Real Name: Krista Marwan

Identity/Class: Human mutant, nationality unspecified

Occupation: Unrevealed.

Affiliations: Genetix

Enemies: Death Metal

Known Relatives: unborn (?) child (containing genetic material from Madison Jeffries and Vesper)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: South Coast of England

First Appearance: Death Metal vs Genetix#2 (Marvel UK; January, 1994)

Powers: Krista possesses low level empathic powers, enabling her to read emotions from those within a small distance of her. In addition, she carries a child that has the potential to be powerful enough to slay Death Metal.

History: (DM vs Gen#1-BTS, 2)-After assimilating the personality of the being Argon, the killing machine known as Death Metal realized its own evil and undertook a plan to bring about its own end. Death Metal was virtually unstoppable, and its programming would not let it directly destroy itself. Death Metal took cell samples from the mutant Madison Jeffries, aka Box, who could manipulate metals, plastics, etc. Death Metal then took a similar sample from Vesper, who could mentally control machinery and computers. It combined the genetic material of these two into a single sample of genetic material with which it planned to father a child that could eventually destroy him.


Death Metal chose Krista Marwan, a nineteen-year-old mutant, to father this child. He ambushed her, and despite her efforts, used a needle to inject the material through her skin, directly into her reproductive tract. The group Genetix arrived too late to stop him, but rescued Krista from his clutches. However, Death Metal again caught up with her and prepared to lobotomize her, so that she could still mother the child, without resisting his plans. Fortunately, Argon's persona surfaced within Death Metal, long enough to stop him until Genetix could battle him once more.



Death Metal again easily overpowered Genetix, but Krista used her empathic powers to communicate with Death Metal, and revealed that she had no intentions of terminating the life within her. Krista planned to have the baby, and hoped that she could train it to help Death Metal, rather than slay him.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman and Paco Diaz.

Marvel UK abruptly ended not too long after this series, so answers and resolutions are unlikely.

Under the classification scheme used in the Gene Cards (see also Genetix), Krista has the Genetic Coding: GP50217B.
Significance? none.


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