Real Name: Douglas Ramsey and Warlock (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-84309) merged human mutant and alien (Technarch)

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: X-Force of Earth-Shattershot (Cannonball, Darkchild, Powerpax, Siryn, Sunspot, (formerly) Cable, Warpath)

Affiliations: Arize, Milton, Shatterstar, Shekky

Enemies: Mojo V, The Scheduler

Known Relatives: Possibly (see comments): Magus (father of Warlock)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Xavier’s Mansion, Westchester, New York, Earth-Shatterstar

First Appearance: X-Force Annual#1 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: Cyberlock presumably possesses many, if not all of the abilities possessed by his Earth-616 counterpart, Warlock. He is shown as able to change his shape and extend in body in numerous ways. Also, he can scan areas much more clearly than the human eye. Apparently, he also gives off a signal that scrambles recording devices.

History: (X-Force Annual#1 - BTS) - Cyberlock, along with the rest of the X-Force team at the time, liberated Mojoworld from the rule of Mojo V.

(X-Force Annual#1) - Ten years later, Cyberlock and the X-Force team were approached by Arize and two Spineless Ones (Milton and Shekky) in hopes of them helping to once again liberate Mojoworld, this time from their former teammate Shatterstar, who had since taken over as ruler and oppressed the Spineless Ones. Arriving on Mojoworld, the mutants and their allies found their way to a stadium, where Spineless Ones were being forced to partake in gladiator-style combat. X-Force joined the fray, and when Shatterstar realized the error of his ways, his second-in-command, The Scheduler, betrayed him. Shatterstar, along with Cyberlock and X-Force defeated the Scheduler and his followers. Presumably, X-Force then returned to their own world.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Dennis Jensen and Harry Candelario

It should be noted that while this appears to be an alternate timeline in the future, it could very well be a divergent one, which means certain things like "Known Relatives" may not be the same as we may know of Earth-616’s Doug and Warlock. Regardless of which, at some point in this timeline, the two separate entities merged into one, though it’s unclear if it happened after Ramsey’s death or not.

Exactly how far into the future this takes place also leads to conjecture. As stated in the dialogue, it takes place ten years after X-Force liberated Mojoworld the first time. On top of that, if this IS an alternate reality, then it takes place even further in the future from "now" as X-Force team member Powerpax may be the offspring of one of the Power Pack members.

Interestingly enough, sometime after this story, a similar concept utilizing a merged version of Cypher and Warlock called Douglock appeared in Excalibur.

Profile by Madison Carter


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Images used:

X-Force Annual#1, page 17, panel 1

X-Force Annual#1 (1992) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Greg Capullo (pencils), Harry Candelario (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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