Membership: Bludgeon, Fist, Katana, unnamed, at least 2 others (also unnamed)

Purpose: To destroy enemies of the Si-Fan, also mercenary work

Affiliations: Kingpin, Si-Fan, Redshirt, Minions' International Liberation Front (MILF), the Org;
    brief alliance with A.I.M., Black Choppers, Hydra, Lords of the Living Lightning, Militiamen, Secret Empire, Sons of the Serpent, Trenchcoat Mafia, Ultimatum

Enemies: Mercedes Merced, Shang-Chi, Taskmaster, X-Men

Base of Operations: Mobile internationally, especially Hong Kong, China

First Appearance: X-Men II#62 (March, 1997)

Cyber-Ninjas target the Taskmaster History

(X-Men II#62-63)- The Cyber-Ninjas were dispatched by the Kingpin when the X-Men arrived in Hong Kong, attempting to prevent Fu Manchu's Elixir Vitae from falling into the wrong hands. The Cyber-Ninjas engaged the X-Men and Shang-Chi in battle, but were easily outfought, and defeated.

(Taskmaster II#1) - The Cyber-Ninjas were amongst 15 terrorist organizations who had targeted Taskmaster for the billion-dollar bounty on his head, apparently offered by the Org (actually Redshirt in an effort to usurp the Org). Taskmaster killed all those sent against him on the initial raid.

(Taskmaster II#3) - Redshirt rallied his Minions' International Liberation Front (MILF), which included the Cyber-Ninjas. One Cyber-Ninja laughed at Redshirt's codename and the abbreviation of his organization; Redshirt quickly decapitated him.

(Taskmaster II#4) - Redshirt and his alliance attacked the former S.H.I.E.L.D. base where Taskmaster was hiding. Those involved in the attack were either killed by Taskmaster and Mercedes Merced or fled.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell & Ben Raab (writers), Carlos Pacheco (pencils) and Art Thibert (inks).

The X-Men appearances showed 4 members; by the time of the Taskmaster limited series, there were at least 6.

by Prime Eternal

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Bludgeon was granted superhuman strength by his transformation into a cyborg, allowing him to lift a car into the air. He was defeated by Wolverine and Jean Grey.

--X-Men II#62, 63

Fist was granted the ability to fire energy blasts from his fists, which he boasted were like unto thunder. However, his power paled next to Storm, and she brought him down with a shower of hailstones. Wolverine attempted to interrogate him, but he refused to talk.

--X-Men II#62, 63

Katana was granted cybernetic implants which allowed her to release an energy field to ensnare her opponents. She managed to ambush Cyclops, but was defeated by Shang-Chi.

--X-Men II#62, 63

The fourth member of the Cyber-Ninjas was unnamed, as Cyclops knocked him unconscious just as he was about to announce his name. His cybernetic powers were also not revealed, but he had a gun-like device on his left hand.

--X-Men II#62, 63

Images taken from:
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X-Men II#63, page 4, panel 1

X-Men II#63 (April, 1997) - Scott Lobdell & Ben Raab (writers), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Mark Powers (editor)
Taskmaster II#1 (November, 2010) - Fred van Lente (writer), Jefte Palo (art), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)
Taskmaster II#3-4 (January-February, 2011) - Fred van Lente (writer), Jefte Palo (art), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)

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