Membership: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta

Purpose: Originally formed by the Pantheon, they now meet annually to challenge each other over the possession of an amulet that increases the bearer’s powers. They also work individually as mercenaries

Affiliations: Pantheon (whether or not they are still affiliated with the Pantheon, what their past affiliation entailed, or what their present affiliation entails—if one even exists—is unclear), enemies of Spider-Man and the Hulk

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man#44 (November, 1988)


History: Warzone was originally created by the Pantheon for reasons unknown. All four members are cyborgs, possessing heightened speed, strength, durability, and overall combat prowess. Their cybernetic parts also have the ability to heal themselves.

Most of their past is shrouded in mystery. On a past mission—four years ago at the very least (Marvel-time, not real time)—Warzone came upon an amulet that somehow enhanced the bearer’s physical abilities. They were unable to decide who should keep the amulet however, and came upon a rather unorthodox solution. Every year, in a different city, the members gather to hunt each other down and win the amulet. The winner gets to keep the amulet until it is won from him/her during another annual gathering (Highlander meets Survivor).


(Web of Spider-Man#44) - While on a tour promoting his book, Peter Parker became involved in Warzone’s deadly contest when Delta fired the opening volleys of that year’s "game." Blasting a bazooka shot at the unsuspecting Charlie, Delta blew out the window of the comic shop where Parker was signing copies of his book for fans. Marlo Chandler (girlfriend of the gray "Mr. Fixit" Hulk at the time) became involved as well. She had seen Parker on a local talk show earlier, thought he was cute, and figured she might try her luck at his signing in order to get back at "Mr. Fixit" for slamming his door in her face a few hours earlier. After Delta fired at Charlie, Marlo ran to Charlie to see if she was okay, only to have Charlie smack her head into a streetlight pole. Parker changed into his Spider-Man costume just in time to join a brief firefight between Charlie and Delta, and once Delta ran away, Spider-Man tagged Delta with a spider-tracer, threw Marlo over his shoulder and headed for the nearest hospital.

Marlo’s roommate Mona, a nurse, happened to be working when Marlo arrived, and subsequently called "Mr. Fixit" to let him know what had happened. In the meantime, Spider-Man met up with Charlie and went on a search for Delta. The spider-tracer’s signal led them to the Coliseum Hotel, where Alpha attacked them both. The Hulk showed up, angry about Marlo’s injury, and recognized Charlie as the assailant per Mona’s description. Alpha offered to take care of Charlie for him, and when Spider-Man tried to stop him, the Hulk attacked.

(Hulk#349) - While the Hulk and Spider-Man carried their fight to a parking garage, Alpha and Charlie traded arrows and gunfire in a wedding chapel. Delta hid atop a nearby building, waiting until the rest "all put each other out of commission." Bravo attacked Delta from behind, however, and subsequently chased Delta into the desert.

The Hulk and Spider-Man stopped fighting when they heard Charlie scream from the wedding chapel. Both headed in the direction of the scream and found Charlie, presumably dead, with a candlestick stand piercing her midsection. Spider-Man swung away in search of Alpha, while the Hulk leapt away, only to return later to find that what he had suspected was true; Charlie was alive and well. After Charlie pulled the candlestick stand out of her body and rose to her feet, the Hulk grabbed her and forced the information out of her concerning their cybernetic powers and the contest over the amulet.

The Hulk and Spider-Man ended up putting Alpha out of commission, while Bravo took out Delta. Bravo had been to the desert before the gathering and had hidden several remote control machine guns in some cacti. After being wounded by Delta, Bravo faked weakness and dragged himself to the circle of cacti as Delta followed and taunted him. Once there, he fired the cacti-guns—rendering Delta unconscious—and took the amulet from him.

COMMENTS: Created by Peter David and Alex Saviuk

Why these guys haven’t been used again, I couldn’t say. With their particular situation, a good writer (such as their co-creator) could get a lot of great stories out of them. The only downside I can imagine is the simple fact that there are way too many gun-toting, amoral cyborgs running around comics these days.

Warzone’s affiliation with the Pantheon is, for the most part, a mystery. Their connection with the Pantheon wasn’t revealed until The Incredible Hulk#425 (seven years—real time—after their first appearance). Agamemnon, former leader of the Pantheon, told the Hulk Warzone was a "Pantheon cyborg project," and that their creation helped to lead the way for another Pantheon Project; The Endless Knights. However, this is all he revealed. It is not known if Warzone is still a part of the Pantheon, if they were working for the Pantheon when they found the all-important amulet, or if they are currently friends or enemies of the Pantheon. It is very probable that, if Warzone is no longer a part of the Pantheon, they may very well be enemies. There is nothing to indicate this, of course, other than the Pantheon’s history of making enemies with its former members and associates (the Hulk, the Troyjan, Jason the Renegade, even Agamemnon himself).

While re-reading Warzone’s first appearance for this profile, it occurred to me that Web of Spider-Man#44 might be the source of the infamous feud between John Byrne and Peter David. When Peter Parker is signing books for fans, a young boy walks up to Parker with an issue of Starbrand, and asks, "What is John Byrne really like?" Parker’s response is, "Who?" David also makes some very light-hearted jabs at Tom Defalco, Chris Claremont, and Alan Moore in this issue. Perhaps Byrne took it the wrong way. Of course, there’s no way of knowing if this is what set Byrne off, but it’s worth mentioning.

Bravo was the last known keeper of the amulet. It is not known if Warzone still operates or, if they do, who is currently holding the amulet.

by Mick Martin, The Anti-Grimm

CLARIFICATIONS: They have no known connection to:
War-Zone, the robot created by Hector Devasque, @ Sensational She-Hulk#50
Warzone, the assassin, allied with Dead Aim, @ Spectacular Spider-Man II#210


Alpha’s weapon of choice is a powerful machine gun with high-tech ammo. He has some kind of on-again, off-again relationship with Charlie. According to Delta, Alpha is one of the more skilled members of Warzone.




Bravo is the oldest of the quartet, and in the past has been considered the most predictable and unskilled, however he also possesses the greatest physical strength. Delta did not take Bravo’s victory over him very well.




Charlie is skilled with crossbow and knives. She also uses a shield made out of some kind of durable transparent material. Charlie and Alpha are intimately involved, and sometimes do mercenary work together between the annual gatherings.



Delta, before the gathering in Las Vegas, had won the contest for four years in a row (which is why we know they found the amulet at least four years ago, probably more). While his weapon of choice is the bazooka, he seems to be the sneakiest and most meticulous of the bunch. While Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie meet before the hostilities begin every year for a little party, Delta is never present. He is usually already in hiding, scanning the streets and hunting his prey.


Web of Spider-Man#44 (November, 1988) - Peter David (writer), Alex Saviuk (pencilts), Keith Williams (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)
Incredible Hulk II#349 (November, 1988) - Peter David (writer), Jeff Purves (pencils), Terry Austin (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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