansion holding cells,
                                    formerly Superia's yacht,
                                    formerly Femizonia Island, South Atlantic

First Appearance: Captain America I#387 (Early July, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Through undetermined ways, Ice Princess can generate and project intense cold. She can cover her victims in rapidly forming sheets of ice, instantaneously summon a fierce, localized ice storm or focus her cold blasts into razor sharp shards she can launch from her hands with great accuracy.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'9")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 140 lbs.)
Eyes: White
Hair: White


(Captain America I#392 (fb) - BTS) - The supervillain known as Ice Princess was of Inuit descent, but spoke fluid English. Through unrevealed ways she gained control over ice and frost. Her exploits remained largely unknown, though Superia was aware of her existence.

(Captain America I#387 - BTS) - Ice Princess was one of dozens of costumed, super powered women with villainous intent approached by agents of Superia to join her cause. They gathered on board Superia's yacht, posing as ordinary travelers in their civilian clothing bound for Femizonia Island.

(Captain America I#388 - BTS) - Ice Princess remained below decks during the day, not involving herself with the (not so) friendly sparring matches some of the other super powered passengers engaged in above board.

(Captain America I#389) - Later that night, Ice Princess attended the Pageant of Power, a ceremony hosted by Princess Python who called all of the female villains on stage one by one for a brief introduction. Once Ferocia got on stage, her keen senses instantly picked up the presence of Captain America and Paladin (who had snuck on board to rescue Diamondback). Deadly Nightshade ordered Ice Princess and the others to get the male heroes, promising double allowance to whoever stopped them.

(Captain America I#390) - Ice Princess joined Frenzy and Ferocia in their attempt to subdue Paladin. She covered the right side of his body in ice, leaving the mercenary helpless to defend himself. Paladin yelled out for Captain America who dodged Vapor, Impala and Whiplash to reach Paladin. Ice Princess could not prevent the Avenger from freeing his associate. She then joined Vertigo, Weather Witch, Wrangler and Whiplash in pummeling their assailants from all angles. The fight ended when Whiplash caught Paladin and Cap was so distracted dodging Ice Princess' shard blasts that he was unable to avoid Knockout's coup de grace.

(Captain America I#390 - BTS) - Upon arrival at Femizonia Island, Cap and Paladin were immediately brought before Superia who decided she would turn them into women.

(Captain America I#391) - Fresh off the boat, Ice Princess and her fellow new arrivals were greeted by Superia who welcomed them to her utopian isle. She promised them they would soon become the most important people on Earth (Superia intended to bring forth the Femizonia foretold by Thundra by launching a rocket that would sterilize all the woman on Earth except for those she brought together on her hermetically sealed island).

(Captain America I#392) - After Captain America and Paladin were freed thanks to Diamondback and her friends Asp and Black Mamba, the Femizons were tasked to seek them out. Ice Princess, along with Iron Maiden, Whiteout and Ferocia ran into Paladin, Diamondback and Asp. Whiteout tried to blind the trio, but Asp's energy blast took her out. Ice Princess stepped up to the plate, speaking the words "Experience winter" in Inuit while she summoned a fearsome icestorm that pounded her victims. Calling off the storm to let Ferocia and Iron Maiden engage Asp and Paladin, Ice Princess formed two deadly icicles she threw at Diamondback who overcame her fear in time to grab the projectiles in midair. She used one of them to stab Ferocia, which freed up Asp to blast the Iron Maiden.

(Captain America I#392 - BTS) - Ice Princess was defeated as well. To make sure they could leave Femizonia undetected, Paladin, Asp and Diamondback put on the full body costumes of Ice Princess, Iron Maiden and Whiteout and snuck away.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front I#1) - With most of the New York City police tied up at a riot in Lower Manhattan, Ice Princess and Wrangler teamed up to go on a crime spree uptown. They were opposed by Speedball and Avengers recruits Hazmat and Mettle. Hazmat used her powers to negate Ice Princess' cold projection, leaving her wide open for Speedball to knock her out. After Mettle disarmed Wranger, both women were transported to a temporary holding cell in the Infinite Avengers Mansion pending their transfer to the Raft. 

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Rik Levins, Danny Bulanadi.

Ah, always a princess, never a queen. Let it go, let it go... Blessedly little has been revealed about her origins, even the full range of her powers remains a mystery. Her cold generation might be technological in nature, she could be a mutant, a mutate or mystically empowered. It doesn't help that in over 30 years, Ice Princess has only had two lines of dialogue: "What have we here?" and what should really be her catchphrase: "Experience winter".

This profile was completed 8/11/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Norvo.

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Captain America I#392, p14, pan2 (main image)
Captain America I#389, p20, pan1 (attending the Power Pageant)
Captain America I#392, p16, pan4 (experience winter)
Captain America I#392, p17, pan2 (throwing icicles)
Fear Itself The Home Front I#1 p1, pan1 (attacking Hazmat)

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