Real Name: Insidio

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Ovoid)

Occupation: Scientist

Group Membership: Starblasters

Affiliations: Stranger

Enemies: Kayla Ballantine, Binary (Warbird), Black Bolt, Captain Marvel (Photon), Ikaris, Moondancer, Perun, Solar Wind, Uatu the Watcher, Voyager, Winter Guard

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the Dark Seed, mobile in the known universe

First Appearance: Quasar#53 (December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, able to assault the minds of others with mental power; other Ovoids have the power to transfer to other bodies-- Insidio likely has this power as well. Insidio also makes use of Skullhuggers, and wields such instruments as knives and saws for his vivisections.

History: (Quasar#53)- Insidio journeyed with the other Starblasters to the planet earth, intent on possessing the Starbrand. Upon their arrival, he noticed a Shi'ar cruiser, and warned Skeletron accordingly.

(Starblast#1)- After Uatu the Watcher had been captured by Nygorn, Insidio took custody of him, and used devices which forced him to reveal all that he knew of the Starbrand to them.

(Quasar#54)- Insidio then took charge of Kayla Ballantine, the current possessor of the Starbrand.

(Starbrand#3)- Just as Insidio was about to vivisect Uatu, the Watcher suddenly removed himself from Insidio's restraints, and flew away. Later, following the other Starblasters' battle with the superhumans who had pursued them from earth, Insidio had Codabac and Skar bring the defeated heroes to his lab, so that he could study them through vivisection. He placed Skullhuggers upon several of them to ensure they wouldn't escape.

(Quasar#56)- Before Insidio could perform his vivisections, Skeletron contacted him, and ordered him to kill all of the captives immediately to avoid the danger of them reviving. Insidio then sliced Ikaris in half with a saw, but Black Bolt knocked Insidio out, and then helped hold Ikaris' body together with an energy cocoon. In order to be rid of the heroes, Skeletron finally ejected the entire deck Insidio's lab was on from the Dark Seed, casting Insidio and the other Starblasters loose.

(OHotMU 2006 A-Z#10 - BTS) - Insidio was captured by forces of the Intergalactic Council alongside the other Starblasters.

(Maximum Security#1)- Insidio, along with the other Starblasters, found themselves exiled to earth by the Intergalactic Council during the events of "Maximum Security". Appearing in Russia, they fought members of the Winter Guard.

(OHotMU 2006 A-Z#10 - BTS) - Insidio was released from his captivity on Earth when the Intergalactic Council reversed the plans to make Earth a prison planet.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald and John Hebink.

by Prime Eternal

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