Official Name: Kingdom of Aqiria (Mamlakat al-'Aqiriyya)

Continent: Asia

Population: 7,493,000

Capital City: Makazan;
    formerly Burbok

Government: Absolute monarchy

Environment: Desert

Languages: Arabic

National Defense: Air Defense Force, Air Force, Land Forces (Army), Ministry of Interior Forces (paramilitary), National Guard, Royal Guard

Places of Interest: (Burbok): al-Kafir Palace, Aqiria International Airport; (Hamraa): al-Fasaud Palace; (Makazan): Alambia Market

Domestic Super Humans: Al-Thahab Al-Aswad, Fasaud (Farouk al-Fasaud)

Non Human Population: None

Prominent Citizens: President Abdi, King Kahil al-Kafir;
    formerly Sheikh Muhammed al-Kafir, Fasaud, Emperor Trajan (Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus)

Superhuman Residents: None

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#308 (November, 1987)

Flag of AqiriaHistory

(Marvel Atlas#2 (fb) - BTS) - The first inhabitants of Aqiria were Nabataean traders who used the area's desert oases while traveling between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. In 110 A.D., the Roman Emperor Trajan conquered Aqiria and made it part of the Roman Empire until, in the 7th Century, Aqiria was conquered by the Arabs during the Byzantine-Arab Wars. After escaping Ottoman conquest in 1560, the modern Kingdom of Aqiria was established by Sheikh Muhammed al-Kafir to promote a more purified version of Islam. Becoming a close ally to the USA in the mid-20th Century Cold War against Soviet Russia, Aqiria became one of the wealthiest nations when oil reserves were discovered there in May 1940.

(Fantastic Four I#309 (fb) - BTS) - In recent years, after gaining power and wealth from oil, Sheikh Farouk al-Fasaud befriended Aqirian King Kahil al-Kafir and was appointed Aqiria's oil minister.

 (Fantastic Four I#308 (fb)) - The oil minister of Aqiria, Sheikh Farouk al-Fasaud, met with the delegates of OPEC, using his wealth and power to force the west to accept OPEC's decisions whenever it suited Fasaud's portfolio to do so. He also used his influence to reject OPEC whenever it was monetarily beneficial to do so. CBS reporter Gregory Dunbar soon began an investigation into Fasaud's activities, causing news reporters to hound Fasaud and eventually launching a full-scale investigation into Fasaud's activities. Blaming Gregory Dunbar for his problems, Fasaud learned that Dunbar was in Aqiria preparing a news report and attacked the reporter personally in the studio. Striking the camera with his knife, Fasaud's body was transformed into electromagnetic energy, causing his physical body to flicker away, replaced with an energy form. Dunbar quickly fled.

(Fantastic Four I#310 (fb) - BTS) - Combining Aqiria's oil money with foreign aid and Fasaud's access to international data banks, Aqiria created an advanced riot control force equipped with advanced technology such as mechanical battle suits.

(Fantastic Four I#308 - BTS) - Fasaud attacked Gregory Dunbar at the New York CBS studio and was dissipated by the Fantastic Four. The Thing and Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) prepared to travel to Aqiria to stop Fasaud once and for all.

(Fantastic Four I#309) - The Thing and Ms. Marvel arrived in Aqiria via the Fantastic Four's Pogo Plane and met with King al-Kafir to discuss Fasaud's history with the country. During their conversation, King al-Kafir confessed to being somewhat envious of America and its superhuman population, but announced that he had never considered inviting America's heroes to Aqiria. Toward the end of the discussion, American ambassador Windsor Raynes explained that the only thing Aqiria asked in return for the heroes' aid against Fasaud was for Ms. Marvel to respect for Aqiria's local traditions and cover her exposed legs and face. King al-Kafir then led the Thing and Ms. Marvel to the satellite uplink station where Fasaud had been transformed. Not knowing much about television equipment, the Thing shortly thereafter asked to visit Fasaud's palace and along the way, the Thing noticed a tanker full of liquid oxygen. Familiar with liquid oxygen, the Thing asked King al-Kafir to see where the tanker was heading but Ambassador Raynes politely stated that, while Aqiria wished to work with the Thing and Ms. Marvel to stop Fasaud, Aqiria was still a sovereign country and the tankers were off-limits to foreigners. King al-Kafir then announced that Fasaud's palace should keep the heroes busy for the remainder of the day. Once night had fallen, the Thing and Ms. Marvel snuck into the location housing the tankers, only to find a space shuttle. Curious about whether the shuttle had anything to do with Fasaud, the Thing's questions were answered when Fasaud appeared and attacked the two heroes. After felling the heroes, Fasaud was congratulated by King al-Kafir and Ambassador Raynes, who had been working with Fasaud the entire time.

(Fantastic Four I#310) - Still in Aqiria, the Thing and Ms. Marvel were imprisoned while Fasaud, King al-Kafir and Ambassador Raynes gloated about their victory over the heroes. Ambassador Raynes then revealed that he had been using America's alliance with Aqiria to test older space shuttles to launch military payloads. He also explained that the Thing and Ms. Marvel's prison was directly below the blast from the shuttle, warning that the next shuttle to be launched would destroy them. King al-Kafir, Fasaud and Raynes soon left the heroes to their fate, at which point the Thing broke free of his energy-sapping shackles and then freed Ms. Marvel. The two then made their way out but were stopped by Aqiria's advanced riot control forces. After defeating the riot control force, the Thing and Ms. Marvel made their way out onto the space shuttle's launch site, where they noticed Fasaud present in a motorcade. Determining that Fasaud could only appear in both New York and Aqiria by bouncing off satellites, the Thing and Ms. Marvel boarded the space shuttle and flew into space, where they battled Fasaud and eventually destroyed the satellite that allowed Fasaud to move near-instantaneously. Fasaud, his signal very weak, transported himself back onto the space shuttle, where he attempted to override the shuttle's controls, forcing the Thing and Ms. Marvel to crash back to Earth, passing through cosmic rays as they fell.

(Fantastic Four I#311) - Curious why the Thing and Ms. Marvel had not returned to New York, the Human Torch flew to Aqiria and confronted King al-Kafir and Ambassador Raynes, both of whom feigned ignorance at the missing FF members' locations. Ambassador Raynes deliberately misinformed the Torch, explaining that it was easy to get lost in Aqiria's empty deserts.

(War Machine II#1 (fb)) - Aqiria entered a state of civil war when desert tribes formed an insurgency to fight against the monarchy. The United Nations and NATO supported an international coalition force that intervened with a mission to support the monarchy. During the civil war, at least 30,000 were killed, 240,000 were displaced, and 15,000 went missing.

(War Machine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Seven months later, while on a personal mission against terrorism, War Machine (Jim Rhodes) began hacking into the databases of every government, news service and private security firm, looking for information regarding the missing Glenda Sandoval. While in the country of Santo Marco, War Machine picked up a chip containing information that allowed him to track Glenda's recent locations. Working with Glenda's husband Parnell Jacobs, War Machine explained that he had tracked Glenda from getting her contractor's license in Hawaii, to taking an Eaglestar charter plane to Paris, to flying into occupied Aqiria. War Machine then showed Parnell video footage of Glenda being taken captive by the Eaglestar security force in Aqiria.

(War Machine II#2) - Glenda remained captured in Aqiria, where Parnell and War Machine's friend Bethany Cabe sent a mechanical spy bug into Glenda's cell. The bug found Glenda to be critically hurt. Parnell spoke to Glenda through the bug, promising her that they would get her out of there and punish those responsible for her capture. War Machine soon arrived in Aqiria, destroying  the Eaglestar camp and speaking directly to Eaglestar CEO Davis Harmon. Warning Harmon to have his men stand down and no one would get hurt, War Machine was quickly attacked by daisy cutter missiles sent out by Harmon. War Machine reversed the missiles to attack the tanks also sent against him. He then made his way to Glenda's cell, where he met with former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jake Oh, whom he ordered to have medicine ready for Glenda after he freed her. War Machine then prepared to kill the Aqirian men who had escaped but Glenda told War Machine not to kill them, so they could be prosecuted along with the Eaglestar corporation as a whole.

(War Machine II#3) - War Machine continued to battle the Eaglestar forces in Aqiria, confronting Davis Harmon personally upon learning of his involvement in Glenda's capture and rape. Norman Osborn's agent, Ares, soon entered the fight against Osborn's orders, and a massive battle between Ares and War Machine began. Davis Harmon escaped while War Machine defeated Ares. War Machine then tracked down Davis Harmon, who claimed War Machine could do nothing to him for his crimes, as Eaglestar was a multinational business and not under the US government's jurisdiction, nor Aqirian jurisdiction. Davis then tried to make a deal with War Machine, offering him an alien viral weapon in exchange for Davis' freedom. Jake Oh and the rescued Glenda Sandoval arrived behind War Machine and, having overheard Davis' claims, Glenda shot Davis herself, reminding him that she was still technically an employee of Eaglestar herself. Ares, having regained conscious, arrived and commended War Machine on a job well done upon seeing the deceased Davis Harmon. Ares then opened the containment cell of the alien virus, contaminating Glenda Sandoval and others nearby with an Ultimo Contagion.

(War Machine II#4) - Still inside the Eaglestar HQ in Aqiria, War Machine and Ares were swarmed with Ultimo Contagion-infected civilians, including Glenda Sandoval. Ares made quick work of the infected, happily slaughtering seven of them. Once the area was secure, War Machine flew Ares outside and the two briefly fought once more before War Machine stopped fighting and contacted Bethany Cabe, asking her to contact Suzi Endo for her techno-expertise. While Endo attempted to reverse the Ultimo Contagion, the seven slain civilians returned to life, infected Jake Oh's agents, and attacked Ares and War Machine. As he battled the infected, War Machine was informed by Endo that the infected had to be destroyed before they could infect others, but War Machine hesitated, believing the infected to still be innocent. Eaglestar eventually bombed the entire area, heavily damaging War Machine. When War Machine came to, he demanded to know where Ares had gone, not realizing that Ares had become infected and led the remaining infected civilians into the Aqirian capital city of Makazan.

(War Machine II#5) - War Machine and Jake Oh arrived in Makazan to find Ares and the others spreading the Ultimo Contagion throughout the city. Battling Ares and Glenda, War Machine began absorbing the tech-based Ultimo Contagion into himself, curing those he drained. Soon, the infected War Machine began rampaging, claiming to be Ultimo, but Endo came up with a countermeasure to the virus, which Parnell Jacobs released via electromagnetic pulse generator, restoring War Machine to normal and destroying the contagion. Ares left peacefully, calling War Machine his champion before departing. The then-head of H.A.M.M.E.R., Norman Osborn, commended War Machine, Jake Oh, Glenda Sandoval, Suzi Endo and Bethany Cabe by rewarding them with the things they wanted most. Despite being offered a cloned body instead of his then-current cybernetic one, War Machine declined Osborn's rewards, gathered together his allies, and announced that while no one seemed to care what happened in Aqiria, his anti-terrorist mission would hit the USA next.

(Silver Surfer V#4) - Soldiers in Aqiria witnessed from afar Earth's Moon changing (due to High Evolutionary's herald Seeker terraforming it).

(X-Men Legacy II#13) - President Abdi of Aqiria visited London and met protests due to Aqiria's many human right violations. He discussed with English politicians Aqiria's oil prices and the creation of Aqiria's own hero force, introducing Aqiria's first recruit Al-Thahab Al-Aswad ("Black Gold" in English). On Abdi's wish Mutants were excluded from his meeting with MI13 agents.

(X-Men Legacy II#14) - After the meetings had ended Pete Wisdom saved Abdi from an Aqirian assassin, who had been oppressed for being gay and attempted to shoot Abdi with a sniper rifle. To Pete's surprise Legion provided the gun Pete used to save the Aqirian president. Abdi himself was only dissapointed that Wisdom and not his personal guard Al-Thahab Al-Aswad had saved him.

(X-Men Legacy II#14 - BTS) - In Abdi's absence, the people of Aqiria, inspired by Lila Cheney's pro-mutant campaign in Great Britian, overthrew the anti-mutant government. When Abdi learned about this, he stayed in his hotel room in London without a country to return to. The new regime immediately signed the oil deal with Great Britain that Abdi didn't want to sign.

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

While Marvel Atlas#2 (2008) stated that the capital city of Aqiria was Burbok, War Machine II#4 (2009) stated it as Makazan. Given that Aqiria was in a state of civil war during the War Machine issues, perhaps the capital city was once Burbok but, during the course of the civil war, the capital city was changed to Makazan. Either that, or perhaps the city once known as Burbok was changed to Makazan during the war and they are the same city.

In X-Men Legacy II#13, it seems like Aqiria changed its form from government from monarchy to democracy or at least something similar with a president in charge.

Some online sources list Aqiria as appearing in a flashback in Weapon X III#9. One flashback is specifically listed as occurring in Ujanka but the other flashback just mentions Eaglestar the company and not specifically Aqiria.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Aqiria has no known connections to:

King Kahil al-KafirKing Kahil al-Kafir

Kahil al-Kafir was the king of Aqiria and had appointed Farouk al-Fasaud as oil minister, a man he trusted. When Fasaud's criminal activities came to light, King al-Kafir invited the Thing and Ms. Marvel to Aqiria under the guise of stopping Fasaud. While discussing the Fasaud situation with the Thing and Ms. Marvel, King al-Kafir confessed that he had always been somewhat envious of America and its superhumans but have never considered inviting them to Aqiria. After showing the two heroes the satellite uplink station where Fasaud had been transformed, as well as Fasaud's palace, King al-Kafir later congratulated Fasaud when Fasaud appeared and felled Thing and Ms. Marvel, having been working with Fasaud the entire time. After gloating over the captured heroes, King al-Kafir later chided Fasaud for not properly restraining the heroes but Fasaud told al-Kafir not to worry. Later, the Human Torch visited Aqiria looking for the missing Thing and Ms. Marvel, prompting King al-Kafir to feign ignorance of their location and claim disappointment at their disappearance.




--Fantastic Four I#309 (310-311

Ambassador Windsor RaynesAmbassador Windsor Raynes

Having adopted an anti-superhuman stance, Windsor Raynes was the American ambassador to Aqiria and worked closely with Aqiria's King Kahil al-Kafir. Knowing that America needed to get its military payloads into space, Raynes used America's alliance with Aqiria to test out older space shuttles for payload transport, He worked with King al-Kafir to invite the Thing and Ms. Marvel to Aqiria under the guise of stopping Fasaud. As part of the agreement with Aqiria, Raynes informed Ms. Marvel that she would need to adopt local Aqirian traditional garb and cover her exposed legs and face. He continued to accompany King al-Kafir, the Thing and Ms. Marvel as they toured the satellite uplink station where Fasaud had been transformed into an energy being, as well as Fasaud's palace, and later congratulated Fasaud after Fasaud had felled the two heroes, revealing that he had been working with King al-Kafir and Fasaud the entire time. Raynes later gloated over the captured heroes, explaining how he used Aqiria's resources to test older American space shuttles to house military payloads. Later, when the Human Torch visited Aqiria looking for the missing Thing and Ms. Marvel, Raynes and King al-Kafir feigned ignorance at the heroes' location.




--Fantastic Four I#309 (310-311

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