MEMBERSHIP: Hal Jordan, Sinestro, other unnamed members

PURPOSE: intergalactic police force?

AFFILIATIONS: (formerly) the Guardians, Uatu the Guardian

ENEMIES: the Guardians, Uatu the Guardian

BASE of OPERATIONS: universe-wide

FIRST APPEARANCE: Speed Demon#1 (March, 1996)

HISTORY: (Speed Demon#1(fb)) - The Starbrand Corps was an intergalactic (police?) force dedicated to a common dream.  But Uatu the Guardian, a one-time ally of the organization, became insane and betrayed the Starbrand Corps, seeking to destroy the Corps once and for all so that he could usher in a "new universe".  Uatu the Guardian killed the Corps member known as Sinestro and framed another Corps member, Hal Jordan, for Sinestro's murder.  Uatu and his fellow Guardians then had the remaining members of the Starbrand Corps scour the universe for the "madman" Hal Jordan.  One by one, Uatu the Guardian slit the throats of the remaining Starbrand Corps members until only Hal Jordan remained.  Then Uatu sought out Hal Jordan to tie-up the only remaining loose end . . .

(Speed Demon#1) - "Demon's Night" - Uatu the Guardian finally cornered a drunken, disbarred, and disgraced Hal Jordan in New Gotham City's Crime Alley.  Uatu charged up his green energy saber and was about to slit Hal Jordan's throat like he had done to the other members of the Starbrand Corps when Speed Demon (Blaze Allen) whizzed onto the scene, standing between Uatu and his intended victim.  Uatu the Guardian attempted to battle Speed Demon, but soon found himself incinerated by the demon's hellfire.  Hal Jordan thanked Speed Demon for the assistance and began on his way to exact vengeance upon the remaining Guardians.  But Speed Demon, citing the "many murders" that Hal Jordan had committed, incinerated the last surviving member of the Starbrand Corps in hellfire as well.

COMMENTS: created by Howard Mackie, James Felder, Salvador Larroca, and Al Milgrom

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In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

  1. There's no reason to believe that the Hal Jordan of the Amalgam Universe remains dead (even after his altercation with Speed Demon).  Consider this:
              1)  Uatu the Guardian experienced a similar dose of the Speed Demon's hellfire, yet he survived and was ultimately cured of his psychosis during the FINAL ONSLAUGHT crossover (grant it, Uatu was part Watcher and part Guardian!);
              2) Hal Jordan bore the mark of the Starbrand.  In Marvel's New Universe, those who possess the power of the Starbrand are able to recover from death; AND
              3) Even if Hal Jordan did die during his confrontation with Speed Demon, it's possible that he has since been resurrected.  After all, the Hal Jordan of the mainstream DC Universe was brought back as the Spectre during the DAY OF JUDGMENT crossover.  For all we now, the Amalgam Universe's Hal Jordan could have since been brought back as the new Night Spectre, vowing vengeance upon Speed Demon for killing him!

Profile by Skullogeist

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Hal Jordan


Hal Jordan was a member of the Starbrand Corps who was framed by Uatu the Guardian for the cold-blooded murder of Sinestro, another member of the Corps.  Thought to be a madman by the entire universe, Hal Jordan was hunted by his former associates of the Starbrand Corps.  But an insane Uatu hunted down and slit the throat of nearly every last Starbrand Corps member and then set his sights on killing Jordan so that the dream of the Corps would finally be brought to an end.

In SPEED DEMON#1, a drunken, debarred, and disgraced Hal Jordan was finally cornered by Uatu the Guardian in New Gotham's Crime Alley.  Jordan vowed that the Guardians would not get him, but Uatu begged to differ and bragged about how he slit the throat of every Corps member except for Jordan.  Uatu charged up his energy sword and was about to kill Hal Jordan but was interrupted by Speed Demon (Blaze Allen) and incinerated by the rhyming demon's hellfire.  Jordan was grateful for the Speed Demon's assistance and started on his way to exact vengeance upon the remaining Guardians.  But Speed Demon incinerated Jordan in hellfire as penance for the "many murders" that he had committed.

Hal Jordan is an Amalgam Universe version of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) of the DC Universe with elements of Marvel's Starbrand thrown in.


--Speed Demon#1




Sinestro was a member of the Starbrand Corps.  He was murdered by an insane Uatu the Guardian, who then framed Hal Jordan for the murder of his associate.

Sinestro is an Amalgam Universe version of Sinestro of the DC Universe with elements of Marvel's Starbrand thrown in.

--Speed Demon#1 (mentioned only)

Also assume that the Amalgam characters have no other connection to any others than whom they are
Amalgamated, unless specifically mentioned.

The Starbrand Corps is an amalgam of:
    • The Starbrand of Marvel's New Universe, @ Starbrand#1
    • The Green Lantern Corps of the mainstream DC Universe, @ GREEN LANTERN (vol. II)# 9 (November-December, 1961)

Hal Jordan is apparently an independent character from:
    • Iron Lantern, Hal Stark, an agent of Oa the Living Planet based out of Coast City @ Iron Lantern#1

Sinestro is apparently an independent character from:
    • Mandarinestro, an enemy of Iron Lantern and Oa the Living Planet @ Iron Lantern #1


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