Real Name: David Daily

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Film student

Group Membership: Unidentified college

Affiliations: Carly, Unidentified Sleepwalker, fellow rich classmates

Enemies: The basketball team

Known Relatives: Unnamed father and mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A dorm room at an unidentified college

First Appearance: Epic Anthology#1/1 (April, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: David Daily possesses no noteworthy powers or abilities. His family is extremely wealthy. He appears to have below-average skill at screenwriting and filmmaking.

History: (Epic Anthology#1/1) - Enrolled in college as a film student, David Daily was content to live off a sizable allowance from his wealthy parents. He was sitting around with some of his affluent friends when Carly came up and asked him for her payment for doing his last assignment. His friends taunted him about having anything to do with working-class people, but he told them he was just paying her to do his homework.

   On his way home to take a nap, Daily was accosted by the school basketball team, who were angry because Daily's mother had rented out their practice courts for his birthday the month before, and they had been forced to practice in the rain.

   Upon arriving back at his dorm room, Daily found a message from his mother on the answering machine. Upset with his refusal to finish his student film and graduate, his parents were cutting off his allowance at the end of the year. Panicking, Daily sat in front of the computer until he fell asleep, but ultimately made no progress at all.

   He ran over to Carly's dorm and begged her for her help in putting his ideas to paper. She reluctantly agreed. Later that day, they worked on his script over pizza, until they both fell asleep. Upon waking, they found the window open and a huge footprint in the middle of the pizza box.

   Convinced that this was evidence that the basketball team had broken into his dorm, Daily went to confront them with a worried Carly tagging along., and ended up with a bloody nose for his troubles. Once he returned home, and Carly had left to work on typing up Daily's report, he took a nap. Once again, he woke up to find the window open.

   David set a trap for his visitors by leaving his camera to record the window all night. When he woke up, the window was open, just as he expected. Running the tape to see the basketball team caught in the act, Daily was instead shocked to see a strange, alien figure staring back at the camera - a Sleepwalker.

Comments: Created by Robert Kirkman, Khary Randolph and Pierre-Andre Dery.
Sleepwalker based on (surprise!) the Sleepwalker created by Bob Budiansky.

Man, does David sleep a lot.

According to Kirkman, the Sleepwalker apparently residing in David Daily is not the character from the previous Sleepwalker series, but the Epic story is intended as normal Earth-616 continuity. Of course, that doesn't mean we're ever going to see Daily or his guest again.

For those readers who don't know, Epic Anthology collected the first twenty or so pages of three different cancelled titles (Sleepwalker, Young Ancient One and Strange Magic) originally intended to be published as part of the Epic imprint. When Marvel abandoned the Epic concept, the completed series were published as a single book to gauge public interest in the properties. Sales apparently did not justify continuing Epic Anthology, and issue #2 never materialized.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: David Daily, host of the Sleepwalker, has no known connection to

  • Sheridan, Rick - host of a different Sleepwalker @ Sleepwalker#1
  • Any daily newspapers such as the Daily Bugle or Daily Sentinel
  • Any other characters named Daily
The Sleepwalker from Epic Anthology is presumably from the same race as

David Daily's classmate Carly has no known connection to



Carly was a student at the same school that David Daily went to. She wasn't part of Daily's upper-class social circle, but at some point they came into contact (they were probably in the same class), and Carly began doing Daily's assignments for money. Although she professed to think of him as a spoiled brat, she nevertheless continued to help him out when he needed it, and even expressed concern for his well-being when he was roughed up by the basketball team.

--Epic Anthology#1/1


Unidentified Sleepwalker

This Sleepwalker had apparently taken up residence in or been trapped in Daily's mind, and could only escape into the physical world when his host was asleep. Other than that, his personality and goals are unrevealed. Unlike the Sleepwalker who was trapped in the mind of Rick Sheridan, this Sleepwalker seemingly did not appear in his host's dreams, though whether he could do so is unknown.

The Sleepwalker presumably possessed the physical attributes demonstrated by others of his race, including superhuman strength and durability, the ability to fly, and "warp-beams" projected from his eyes capable of distorting the physical shape of objects.

--Epic Anthology#1/1(Epic Anthology#1/1



David's classmates

Daily's classmates were other young men in positions similar to his: all of them came from prosperous families, and none had ever had to work for anything in their lives. They teased him about "fraternizing with the enemy" when Carly stopped to ask Daily for her money.

--Epic Anthology#1/1


Basketball team

The basketball team at Daily's school. Their dorms were right next to the film school's dorms, and they were always picking on the film students. They particularly disliked Daily because of his money and his family's influence.

There were obviously more than two of them, but there aren't any good groupshots.

--Epic Anthology#1/1

Full shot - Epic Anthology#1, p12
Head shot - Epic Anthology#1, p2
Carly - Epic Anthology#1, p17
Sleepwalker - Epic Anthology#1, p23
Classmates - Epic Anthology#1, p2
Basketball team - Epic Anthology#1, p6

Epic Anthology#1/1 (April, 2004)

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