Real Name: Silas Warden

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: former realtor for Greenfield Realty Corporation

Affiliations: empowered by Anubis

Enemies: Dr. Brian Anderson, Anubis, Brett Carson, District University's Department of Parapsychology, Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan, now Hellstorm), Profett, Amelia Sefton, Michael Taine, Saripha Thames

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: Mind-Star

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly Court of Anubis (presumably a pocket dimension/realm associated with Heliopolis); a mansion around Washington, DC

First Appearance: Son of Satan#5 (August, 1976)



Powers/Abilities: Mindstar has a number of psychic powers, including illusion casting, levitation, forming "astral shields,"causing psychic pain, mentally controlling or manipulating others, and astral projection. He somehow combines his physical form and mental powers with his astral/etheric/ectoplasmic self, amplifying his powers and granting his form the combined powers of each form. He can open portals into other dimensions. He wore an ankh which protected his body and mind from Anubis. Without this ankh, his powers were dependent on Anubis, who could remove them at will.



(Son of Satan#7(fb)-BTS) - Anubis empowered Silas Warden to locate and return a soul which had escaped his realm. Either the power, Anubis' training, or a combination of the two drove Warden cuckoo-crazy.

(Son of Satan#5(fb)-BTS) - Mindstar located the soul, within District University student Michael Taine. As Taine engaged in some unspecified mystical ceremony, Mindstar assaulted him. However, Mindstar's assault raged out of control--killing Taine and allowing the desired soul to escape. To prevent Anubis from learning of his failure, Mindstar imbedded Taine in the wall in the shape of an ankh.
Mindstar then convinced Anubis that the soul he sought was the darksoul portion of Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan.




(Son of Satan#5) - Mindstar psychically assaulted District University's Department of Paranormal Research as they prepared to investigate Taine's death. Warden then contacted Hellstrom, attempting to meet with him about a prospective house. Hellstrom postponed the meeting and began his investigation as the Son of Satan, but Mindstar then appeared and attacked him. Hellstrom managed to lock on on Mindstar's psychic energy, and blasted him with hellfire. Mindstar fled from the attacking, taking Amelia Sefton, Hellstrom's research assistant, hostage. He made Hellstrom's trident too painful to hold onto, but Hellstrom proved able to release hellfire from the trident without touching it. Another burst of hellfire struck Mindstar, and in retaliation he tossed Sefton off the roof of the building. Hellstrom overcame the pain caused by touching his trident and used it to rescue Amelia--Mindstar, however, escaped during the distraction.
Back at his mansion, Anubis spoke to Warden from the shadows, expressing concerns over his behavior and ability, but encouraged him to wait until the time would be right.

(Son of Satan#6) - Hellstrom traveled to the house proposed by Warden, where he was assaulted by a number of ectoplasmic creatures which initially appeared to be demons. Mindstar pulled Hellstrom through a series of pocket realms, ultimately bringing him to the Court of Anubis.


(Son of Satan#7) - Mindstar summoned Anubis, who realized that Mindstar had developed plots and aspirations other than his own. Anubis sent his newest agent to attack both Mindstar and Hellstrom. In the course of the battle, all three combatants fell through a portal into Anubis' Palace of Death and Rebirth. Anubis stripped them of their physical forms and confronted their astral selves. Without the ankh to shield him, Mindstar's deception was fully realized by Anubis, who planned to destroy him as punishment. Hellstrom, however, blamed Anubis for Mindstar's behavior and did not think that he should become a prisoner of Anubis' realm. As such, Hellstrom offered to defeat and contain Mindstar if Anubis would allow him to go free, but strip him of his powers. The Son of Satan successfully overpowered Mindstar, although not before he could injure Hellstrom's sometime-ally, Proffet. Nonetheless, Hellstrom used his powers to heal Proffet, and Mindstar was stripped of his powers, and returned to Earth as Silas Warden. Hopefully he returned his long-lost sanity, as well.

Comments: Created by John Warner, Craig Russell, and Sonny Trinidad.

No known connections to:
any other "mind" or "brain" or "star" characters

Amelia "Amy" Sefton, the occult student at District University, has no known connections to:

Son of Satan#5 (August, 1976) - John Warner (writer), Craig Russell & Sonny Trinidad (pencils), Sonny Trinidad (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Son of Satan#6 (October, 1976) - John Warner (writer), Ed Hannigan & Sonny Trinidad (pencils), Sonny Trinidad (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Son of Satan#7 (December, 1976) - John Warner (writer), Sonny Trinidad (artist), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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