Real Name: Jim Rhodes

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Amalgam) human technology user

Occupation: (currently) ally of Thanoseid; (formerly) adventurer

Affiliations: (currently) The Hand; Thanoseid; (formerly) Diana Prince (Princess Diana of Themyscira)

Enemies: Diana Prince (Princess Diana of Themyscira); The Punisher (Trevor Castle)

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: Rhodey; Monarch

Base of Operations: Stronghold of the Hand

First Appearance: Bullets and Bracelets #1 (April, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: War Monarch possesses a suit of hi-tech armor that presumably allows him to perform a variety of superhuman feats.  He also has shown the ability to project holographic images of himself.  His alliance with Thanoseid provided him with access to Apokoliptan Boom Tube technology.


(Bullets and Bracelets#1 (bts)) - The man known as Jim Rhodes was once a "close" friend of Diana Prince (and was possibly romantically involved with her for a time).  But Jim Rhodes then became the War Monarch and underwent a personality change, becoming estranged from his former friends in the process.

(Bullets and Bracelets#1) - "Final Thrust" - As Diana Prince and the Punisher (Trevor Castle) searched for their kidnapped son Ryan in the stronghold of the organization known as the Hand, War Monarch (who was rumored to be the one behind Ryan's abduction) appeared as a holographic image and trapped Diana and Trevor between two brick walls.  War Monarch admitted that he was the manipulator of the scenario, but claimed that he was not the true power or motivator behind the abduction of Ryan.  Diana Prince attempted to appeal to the human side of War Monarch and pleaded with him to take her to her child.  But War Monarch responded that he was no longer the man she once knew as Jim Rhodes.  Nonetheless, War Monarch opened a Boom Tube under Diana and the Punisher that transported them to Apokolips where they eventually found their kidnapped son.  War Monarch's true intentions and allegiances remained unrevealed.

Comments: created by John Ostrander, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith

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In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-overs. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

Amalgam Universe


Special thanks to writer John Ostrander for clarifying some of the component sources for his amalgamated characters and providing some additional insight into the Amalgam Universe!

            Mr. Ostrander on the subject of War Monarch (Jim Rhodes) and his involvement in the abduction of
               Ryan Castiglione:

                "WAR MONARCH is indeed a cross between War Machine and Monarch and, yes, Jim Rhodes was
                    once someone who was good who went bad.

                "Rhodes has manipulated this particular scenario but, as he says, he is not the power BEHIND it. Not the
                    person who CREATED it. WAR MONARCH manipulated it so that Diana and Trevor show up at the
                    same place at the same time to be sent to Thanoseid. Is he working WITH or AGAINST Thanoseid?
                    That was left deliberately vague. Thanoseid's plan was to have Castle kill his own child and for that to
                    happen they had to come into contact. Did WAR MONARCH know that? Or was he also manipulated
                    by Thanoseid? Wish I could tell you for sure but I really don't remember."

            Q: Was War Monarch intended to be affiliated with the Hand in any way?

            Mr. Ostrander: He must have had at least a temporary alliance with them since they were used as part of
                the trap at the beginning of the story and we know WAR MONARCH set that up as well. Any deeper
                alliance would be just speculation . . . or a story to be told another day in some parallel universe to ours!

The Hand

The Hand is a clan of villainous ninja assassins.  In PUNISHER #90-99, the Punisher (Trevor Castle) was led to the Stronghold of the Hand during the search for his kidnapped son, Ryan Castiglione.  Likewise, in DIANA PRINCE, FREELANCE#90-99, Diana Prince also traveled to the Hand stronghold in search of her son Ryan.  The Punisher and Prince finally crossed paths at the Hand stronghold in BULLETS AND BRACELETS#1 and opened fire on the clan of ninjas.  Many of the Hand ninjas were killed in the unrelenting onslaught of bullets and arrows, but a few mannaged to escape with their lives.

The Hand is an Amalgam Universe version of the Hand of the Marvel Universe.

--Bullets and Bracelets#1


Profile by Skullogeist

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Also assume that the Amalgam characters have no other connection to any others than whom they are Amalgamated, unless specifically mentioned.

War Monarch is an amalgam of:

            War Machine of Earth-616, James "Jim" Rhodes, @ Iron Man (vol. I) #281

            Monarch of the mainstream DC Universe, Hank Hall (formerly known as the hero Hawk; later known as
                the villain Extant), @ Showcase#75

No known connections to, and not to be confused with

            Hawk, former partner of Dagger and former member of the X-Patrol @ The Exciting X-Patrol#1

            Stewart Rhodes, engineer at Stark Aircraft and friend of Iron Lantern @ Iron Lantern#1


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