Real Name: Galactiac

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Amalgam) omnipotent synthetic entity

Occupation: devourer and cataloguer of worlds

Affiliations: The Four-Armed Thing (Senator Ben "Rocky" Grimm)

Enemies: Challengers of the Fantastic, Doctor Johnny "Red" Storm, June Masters, Professor Reed "Prof" Richards, Johnny Stormtrooper, Senator Ben "Rocky" Grimm, Susan "Ace" Storm, Silver Racer(Willie Lincoln), Uatu the Guardian

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: universe-wide; Earth-Amalgam

First Appearance: Challengers of the Fantastic II#1 (June, 1997)



Powers/Abilities: The omnipotent Galactiac is "as old as time itself" and "as powerful as space is vast".  He has the ability to manipulate energies on a cosmic scale, to perform virtually any effect he desires, including the ability to transform the physical appearance and psychological composure of lesser beings (as he did to Ben "Rocky" Grimm in CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC II#1).  Galactiac has also demonstrated the ability to augment his own size.  However, in order to replenish his energy-cells, Galactiac must siphon-off the lifeblood of entire planets.  As a synthetic entity, Galactiac's body is merely a shell that houses his main neural junction, the core of his being.

History: The seemingly ageless entity known as Galactiac is "the ultimate synthesis of mind and machine". He traverses the farthest reaches of space, draining the lifeblood of planets in order to recharge his energy-cells. But Galactiac does not completely obliterate the planets he razes. Rather, he always miniaturizes a section of each planet to preserve and to study.

(Challengers of the Fantastic II#1) - "Four Against the Unknown!" - As foretold by Uatu the Guardian, Galactiac arrived on Earth and immediately began constructing his planet-razing machinery atop the roof of the Baxter Building in downtown Manhattan. Reed "Prof" Richards of the Challengers of the Fantastic attempted to reason with Galactiac, asking him how he could simply destroy a world so full of life. Fascinated by the native lifeforms of Earth, Galactiac revealed that he did not intend to obliterate the entire planet. Rather, he intended to spare and miniaturize New York City so that he could preserve and study a cross-section of Earth. Galactiac then surrounded the top of the Baxter Building with a heavy energy shell so that nothing could enter or leave the area until his work was done, effectively preventing the Challengers of the Fantastic from calling for reinforcements.

Ben "Rocky" Grimm of the Challengers of the Fantastic attempted to destroy Galactiac's machinery, but Grimm's actions merely succeeded in gaining Galactiac's attention and arousing his wrath. Galactiac used his cosmic powers to transform Grimm into the monstrous Four-Armed Thing, a mindless minion devoted entirely to Galactiac. Meanwhile, Uatu the Guardian had transported Johnny Stormtrooper into the body of the Galactiac in an attempt to destroy the planet-devouring menace from within.

In his efforts to destroy Reed "Prof" Richards and Sue "Ace" Storm, the savage Four-Armed Thing inadvertently destroyed Galactiac's Terra-Matrix.  Galactiac was about to destroy his four-armed servant as punishment for his recklessness. But before Galactiac could punish the Four-Armed Thing, Johnny Stormtrooper used a flame-thrower on Galactiac's internal neural junction, causing it to melt down. Totally immobilized, Galactiac launched his head (which contained the back-up systems to his main neural junction) into space. Although he was far too weak to exact retribution on the Challengers of the Fantastic in his current condition, Galactiac vowed to return.

Comments: created by Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett, Al Vey, and Tom Brevoort

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In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC / Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

Based on several sources within Amalgam, DC, and Marvel continuities, Ivan Schablotski ( speculates that Oa the Living Planet created the titanic automaton known as Galactiac millenia ago to breach the Ego-Source and collect data from the birth of the Universe. Galactiac battled the Old Gods within the Source, triggering Ragnarok.  Galactiac, after having tasted the Source, could not be powered by Oa any longer and was driven to drain the lifeblood of planets to recharge his energy-cells. His original programming was also corrupted, leading to his obsession with gathering data by preserving isolated samples of each world's culture in his vast collection.

Profile by Skullogeist

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Also assume that the Amalgam characters have no other connection to any others than whom they are Amalgamated, unless specifically mentioned.

Galactiac is an amalgam of:

  • Galactus of Earth-616, @ Fantastic Four (vol. I)#48
  • Brainiac of the mainstream DC Universe, @ Action Comics #242
  • No known connections to, and not to be confused with

  • Sinistron, a rogue creation of Will Magnus @ Magneto and the Magnetic Men#1
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