Carcrash in pastel

Real Name: Charlie (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Mugger and thug

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Two unnamed thugs

Enemies: The Beyonder, Gertz, the Thing (Ben Grimm)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Ol' Nose Pin" (term used by the Thing)

Base of Operations: Lower Manhattan, New York, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#20 (May, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Charlie Carcrash was a young normal human of about 6' in height, but his muscular frame suggests close to athlete strength. His fighting abilities were probably limited to basic brawling skills. His intelligence was that of a juvenile bully (below normal). Charlie Carcrash also wielded a switchblade knife.

Mr. Carcrash first had pastel green short hair, and was initially dressed in pastel beige (suede?) tasseled open vest and matching tasseled boots, and a pastel pink pair of jeans. He also wore pastel blue wristbands that had 2-3 rows of small spikes around them, and had a large safety pin through his left nostril. His later appearance featured a shorter hairstyle and black clothing and accessories, but no safety pin or pastels.

Carcrash in black

History: (Marvel Fanfare I#20) - The Thing was wandering though the streets and alleyways of lower Manhattan after coming back to Earth from a few months offworld to find his "ex-best buddy", Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, involved with his former girlfriend, Alicia (actually a Skrull who posed as her). The Thing then stumbled across Charlie Carcrash hitting a terrified woman, Gertz, to the ground, before threatening her with a switchblade knife and demanding money from her. The Thing picked up a nearby full trashcan, then threw it over Charlie Carcrash's head and used his strength to wrap the trashcan around Carcrash's arms. Carcrash, obviously surprised, threatened reprisal, before running out of the alley, presumably banging into a few walls on the way.

Charlie, still with the trashcan over his head, was later seen as part of the people on a Manhattan street in a trance, enthralled to Xandu's will.

(Secret Wars II#2 - BTS) - Charlie Carcrash had the trashcan removed, and received a new haircut (from short pastel green to shorter black) and a change of clothing, then rounded up two thuggish companions.

(Secret Wars II#2) - Charlie Carcrash and his two accomplices waited for Gertz to return to her alleyway home, then confronted her seeking money. Charlie Carcrash and his two accomplices then attacked the Beyonder's human form, not realizing his full power. The Beyonder did not resist, and only sought to understand the violent experience. Charlie Carcrash and his two accomplices were then exited, having enjoyed the cowardly experience of beating up an individual who did not fight back, leaving the battered body of the Beyonder's human form on the ground, and threatened to return for Gertz's apparent stash.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin (writer and art), Novak (inker), and Scheele (colorist).
Redesigned by Jim Shooter (writer), Al Milgrom (penciler), and Leialoha & Rubinstein inkers).

Charlie Carcrash had an initial penchant for pastel, so if he hadn't been ascribed a name then, he could've gone by way of "the pastel punk". Hence, the colorist is included in the credits. He also spoke in a lot of slang.

His next appearance in Secret Wars II#2 could actually have been another character, as his outfit and hair had suddenly changed. His speech pattern had also changed slightly, suggesting that he was under the influence of something stronger than alcohol in his initial attack on Gertz. He and his brutish thugs liked to flash skin, with exposed arms and open vests, presumably to display their muscles for intimidation. Charlie Carcrash also knew how to accessorize.

Next up: Gertz's skin color change. She appeared Caucasian with the Thing (maybe it was the lighting), but was distinctly darker in skin tone later with the Beyonder. It would be crass to suggest that she was just dirty. This apparent race change of minor characters is not unprecedented.
She could be Turk's mother. -- Prime Eternal

Profile by Grendel Prime


Charlie Carcrash has no known connections to:

Gertz with the Thing


Gertz with the Beyonder and pedestrian Gertz was attacked by Charlie Carcrash in a back alley of lower Manhattan. Charlie Carcrash threatened her with a switchblade knife, but she was rescued by the Thing, with Charlie Carcrash running away. The Thing offered to walk her home, but was stunned when she showed him her makeshift home of wood and a mattress against a building and dumpster, with a bucket that had "Gertz" scribed on it. Gertz initially refused the Thing's offer of cash, but agreed to use it for a couple of nights' stay at the Hotel across the street from her shelter in case Charlie Carcrash ventured back. Gertz's predicament gave the Thing new perspective on his personal situation.

She later confronted the Beyonder, who had just taken some flashy new clothes from a store mannequin, and helped him to adjust the clothing so that they sat right on him. She was later pushed over by Charlie Carcrash as he attacked the Beyonder. She looked for change that might distract the thugs, but instead found a "Heroes for Hire" business card, which she gave to the Beyonder, who then transported away to the address in a flash of light.

Her strength and intelligence appeared to be below normal, and her wrinkles indicated age. Her personal dress was quite haphazard. She came from McKees Rocks, and recognized the power and corruption associated with money.

--Marvel Fanfare I#20 (Secret Wars II#2

Carcrash's thugs with the Beyonder in the middle

Carcrash's Thug Accomplices

Two male thugs accompanied Charlie Carcrash in confronting the homeless woman, Gertz, for money; one was Caucasian and the other African American in appearance. They beat up the Beyonder's human form, before Charlie Carcrash pitched in.

They displayed similar bully-boy tendencies and appearance to Charlie Carcrash, and seemed to have similar traits to him.

--Secret Wars II#2

Marvel Fanfare I#20, p2, pan4 (Charlie Carcrash in pastel)

p3, pan6 (Gertz with light skin)
Secret Wars II#2, p18, pan5 (Charlie Carcrash in black)
p18, pan2 (Gertz with dark skin)
p18, pan5 (two thugs)


Marvel Fanfare I#20 (May, 1985) - Jim Starlin (writer/artist), Al Milgrom (inks/editor)
Secret Wars II#2 (August, 1985) - Jim Shooter (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Steve Leialoha & Joe Rubinstein (inks), Bob Budiansky (editor)

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