Alpha Flight mingle

Instigator: Unrevealed (possibly the European Union?)

Purpose: Political, superhuman and cultural exchange

Participants: Alpha Flight (Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski), Vindicator (Heather Hudson), Weapon Omega), Micromax, Omerta, le Peregrine, Prodigy, Shamrock, Ursula, various other unnamed European superheroes and dignitaries

Opposition: Brain Drain

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#108 (May, 1992)



Polite introductions


(Alpha Flight I#108) - Switzerland hosted the first Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs with the countries of Europe and the Canadian team Alpha Flight present to provide cultural exchanges of ideas, information and goodwill in regards to their superhuman populations. Some of the well-known dignitaries were le Peregrine from France, Shamrock of Ireland, Micromax of England, Omerta from Italy and Prodigy from Poland.

(Alpha Flight I#108) - As Alpha Flight were being introduced to some of Europe’s greatest champions via satellite (Peregrine, Shamrock, Micromax, Omerta and Prodigy), the villainous former Nazi agent, Brain Drain, broke up the proceedings and used his mental abilities to hypnotize Europe's heroes. Brain Drain then commanded them to hunt down and kill their country's leaders. Alpha Flight quickly responded to his attack and quickly defeated him, thereby ending the immediate threat to the Conference. Alpha Flight then set off individually to stop the mind-controlled European heroes from carrying out their assassination attacks. Alpha Flight successfully ended the threats and returned once again to the Conference alongside their European counterparts. The countries of Europe were thankful for Alpha Flight's timely assistance and a good time was had by all.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell (writer) and Tom Morgan (pencils & inks).

The results of the conference and what this may have achieved remain unknown. If anything, how did the events in the US superhero Civil War affect the nations of Europe and did this event help these nations to better prepare themselves with this tragic conflict and how to deal with their own superhuman population?

See Civil War: Battle Damage Report to learn how it affected Great Britain, France and Latveria and the entry for S.H.E. in the same issue helps too.

Ursula may have also appeared in Marvel Comics Presents I#124. A woman named Ursula was on Peregrine's itinerary and met him at his plane as he was preparing to take the mutant Lynx back to his employer, Imus Champion.

Is it possible that the Super Heroes of Europe (S.H.E.) were involved in this event - or even an outcome from it?  Presumably there were other such conferences held ---GrendelPrime

If there were more conferences held since then I'm sure that members of Euroforce, Gemini, the Soviet Super Soldiers or the Kinsmen were present at some point. Others that could've attended such a conference include Vormund, Blitzkrieger (who couldn't attend the first one), Saberbat or some of the many British and Russian heroes.
I wonder who Austria could send. Our number one pick Irene Adler (Destiny) is dead.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

The Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs has no known connections to:

Ursula the Swiss hero


Ursula hailed from Switzerland, hosted the first Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs in Geneva and wore a superhero costume to display the superhuman technology developed from her native country. She introduced Alpha Flight to Europe’s greatest heroes via satellite (Peregrine, Shamrock, Micromax, Omerta and Prodigy). During the introductions, the evil Brain Drain attacked and sent shards of ice from a nearby table. Ursula was pushed safely out of harm's way by the actions of Weapon Omega.

She was shown to be able to levitate off the ground and emit some sort of light or energy from her body powered by her outfit. Other than that, she possessed no real superpowers of her own. The costume's other abilities and functions remain unknown.

--Alpha Flight I#108 (see comments)





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Alpha Flight I#108, p20, panel 1 (with Micromax, Peregrine & Shamrock)

p3, panel 1 (with Walter Langkowski & Vindicator)
p2, panel 1 (Ursula)

Alpha Flight I#108 (May, 1992) - Scott Lobdell (writer), Tom Morgan (pencils & inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

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