Parnell Jacobs

Real Name: Parnell Jacobs

Identity/Class: Human;
   formerly technology user

Occupation: Security and hardware expert, "One-Man Pit Crew";
   formerly mercenary, arms dealer;
   formerly United States Air Force pilot

Group Membership: "Team War Machine" (Suzi Endo, Dr. Glenda Sandoval, War Machine (James Rhodes), War Machine Armored Support 01 (Bethany Cabe), War Machine Armored Support 02 (Lt. Jake Oh) )

Affiliations: Mockingbird (Morse), Roberta Rhodes, Ronin (Barton), Tigra (Nelson), War Machine (Rhodes), Wonderman, unnamed mercenaries;
   formerly General Luis Augustine, Sunset Bain, Stuart Clarke

Enemies: Eaglestar International (Davis Harmon, others), HAMMER, Iron Man (Stark), Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Morgan Stark, Ultimo, Warbird (Danvers);
   formerly American Eagle (Strongbow)

Known RelativesDr. Glenda Sandoval (wife)

Aliases: "Big Bird", "Parns", War Machine

Base of Operations: Mobile;
   formerly the War Machine Satellite;
   formerly Santo Marco;
   formerly an unidentified prison;
   formerly a warehouse at Kingsland and North Henry, Brooklyn, New York;
   formerly London, England;
   formerly North Africa

First Appearance: Iron Man III#11 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: A United States Air Force combat veteran, Parnell Jacobs used his training to pilot the rebuild War Machine armor. Jacobs' armor had the same attributes as the original suit -- jet boots, repulsor rays, energy cannons, rocket launchers -- with some additional armaments. The armor later had a tank-like outer shell added to it, along with a greater stockpile of weaponry, including a wrist-mounted pulse-phaser rifle, but this additional gear was soon discarded.
   As member of War Machine's pit crew, Jacobs has displayed advanced engineering skills (his understanding of the War Machine armor is second only to Tony Stark) and first aid skills.


(Iron Man III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Parnell Jacobs joined the United States Air Force and underwent pilot training.

(Iron Man III#20/War Machine II#1 (fb)) - While stationed in Sin-Cong, Jacobs' chopper was shot down. Rescued by fellow officer James "Rhodey" Rhodes, they soon formed a strong bond.

(War Machine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs once picked every lock in a Sin-Congolese detention center.

(Iron Man III#14 (fb) - BTS) - Rhodes grew to think of Jacobs as a brother.

(Iron Man III#20 (fb)) - Jacobs and Rhodes spent time together on and off duty. While serving near Hawaii, Jacobs carried an injured Rhodes to a base hospital. While there, Rhodes introduced Jacobs to his childhood friend Dr. Glenda Sandoval, and the two soon fell in love.

(War Machine II#1 (fb)) - Jacobs married Glenda at the Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii.

(Iron Man III#20 (fb)) - Jacobs talked Rhodes into becoming a mercenary, luring him with the prospect of great wealth. In time, Rhodes grew to dislike the jobs Jacobs lined up and finally ended his partnership with Jacobs after they were hired as gun runners for the dictator of Santo Marco, General Luis Augustine.

(Punisher War Journal II#17 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs befriended Stuart Clarke, founder of Clarke Futuristics. Despite a good working relationship, Clarke regarded Jacobs as being "useless in a clutch" and not being much of an idea man.

(Iron Man III#14 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs' work brought him to Casablanca, where he regularly patronized a local bar.

(Iron Man III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs spent time in North Africa before settling down with Glenda in London, England.

(Iron Man III#19/War Machine II#1 (fb)) - Jacobs found the War Machine armor formerly worn by Rhodes.

(Iron Man III#19 (fb)) - Jacobs promised Glenda he'd give up the mercenary and munitions trade as soon as he sold the armor.

(Iron Man III#19/War Machine II#1 (fb)) - Jacobs arranged the sale of the armor to Clarke, now also known as the criminal Rampage.

(Iron Man III#19/Punisher War Journal II#17 (fb)) - Jacobs brought Clarke the armor, standing by while he inspected the helmet.

(Iron Man III#11 (fb) - BTS) - Clarke later sold the armor to Sunset Bain.

(Iron Man III#19 (fb) - BTS) - Clarke rebuilt the armor, adding additional armaments during its reconstruction.

(Iron Man III#11 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs continued to work with Clarke, training with the revised War Machine armor.

(Iron Man III#18 (fb) - BTS) - To ensure secrecy around his use of the War Machine armor, Jacobs used his contacts to eliminate anyone who would connect him to it or track down Glenda.

(Iron Man III#11) - After several weeks of training, Jacobs was called into action as War Machine and sent to attack the Astrodyne Systems plant in Redmond, Washington. Confronted by Iron Man, War Machine saw an opportunity to test the limits of his armor. Defeating Iron Man, War Machine was stopped from finishing him off by Warbird. Escaping her, War Machine held Iron Man over the edge of the roof of the Astrodyne plant, telling Warbird he would throw him over if she didn't let him finish his job.

(Iron Man III#12) - Iron Man recovered long enough to free himself from War Machine, giving Warbird an opening to attack. Firing at them, War Machine's blast hit Astrodyne. Attacking Iron Man and Warbird while they argued over her recent dismissal from the Avengers, War Machine successfully destroyed the Astrodyne plant. Offered a bonus to be extra destructive, War Machine engaged Iron Man and Warbird again, taking on the latter alone after Iron Man's departure. Returning with a Negator Pack designed to shut down any construct containing Stark technology, Iron Man attached it to War Machine who tore the device off, crushing it. Striking a surprised Iron Man, War Machine fled, having completed his assignment.

Parnell Jacobs in the War Machine armor (Iron Man III#19 (fb) - BTS) - Clarke upgraded the armor, making it larger and more "tank-like."

(Iron Man III#18) - Jacobs watched a news report on Iron Man and Warbird's fight with Golden-Blade and Sapper. Wanting to test out his new and improved War Machine armor and eliminate the heroes, Sunset Bain persuaded him into waiting. Bain later saw Jacobs off from the Baintronics corporate headquarters.

(Iron Man III#19) - Flying through restricted airspace in the new War Machine armor, Jacobs shot down several fighter jets, leaving the pilots alive as a warning. Later, ambushing Iron Man en route to Baintronics, War Machine showed off the full extent of Clarke's upgrades to the armor. Watching the fight, Bain decided to eliminate Iron Man using the Jocasta artificial intelligence, utilizing it to launch weapon systems before remarking that it was "too bad" that War Machine would be caught in the attack.

(Iron Man III#20) - Avoiding most of the smart weapon attack, War Machine readied his systems to take Iron Man out. Halted by the timely arrival of Rhodes and Glenda, Jacobs' recollections of his past and Glenda's reminder that he promised to sell the armor distracted him long enough for Iron Man to recover and hack into Bain's Jocasta system. Iron Man used the connection to reroute Bain's hunter missiles at War Machine, damaging the armor but failing to completely stop him. Reminded by Rhodes of the rescue in Sin-Cong years earlier, Jacobs stopped his rampage against Iron Man, discarding the damaged exterior of the War Machine suit. Jacobs flew away in the original suit held within.

(Punisher War Journal II#17 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs hid most of the War Machine armor in a Brooklyn warehouse to use at a later date. Soon after, he was arrested and imprisoned.

   As demand for the technology used in Stark's Iron Man suits grew on the black market, Bain, believing the newly paroled Jacobs might have hidden parts of the suit prior to his arrest, began tracking him down.

(Punisher War Journal II#17) - Two weeks after his parole, Jacobs contacted Clarke for protection from Bain, arranging a meeting at St. Marks Church in New York. Revealing to Clarke that he did have pieces of the War Machine suit hidden and that he planned on selling it rather than wear it again, Clarke shot Jacobs three times, leaving him for dead.

(War Machine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs survived the shooting but laid low after recovering, using the rumors of his death to operate in secret. Months later, Jacobs contacted Glenda, who was furious he'd let her believe he'd died.

(War Machine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs operated out of Santo Marco.

(War Machine II#1) - Jacobs watched War Machine (Jim Rhodes, now a cyborg following injuries incurred during a terrorist attack) tear through the Santo Marco armed forces, which included a retrofitted Sentinel, while protecting innocent Santo Marco citizens.
   With the army stopped, War Machine took Jacobs to his satellite, revealing that Jacobs' knowledge of the War Machine armor qualified him to assist in the reconfiguration of the armor to reduce the stress on Rhodes' system. Skepical of Rhodes' mission statement to kill all the "bad guys", Jacobs accepted when he learned that Glenda signed on with Eaglestar International as a medic, but was being held prisoner by Eaglestar in war-torn Aqiria.

(War Machine II#1/War Machine II#7) - Using parts from the recovered Sentinel, Jacobs amped up War Machine's armaments, adding, among other things, the ability for the armor to incorporated other technology into it.

(War Machine II#2) - In contact with Rhodes' associate Bethany Cabe, Jacobs used a robotic fly equipped with a two-way radio and camera to speak to Glenda in her holding cell, reassuring her that she'd be freed and her captors would pay. Continuing to monitor War Machine, Jacobs warned him of oncoming missiles, which War Machine caught and ultimately added to his arsenal. As War Machine approached the crate holding Glenda, Jacobs sent him files on the men that had been holding her.

(War Machine II#3) - Jacobs continued to observe Glenda's rescue, using his vantage point to aid War Machine. Watching as War Machine fought Ares (sent to Aqiria by Norman Osborn), Jacobs was devastated when Glenda took the life of Eaglestar CEO Davis Harmon and was subsequently infected with Eaglestar's Ultimo virus.

(War Machine II#4) - Jacobs continued to follow War Machine as he tried to help Glenda while fighting back Ares and the Eaglestar contractors infected with the Ultimo virus.

(War Machine II#5) - Speaking to Rhodes' associate Suzi Endo, Jacobs revealed he found an E.M.P. generator on the satellite, and that he was bringing the satellite closer to Earth and within range of the virus. Arriving as War Machine absorbed the virus from those infected, Jacobs ejected from the satellite, dropping it on War Machine while E.M.P. activated. Recovered from the escape pod by Glenda, Jacobs enjoyed the moment of calm with his wife, before they gathered with War Machine, Cabe, Endo and former Eaglestar contractor Jake Oh to bring their fight to the United States and whoever created the Ultimo virus.

(War Machine II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Jacobs and the others determined that the Ultimo virus was created in the Mackelroy Army Base, a hundred miles from the home of Rhodes' mother in the Navajo Nation.

(War Machine II#6) - Jacobs and the other members of War Machine's pit crew arrived at Rhodes' mother's house, where they'd be safely out of the jurisdiction of the agencies interested in their capture. Jacobs watched Oh wear a suit of War Machine armor to distract American Eagle (who, as a member of the Navajo Nation, wanted to ensure the safety of the reservation), while War Machine successfully attacked the military base.

(War Machine II#7) - Jacobs and the pit crew arrived at the army base, where Rhodes was contending with Ultimo's head. While War Machine and American Eagle deactivated the Ultimo head (by taking one of his eyes and absorbing the technology to use against it), Jacobs and Glenda tended to soldiers injured in the chaos.

(War Machine II#8) - Piloting a shuttlecraft, Jacobs and Endo followed War Machine to the next Ultimo component, which they found in a commercial airline flight over Arizona. Unable to reach the flight in time (due to the arrival of several of Rhodes former West Coast Avengers teammates), Jacobs was able to do little more than watch as Morgan Stark, Tony's cousin, drank Ultimo's liquid Neural Net, becoming an Ultimo himself.

(War Machine II#9) - Glenda and Parnell tended people in the Basinville National Forest injured by the plants turned into metal by Ultimo.

(War Machine II#10) - Parnell and Morgan Stark watched War Machine's fight with Iron Patriot. Parnell realized that Osborn had figure out how to jam War Machine's magno locks and that War Machine would need three hours to reconfigure his systems. At this point Parnell knew War Machine couldn't beat Iron Patriot.

(War Machine II#11) - After War Machine got imprisoned Parnell, Jake Oh and Glenda discuessed how to break him out when Bethany Cabe revealed to them that War Machine called a lawyer (Matt Murdock, duh) instead of them and didn't want to be freed. They sent out drones to the prison where War Machine was held to distract Osborn from their real plan.

(War Machine II#11 - BTS) - Parnell accompanied Jake Oh and Bethany when they stole James Rhodes' cloned body from Osborntech Laboratories in Bancor, Maine.

(War Machine II#12) - Rhodes contacted his team to learn from Parnell that they had his cloned body and how they would proceed to get his consciousness into the body. When Osborn interrupted the conversation Rhodes told his team to evacuate immediately. HAMMER attacked Team War Machine and retrieved the clone, which Osborn later claimed was the real James Rhodes, but as it later turned out this was all part of their plan to get Rhodes' consciousness into his cloned body.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek (writer), Sean Chen (penciler) and Larry Stucker & Eric Cannon (inkers).

   It's unclear when Jacobs and Stuart Clarke first met, so the placement of their first encounter in the profile is subject to change (it may have actually been that they first met when Jacobs arranged the sale of the War Machine armor to him).

   The War Machine armor Jacobs found is the suit James Rhodes lost in the time-stream in War Machine I#17-19.

   Jacobs appeared to be balding during his Punisher War Journal appearance, but has been depicted with a full head of hair in all other appearances. When later seen in War Machine II#1, Jacobs once again has a full head of hair.

   According to War Machine II#1, the total number of civilians killed by munitions and arms distributed by Jacobs is 3,251.

   Jacobs may have appeared in a flashback to Rhodes time in Sin-Cong in War Machine II#6, but since it's not totally clear that it's supposed to be Jacobs, it's not included in the full profile.

Profile by G Morrow.

CLARIFICATIONS: Parnell Jacobs has no known connections to

Parnell Jacobs as War Machine should not be mistaken for:


Dr. Glenda Sandoval

(War Machine II#5 (fb)) - Born half-black, half-Puerto Rican, Glenda Sandoval had trouble fitting in as a child.

(War Machine II#1/War Machine II#4 (fb)) - Glenda met Jim Rhodes as children in South Philadelphia. While using a magnifying glass to burn ants that killed a caterpillar, Glenda was approached by Rhodes. Offering him the magnifying glass, Rhodes was soon pulled away by his mother, who dragged him away.

(War Machine II#5 (fb)) - Becoming close friends, Glenda and Rhodes kissed for the first time. Asking him about a bandage on his head, Rhodes denied he'd been hit, but was told that since they'd kissed they can't lie to each other anymore. With that, Rhodes asked Glenda who left a lump on her neck, and was told that it was a result of "the black kids (hating) me 'cause I'm Puerto Rican, (and) the Puerto Rican kids (hating) me 'cause I'm black".

(War Machine II#6 (fb)) - Seeing that Glenda was being bullied for her mixed heritage, Rhodes raced to her rescue, striking one of the bullies across the head with a piece of wood. The bully was later taken to the hospital and Glenda and Rhodes were taken away by the police.
   Glenda tried to defend Rhodes' actions before a judge, but he was still sentenced to six months in juvenile hall.

(Iron Man III#20/War Machine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Glenda became a doctor, operating out of a military base hospital in Hawaii.

(Iron Man III#20 (fb) - BTS) - Rhodes introduced Glenda to USAF pilot Parnell Jacobs at the base hospital.

(War Machine II#1 (fb)) - Glenda married Jacobs at the Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii.

(Iron Man III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Glenda and Jacobs moved to London, their lifestyle supported by Jacobs' mercenary work.

(Iron Man III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Glenda hoped that Jacobs would give up his mercenary and munitions work after he discovered an old suit of War Machine armor. Traveling to the USA to sell the armor, he promised Glenda he would quit once he sold the armor.

Dr. Glenda Sandoval

(Iron Man III#15) - Glenda was stunned by the arrival of Rhodes at her London home, bloodied from a recent attack.

(Iron Man III#18) - Glenda traveled with Rhodes to the USA, stunned that Jacobs went back on his word and was now wearing the War Machine armor.

(Iron Man III#19) - Glenda and Rhodes were met at the airport by Pepper Potts. Glenda expressed her disbelief that Jacobs was actually wearing the War Machine armor, telling them that he was a good man at heart and of his promise to sell the armor and quit. Glenda continued to remind the others of this as they arrived at Tony Stark's Washington state base of operations.

(Iron Man III#20) - Glenda and Rhodes arrived at a fight between War Machine and Iron Man, hoping to talk him into standing down. Finally believing the truth about Jacobs, Glenda broke down in tears. She later apologized to Iron Man for the trouble Jacobs caused, and was tended to by Rhodes.

(War Machine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Glenda reconciled with Jacobs, but they had a major falling out when Jacobs, after faking his death for months, contacted Glenda who was furious for what he'd put her through. Not long after, Glenda signed on with Eaglerstar International as a medic.

(War Machine II#1 (fb)) - After finishing an Eaglestar training course, Glenda was sent to Aqiria.

(War Machine II#1/War Machine II#2/War Machine II#3 (fb)) - Glenda was ambushed as part of an experiment by Eaglestar and injected with the Ultimo virus by it's CEO David Harmon. Placed in quarantine, Glenda was beaten and raped by several of Eaglestar's soldiers and denied medical treatment.

(War Machine II#1) - Rhodes and Jacobs saw footage of Glenda in her holding cell.

(War Machine II#2) - Injured and held prisoner in a shipping crate, Glenda was contacted by Jacobs using a remote-controlled fly. Reassured that help was coming, Glenda tried to convince War Machine not to kill the Eaglestar operatives that attacked her (or stood by during the attacks) because she wanted Eaglestar to be prosecuted for it's crimes.

(War Machine II#3) - Harmon opened Glenda's cell, boasting that as a private multinational corporation Eaglestar was free of the threat of prosecution by US courts. Taking a gun from former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned Eaglestar contractor Jake Oh, Glenda shot and killed Harmon. Soon after, Glenda stood by as Ares (who'd been sent to Aqiria by Norman Osborn) opened a door holding back infectees of Eaglestar's Ultimo virus, falling victim to it herself.

(War Machine II#4) - Attacking War Machine, Glenda was gunned down by Ares. While tended to by Oh and Eaglestar medics, Glenda recovered on her own. Moving through Aqiria, Glenda and the others infected with the Ultimo virus turned Oh's team and Ares, and continued into Makazan, Aqiria's capital city.

(War Machine II#5) - Glenda and the others began infecting the citizens of Makazan, including visiting American Senator Chambers. Drawing the infected to him, War Machine assimilated the Ultimo virus and was able to cure the victims, including Glenda. Reunited with Jacobs, Glenda was still shaken by the recent events of her life but glad to be safe and with Rhodes and Jacobs. Offered a deal for their thwarting of the virus by Norman Osborn (in Glenda's case, the promise of testifying before congress about Eaglestar's criminal practices), Glenda and the others collectively turned him down to track down the source of the Ultimo virus on American soil.

(War Machine II#6) - Using Rhodes' mother's house in the Navajo Nation to avoid Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R.'s jurisdiction, Glenda and the others were instead confronted by American Eagle. Breaking Jake Oh's nose during a brief skirmish, American Eagle, who engaged them to ensure the safety of the reservation, allowed Glenda to tend to his injury.

(War Machine II#7) - Joining War Machine at the army base housing Ultimo's head, Glenda and Parnell tended to soldiers wounded during the chaos.

(War Machine II#9) - Glenda and Parnell tended people in the Basinville National Forest injured by the plants turned into metal by Ultimo.

(War Machine II#10) - Glenda tried to save the dying War Machine, but HAMMER cut her off and put War Machine into an armored car, which he incorporated into his armor. When Iron Patriot fought War Machine Glenda tried to contact Jake Oh and Bethany to come to War Machine's aid, but War Machine interrupted her calls to them because he realized that there won't be another day for him (as a cyborg at least).

(War Machine II#11) - After War Machine got imprisoned Parnell, Jake Oh and Glenda discuessed how to break him out when Bethany Cabe revealed to them that War Machine called a lawyer instead of them and didn't want to be freed. Glenda was mad at Bethany because she didn't forget how Rhodes saved her from Eaglestar. They sent out drones to the prison where War Machine was held to distract Osborn from their real plan. Glenda flew Jake Oh and Bethany to Osborntech Laboratories in Bancor, Maine where they stole James Rhodes' cloned body.

(War Machine II#12) - Rhodes contacted his team and Glenda informed him that the clone was perfect and that only Rhodes' consciousness needed to be uploaded to it. When Osborn interrupted the conversation Rhodes told his team to evacuate immediately. HAMMER attacked Team War Machine and retrieved the clone, which Osborn later claimed was the real James Rhodes, but as it later turned out this was all part of their plan to get Rhodes' consciousness into his cloned body.

--Iron Man III#15 (Iron Man III#18-20, War Machine II#1-7, 9-12

images: (without ads)
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Iron Man III#19, p1, pan1 (as War Machine)
War Machine II#2, p3, pan1 (Dr. Glenda Sandoval)
War Machine II#4, p3, pan4 (Glenda as a child)

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