Real Name: Uatu

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Amalgam) alien

Occupation: observer

Affiliations: (currently) the Guardians (member); the Challengers of the Fantastic; (formerly) The Starbrand Corps, Hal Jordan, Sinestro; (possibly) Oa the Living Planet; Iron Lantern; Jade Nova (see Comments)

Enemies: (currently) Galactiac; (formerly) The Starbrand Corps, Hal Jordan, Sinestro; Speed Demon (Blaze Allen)

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: universe-wide

First Appearance: Speed Demon#1 (March, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Uatu the Guardian possesses seemingly omnipotent powers including telepathy, telekinesis, and other cosmically attuned senses and awareness as well as teleportation, communications, energy manipulation, and invulnerability on a cosmic scale (he survived one of Speed Demon's hellfire blasts, after all).  Presumably, his fellow Guardians possess these powers as well.  (Although Uatu had a rather difficult time tracking down Hal Jordan, this could be attributed to the fact that the insanity clouded his mind at the time).  Uatu is also skilled in the use of his energy sabre.


(Speed Demon#1(fb)) - The Starbrand Corps was an intergalactic (police?) force dedicated to a common dream.  But Uatu the Guardian, a one-time ally of the organization, became insane and betrayed the Starbrand Corps, seeking to destroy the Corps once and for all so that he could usher in a "new universe".  Uatu the Guardian killed the Corps member known as Sinestro and framed another Corps member, Hal Jordan, for Sinestro's murder.  Uatu and his fellow Guardians then had the remaining members of the Starbrand Corps scour the universe for the "madman" Hal Jordan.  One by one, Uatu the Guardian slit the throats of the remaining Starbrand Corps members until only Hal Jordan remained.  Then Uatu sought out Hal Jordan to tie-up the only remaining loose end . . .

(Speed Demon#1) - "Demon's Night" - Uatu the Guardian finally cornered a drunken, disbarred, and disgraced Hal Jordan in New Gotham City's Crime Alley.  Uatu charged up his green energy sabre and was about to slit Hal Jordan's throat like he had done to the other members of the Starbrand Corps when Speed Demon (Blaze Allen) whizzed onto the scene, standing between Uatu and his intended victim.  Uatu the Guardian attempted to battle Speed Demon, but soon found himself incinerated by the demon's hellfire.  Hal Jordan thanked Speed Demon for the assistance and began on his way to exact vengeance upon the remaining Guardians.  But Speed Demon, citing the "many murders" that Hal Jordan had committed, incinerated the last surviving member of the Starbrand Corps in hellfire as well.

(Final Onslaught) - Being a Guardian, Uatu survived Speed Demon's hellfire attack.  But he was still completely void of any sanity.  Using the Mother Cube, the Challengers of the Fantastic were able to restore Uatu the Guardian's sanity.  Uatu the Guardian pledged non-interference in the affairs of humans ever since then.

(Challengers of the Fantastic#1 (bts)) - The impending arrival of Galactiac on Earth was brought to the attention of Uatu the Guardian.

(Challengers of the Fantastic#1) - "Four Against the Unknown" - Uatu the Guardian arrived at Challenger Mountain with a warning for the Challengers of the Fantastic.  Sue "Ace" Storm assembled the rest of the Challengers of the Fantastic to hear Uatu's dire news firsthand.   Although he had pledged non-interference since regaining his sanity, Uatu hoped that he could repay the debt he owed the Challengers of the Fantastic for curing him of his insanity by giving the them advanced warning of the most fantastic threat to Earth in the planet's entire history.  Uatu informed the Challengers that Galactiac, the ultimate synthesis of mind and machine -- he who drains the lifeblood of planets to recharge his energy cells -- he who is as old as time itself and as powerful as space is vast, was due to arrive on Earth very soon.

Later, while the Challengers of the Fantastic were fighting a losing battle against Galactiac on the roof of the Baxter Building in Manhattan, Uatu appeared to Johnny "Red" Storm and his miniature clone Johnny Stormtrooper and revealed that he had a plan for defeating Galactiac at which only Johnny could succeed.  Uatu teleported Johnny "Red" Storm into a lower level of the Baxter Building and teleported Johnny Stormtrooper inside Galactiac's body.  While Johnny "Red" Storm was left in a trance-like state, Uatu linked Red's mind to Johnny Stormtrooper so that Storm could use his arcade abilities to guide his miniature clone through the virtual deathtraps within Galactiac's body.  Uatu's plan worked, as Johnny "Red" Storm successfully led Johnny Stormtrooper to Galactiac's main neural junction.  Sacrificing his own life in the process, Johnny Stormtrooper incinerated Galactiac's neural junction, causing the omnipotent villain to retreat with what was left of the back-up systems to his main neural junction.

COMMENTS: created by Howard Mackie, James Felder, Salvador Larroca, and Al Milgrom

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Amalgam's FINAL ONSLAUGHT crossover is an amalgam of Marvel's ONSLAUGHT crossover and DC's FINAL NIGHT crossover.

In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC / Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood. 

Uatu the Guardian's role in the Amalgam Universe paralleled Hal Jordan's role in the DC Universe.  In the DC Universe, Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) was denied the power to resurrect his beloved Coast City by the Guardians of the Universe after Mongul and the Cyborg Superman had decimated it.  Blinded by his emotion, Hal Jordan set out for Oa to gain the power to set things right. The Guardians of the Universe set the Green Lantern Corps against him, including the reconstituted Sinestro, but Hal killed them all.  Similarly, in the Amalgam Universe, Uatu the Guardian killed all of the Starbrand Corps (including Sinestro) but framed Hal Jordan for the murders.

The similarities between DC's Hal Jordan and Amalgam's Uatu don't end there.  During DC's FINAL NIGHT crossover, Hal Jordan (now known as the villain Parallax) proved he had not strayed from the path of the hero and used all his energies to re-ignite Earth's sun, thus redeeming himself in death.  Likewise, during Amalgam's FINAL ONSLAUGHT crossover, Uatu the Guardian's sense of decency was restored when the Challengers of the Fantastic used a Mother Box to restore his sanity.

Special thanks to Kurt Busiek for providing some additional insight into the Amalgam Universe!

            • Q: Was Iron Lantern connected in any way with Uatu the Guardian (from SPEED DEMON#1 and
               CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC#1) or Jade Nova (from DR. STRANGEFATE#1)? Both characters
               bore the Green Lantern insignia. Perhaps they too were empowered by Oa the Living Planet?

            • Mr. Busiek: They must have been, somehow, but again, no concrete plans.
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Uatu the Guardian is an amalgam of:

The Guardians are amalgams of:
                            • The Watchers of Earth-616, @ Tales of Suspense #53
                            • Guardians of the Universe of the mainstream DC Universe, @ Green Lantern (vol. II)#1

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